For Sale — Decal Variety Pack

FOR SALE: '67 Beetle Decal Variety Pack

Doing a complete restoration on your ’67 Beetle and need all of the decals we offer? Get our Decal Variety Pack and save 15% off the combined retail cost. The Tire/Load Specifications Decal and Washer Bottle Decal were produced exclusively for and match the original in every aspect.

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’67 Beetle Decal Variety Pack includes these 6 decals:

  1. Door Jamb Decal — 12 Volt
  2. Bosch Coil Decal — 12 Volt (Quantities are limited)
  3. Oil Bath Air Cleaner Decal
  4. Tire/Load Specifications Decal
  5. Valve Adjustment Decal
  6. Washer Bottle Reservoir Decal

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Eric Shoemaker

I created and curate I own and restored a 1967 VW Beetle that my Grandfather bought new. Have a question? Own an air cooled VW? Say hello!


Fred Vincent

about 1 year ago

Eric hi. We are restoring a 1965 bug with a 70 model 1600 cc engine. Looks like the 67 decals will work fine, especially because it's converted to 12V. Can we get the entire decal package from you including the air cleaner decal. Can we buy the decal package from you directly without going through NVY, thanks Fred Vincent


Eric Shoemaker

about 1 year ago

Fred, Thanks for reaching out. I'll email you directly.


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