Restored Bosch Short Coils

'67 Beetle short coil

Here at, one question that seems to fill up my inbox daily is the need for a properly restored German ’67 Bosch short coil. Being that I’ve perfected restoration methods with ’67 oil bath air cleaners, it’s a market I’m considering investing in. These coils would be professionally restored and measure the proper resistance in ohms for the ’67 Beetle.

Would you be interested in a restored German ’67 Beetle coil? exists for you, and I’d love any input before making the up front investment to bring more of these coils to the vintage VW market. Thanks!

A general note
Coils basically have no moving parts other than electrical current. The only way a VW coil will go bad is a sudden excessive surge of electricity that could fry the coil windings. Another way would be crossing the positive and negative wires to the coil. This will fry the wire loom and cause a break in the interior loop of the coil.

Additional photos

'67 Beetle short coil '67 Beetle short coil

’67 Volkswagen Beetle — Restored Bosch Short Coils

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Eric Shoemaker

I created and curate I own and restored a 1967 VW Beetle that my Grandfather bought new. Have a question? Own an air cooled VW? Say hello!


Kyle Goodman

about 1 year ago

Eric. I'd be interested for sure.


Eric Shoemaker

about 1 year ago

Kyle, Thanks. I'll keep you posted when they are ready.


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