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Industry interviews and friends in the vintage VW community.

A Family Car

The story of my ’67 Bug is really the story of the original owner, Hermann Bonasch, and how he extended his caring hand to this vintage car. However, when Hermann bought it in March of

The Story of

Hi. I’m Eric Shoemaker. I created and manage Amanda Shoemaker helps with programming, photography, and writing. Timm Eubanks is a contributing SoCal photographer, along with Jay Salser who’s a huge influence on the ’67 Beetle community. Many

The Buggy House

Tell us a little about the history of the Buggy House. As far as I can put together, there have been 4 main owners of the shop. The first owner only had the shop for

So Cal — Timm Eubanks

My first introduction to Timm was about a normal as any other email exchange. As he mentions below, we first connected via Twitter. We have a similar background, both professional work and upbringing. We’re also

Vintage VW Interviews — the Archives

Over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to connect and interview some truly fantastic people in the vintage VW world. The original idea for these photo stories; to shine a bright light on