Happy Birthday — 1967beetle.com

Happy Birthday 1967beetl.com

1967beetle.com turned 3 years old today. A huge thanks to all the fantastic folks around the world that have submitted their ’67 Beetle stories, etc.

Also, I’d like to pause for a moment to thank Jay Salser. His contributions to 1967beetle.com have helped us grow in leaps and bounds. Now, let’s all enjoy a cupcake.

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11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday — 1967beetle.com

  1. Happy 3rd Birthday 1967beetle.com! A special thanks to you Eric for bringing all of us together for a common cause and to all the other persons who have contributed significantly such as Jay, Mike and Jodi to name a few and all the other great readers who have contributed to the success of this website, Thank you! Jaime

    • Lots of people have “ideas”. But, it took Eric Shoemaker to put fingers to the keyboard to create 1967Beetle.com! And, to stick with it. It is a daunting task. The rest of us get to enjoy the thrill of the ride! Thanks, Eric, for working so diligently on behalf of the 1967 Beetle Community! jay

  2. Three years and “Luna the L282″ is slowly coming together. She exists ONLY because of Eric’s efforts, plus his references:
    Body and paint by Lenny Coop
    Tires, fenders, and decals by Eric
    Advice by Jay
    Carb, distributor, and fuel pump by Ed Fall (Vintage Verks)
    CA Black plates by Brian Mabry

      • Well said Eric. This is just a hobby and if we can contribute to make it interesting and enjoyable for everyone it’s good.
        We always enjoy the articles, comments of this site and indeed the 67 Beetle community is lucky to have this superb website.
        Congratulations Eric and to all of you good folks who worked so hard for this to happen thank you all esp to Jay who has always delighted us with his interesting articles and advice.
        Happy Birthday and many many more to come. larry

  3. Wow, how time flies by. I can’t imagine how many people have benefited from the wonderful resources found here on this website. Congrats and thanks to Eric foremost, and to everyone who helps as well.

  4. Happy Birthday1967beetle.com
    Thank you , Eric, to your family for their part in this, and to everybody that shares their VW wisdom each day. I love to claim to be a part of this VW family

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