’67 Volkswagen Beetle — Tim Mossman’s Engine Rebuild

’67 Volkswagen Beetle — Happy Engine

Our good pal Tim Mossman of British Columbia is current rebuilding the engine of his L639 Zenith Blue ’67 pride and joy. He sent over this photo last night of the progress. Tim was even able to find NOS 1500 CC pistons, which we all know is getting harder and harder to find. I can hear the sweet cadence of the engine from here.

Thanks for sharing with 1967beetle.com, Tim. We will see you back on the road soon.

One other thing I’d like to mention. If you’re new to the ’67 Beetle, pay close attention to the details of Tim’s build. This is how an engine should be properly done. There’s “restoration” and then there is “replace-toration.” Keep it stock, and use as many German parts as you can.

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