1967 Beetle Community – Bob Ebert

When Bob Ebert opens the garage doors of a morning, I wonder if he thinks of the words to the song “Mary In The Morning” (authors Johnny Cymbal and Michael Rashkow). “Nothing’s quite as pretty

SOLD – L282 Lotus White ’67 Beetle

Jay and I were going back and fourth over email about this gem earlier. It’s getting more and more rare cars like this come to the market. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the correct

SOLD – ’67 Beetle Sapphire V Radio

That’s right, you did read the headline correctly. Here we have a complete serviced Sapphire V radio, w/ the very hard to find factory safety knobs. Who’s going to install this gem in their vintage

SOLD – ’67 Beetle Lobster Claw Seatbelts

Our good friend and follower of 1967beetle.com, Gary Beck has done it again! If you know the ’67 Beetle, you know the correct and rare Lobster Claw seatbelts. These are original used German and still function perfectly. They

Michael Gaboriault’s L639 Zenith Blue ’67 Beetle

At the time I really wasn’t looking for another Beetle to restore. We were at the sea side in Mersin, Turkey, when my wife and I saw numerous cars going down this one street. We

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