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’67 Beetle owners and the stories behind their vintage Volkswagens.

Robert Blake’s ’67 Beetle

Robert is a new reader to He recently sent over a photo of his first car; a ’67 Beetle, obviously. Don’t let the later year bumpers fool you. Robert explains below. Here is a

Dena Stark’s ’67 Beetle

We saw this little ’67 bug at our neighbors house and for some reason I just could not stop thinking about it. After weeks of convincing my husband, we stopped to visit and worked a

Bob Hutcheson’s ’67 Beetle

In your opinion, what makes the ’67 Beetle so unique? I love the ’67 because it retains the old school classic lines, but has minor upgrades, all changing in ’68 and later. The reverse lights are

Bob Wilson’s ’67 Beetle

Our little fellow was born May of 1967. He found a new home on June 17, 1967. When my soon-to-be-wife cleared customs at Rhein-Main, Frankfurt, Germany, I led her to the parking lot and showed

Graham Patterson’s RHD ’67 Beetle

Tell us about the history of your ’67 Beetle? This is an interesting car as it’s a full RHD Australian spec which did not follow the USA or European cars changes to design and specification/components,