1967beetle.com — 2012 Giving Thanks!

A new year is right around the corner. It’s time to pause and look back at 2012; so many fantastic tips, tutorials, classifieds, and interviews have been published. 1967beetle.com would not be quickly growing if it were not for YOU reading right now. Yes, YOU! A huge thanks to all the fantastic folks around the world that have submitted their ’67 Beetle stories, etc. Here’s some highlights worth mentioning.

Tips, Tutorials
’67 Beetle Wiring Basics – Jeremy Goodspeed
How to Register Black CA Plates to your Vintage Volkswagen
’67 Beetle Winter Storage
’67 Beetle Correct Wheels and Hubcaps
Original VW Beetle Paint Schemes
’67 Beetle Gasoline Filtering — Jay Salser
Changes to the ’67 Beetle Sedan
’67 Beetle Parcel Tray Carpet Installation
’67 VW Sapphire V Radio Information
Vintage VW Training Films
VW Birth Certificate
’67 Beetle Front Beam Lubrication
’67 Beetle Door Handle Rebuild
Vintage Volkswagen Firing Order — 1-4-3-2
’67 Front Fenders
VW Parts — Richard Davies
How to Buy a Vintage VW Beetle
Pop-Out Window Weatherstrip Replacement
’67 Beetle One Year Only Parts
Bosch Blue Coils
’67 Beetle Fiberboard Wiring Cover
’67 Beetle Owners Manual
Quality Fuel Tank Sending Units
Distributor Interchange, Bosch to VW

Featured Volkswagen Shop — Buggy House
Featured ’67 Beetle — Jay Salser
Featured ’67 Beetle — A Family Car
Featured RHD ’67 Beetle — Rob Evans
Featured ’67 Beetle — Chris Vallone
Featured ’67 Beetle — Brian Davis
Featured ’67 Beetle — Larry Pittman
Featured ’67 Beetle — Mark Massey
Featured ’67 Beetle — Don Barker
Featured ’67 Beetle — Rich Tegge
Featured ’67 Beetle — Kevin Gabor
Featured ’67 Beetle — Jody Sauvageau
Featured ’67 Beetle — Marius Strom
Featured ’67 Beetle — Tim Mossman
Featured ’67 Beetle — Amanda De Vito
Featured ’67 Beetle — Sean Plunkett
So Cal — Timm Eubanks

Our NEW ’67 Beetle shop

A few important folks we’d like to thank
Wolfsburg West
Ron Bengry
Chris Vallone
Frank Shoemaker Sr
Everett Barnes

Also, the thousands of you who have reached out over the last year with ’67 Beetle restoration questions or just wanted to connect. (Way too many to mention) Keep those emails coming. 1967beetle.com exists because of you. Thank you.

-Eric Shoemaker

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Posted by Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I started 1967beetle.com. I also own Lane Russell, a leading supplier of VW parts for your classic Volkswagen restoration. I drive a '67 Beetle daily and love to share vintage Volkswagen stories with the world.

  1. Thank you for 1967Beetle Eric! My project would still be in pieces if not for all your help and advice.


  2. If it weren’t for 1967beetle.com I’d never have gotten my bug to where it is so thank you too!! I got the correct 1967 window cranks installed and my new correct 67 VW rear seat belts for Christmas thanks to you and your website and all of your inputs for places to get parts. I look forward to the coming year and corresponding with you and having you solve my many questions I have about my bug. I still think you need to move back to this side of the country so we could v-dub around some.


  3. I look forward to the emails and site updates. You’re a huge resource for us Eric!


  4. Awesome – it’s been a good year for us and our beetle thanks to you, Eric. Also, did you see: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2012/12/dmv-takes-orders-for-retro-license-plates.html


    1. Very welcome! This is an interesting read. I’ve heard about it from the DMV, but did not know it was really going to happen.


  5. One of my vintage parts customers (Beth Leverman) told me about 1967Beetle.com. I immediately signed onto the site. I tell everyone–yes, I literally “bug” them into signing up. There is a mystique to ’67 Beetles that seems not to exist for other years. Eric…you took the ball and ran with it! Good for you. It is a large under-taking and we all appreciate your efforts on our behalf! May 2013 be even better. jay salser


    1. Thanks Jay! You’ve helped 1967beetle.com grow as well. Looking fwd to 2013.


  6. Thank you Eric, your site reignited my love for air cooled vws, especially the 67 beetles.


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