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’67 VW Beetles and parts for sale that meet the right criteria. Have a ’67 Beetle or part you’d like to list? Contact us for more information »

SOLD — L456 Ruby Red ’67 Beetle

Vehicle Information: Listed on eBay, this L456 Ruby Red ’67 Beetle looks solid and respectable. Nothing beats a car that has been family owned it’s whole life. “His grandfather bought the Beetle new in ’67 in San Diego,

SOLD — L19K Yukon Yellow ’67 Vert

Vehicle Information: Listed on eBay, this L19K Yukon Yellow ’67 Vert Beetle looks very solid and respectable. I’m sure it will go fast. I’ve not seen that many of these around. Status: SOLD Mileage: 97,000 miles Location: USA Contact: Information on eBay

SOLD — ’67 Original Sapphire V AM Radio

Status: SOLD Just a quick mention about an original Sapphire V radio for sale, listed by a past oil bath air cleaner customer of If you know about this radio, you know how hard

SOLD — Showroom Condition Lotus White ’67 Beetle

Vehicle Information: This is a mint condition ’67 VW Beetle that was restored right. Lotus white with red interior. This is an all numbers matching car. The original owner was a school teacher in Santa