For Sale — Miscellaneous ’67 Beetle Parts

Just listed at, we’ve got multiple items for sale. Reach out to Johnny Wickman purchase one of these original ’67 Beetle parts for your next project. Detailed photos are below.

  1. 2 original side windows (No cracks or chips) $50.00
  2. 2 original side pop-out windows (No cracks or chips) $75.00
  3. 2 original wing/vent windows (No cracks or chips, great condition) $50.00
  4. Original speedometers $40.00 each

Status: For Sale
Location: Muncie, Indiana. Sold items can be shipped. (Not included in price)
Price: Individually
Contact: Johnny Wickman  |  765-716-6726

Thanks Johnny for listing your parts with

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7 thoughts on “For Sale — Miscellaneous ’67 Beetle Parts

  1. I don’t care what anybody say’s! You can not Beat, Nos, or Original Parts when it come’s to your restoration. Sure After market will help in a pinch, but longevity of the Part can’t be mistaken for Nos or Original. Good work Eric Keep it up!

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