Running Boards

In the event you have a Savannah beige ’67 like me, don’t believe the hype. Black running boards are NOT correct. Sand beige however is. It’s highly unlikely you’ll find NOS, so Wolfsburg West is the nest best thing.

Sand beige Wolfsburg West running boards

Seat Restoration

Proper seat restoration is something you really have to take your time with.

Wolfsburg West
sells all the OEM fitting goodies, all the way down to correct color frame paint! Be careful with that old horse hair. I ended up in the hospital after having an allergic reaction to it. NO JOKE!

Restoring your seats for the first time? Contact me and I can help walk you through it!

Here is a visual walkthrough of some of the process:

My 1967 VW Beetle

My 1967 VW Beetle

Working on the ’67

A typical Saturday!

Working on the '67!

’67 Beetle Colors

When doing a proper restoration, nothing is more important than getting the colors right.
Here’s the correct information provided by our friends at Wolfsburg West!

My 67 VW, NAS. Alameda, CA

VW Treffen + Timm Eubanks

Old VW

The VW Treffen show was fantastic!

It was a great pleasure to hang with Beth and Timm Eubanks. Thank you so much for the hospitality! You can follow Timm (OldVW) on Twitter.

VW Treffen photos coming soon!