Featured ’67 Beetle — Jason Davila

I was recently hired by a buyer (Jason Davila) to inspect this L282 lotus white ’67 Beetle. I’m sure you’ve heard the terms “unmolested”, “survivor”, “black plate.” This car is all of them and more; simply amazing. It was by far the best example I’ve seen of a piece of original ’67 Beetle history. Take a deeper dive through the photos and see for yourself. Jason, you’re one lucky new vintage Volkswagen owner.

Just perfect!

The Finishing Touches for Your Vintage Volkswagen™

8 thoughts on “Featured ’67 Beetle — Jason Davila

  1. Jason picked up a nice car. This is the best manner for acquiring a car–the complete car! With few major problems. Get in, turn the key and drive away! Is that appealing or what? More and more people are searching for “survivor” vehicles. Their value is rising nicely. Enjoy this car, Jason! jay salser

  2. Thank you gentlemen for the kind words. This was the most fun ever I’ve had buying a car. Thanks a bunch Eric couldn’t of done it without you!

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