L633 VW Blue ’67 Beetle Cruisin’

This video was filmed and submitted by reader and ’67 enthusiast Rees Klintworth. There’s nothing like the cadence of an air cooled engine.

Thank you very much for your contributions to 1967beetle.com. Enjoy the drive.

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Jay Salser

about 12 months ago

Hello, Rees! I am glad to see that you and your Beetle still are enjoying one another's company. And...a fine drive it was. My wife and I kept waiting for you to say something. Then, I had hopes that you were going to drive by the Court House. Maybe we'll do that the next time you are out for a drive. Thanks for the thrill of riding with you! jay


Rees Klintworth

about 12 months ago

I thought about adding a little commentary, but I decided to use this first video as a way to just show the experience of driving a vintage Beetle. The audio on an action camera also makes it difficult to pick up talking over the vehicle and road noises. Maybe next time I'll work something out though!


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