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Vintage Volkswagen Fuel Filter Installation

Vintage Volkswagen Fuel Filter InstallationI’ve heard this argument time and time again. I actually had a mechanic tell me once that he “refused” to put the fuel filter anywhere but the engine compartment. Bad idea. A fuel filter puts pressure on the inlet tube of the carb. If that comes loose; well game over for your vintage Volkswagen. Not to fear, moving your fuel filter out of the engine area is very simple!

For illustration, my fuel filter is already installed and I’m replacing it. However, the process is the same.
Let’s take a look at a few simple parts you’ll need.

      A German Fuel filter
      A few feet of German fuel hose
      4 German fuel hose clamps (Note: We offer two styles)
      Confidence (You can do it)

Alright, let’s get to work.
Jack the car up and remove the drivers side rear wheel.

Vintage Volkswagen Fuel Filter Installation

FOR SALE – Genuine NOS 1967 Beetle Beauty Rings

FOR SALE – NOS 1967 Beetle Beauty Rings
What we have here is something dreams are made of. Genuine NOS ’67 VW Beetle Beauty rings in their original box and packaging. It just does not get any better. In fact, I’m going to take a cold shower.

Status: FOR SALE
Location: Belgium
Price:  €400 + shipping
Contact: Dries adams

Kim Lawson’s ’67 Beetle

Kim Lawson’s ’67 BeetleHello
I’ve been enjoying this site for several years now. Thought I might share my bug with you. First of all I’m a wife and mom to 2 boys, 20 and 24. I bought my first bug, a 1975 Super Beetle in 1996. It needed work of course but it was solid, I did most of the work myself with the exception of the paint.

My then 8 year old son learned to drive a stick shift in that bug. After a few years I decided to sell it. Then a few years ago, I got the “bug” again. I found a 67 Beetle on Ebay for $800. This was 4 years ago. I was “bug dumb” and didn’t realize it had as much rust as it did. It was in a field with grass growing tall around it. You can’t fool me now, I know where to look for problems. Anyway, we brought it home and I almost decided to junk it and start over. It was very rusty. But I didn’t. After much work, it has turned out to be a nice little bug. I had the engine rebuilt and some body work and the paint done at a local shop. Other than that, it was all done at home.

If I could sell and start over again, I would. Even though the bug is basically stock except for the paint and wheels, I want a stock bug. And next time would be so much easier since I’ve learned how things go together now. I’ve attached some pictures too below

Kim Lawson

SOLD – NOS 1967 Beetle Owner’s Manual


NOS 1967 Owner’s Manual—Glove Box Edition. This Manual never has seen distribution. It shows a small amount of “shelf-wear”. Someone wrote on the front cover, “1967”—which subsequently has been removed. The impression can be seen faintly. Also someone wrote on a paper which was laid atop the Manual front cover and the slight impression can be seen faintly.

There is no writing inside the Manual. All pages and the cover are tight. The color fold-out is brilliant and perfect. None of the Inspection spaces has been stamped.

This is a great manual for someone with a nicely restored 1967 Beetle Sedan, Sun Roof Edition or Convertible—all three are treated in this manual.

Additional photos will be sent upon request.

Status: SOLD
Location: Texas
Price: $100.00 + shipping
Contact: Jay Salser

FOR SALE – L19K Yukon Yellow ’67 Vert

Just listed  here at for The Last Detail. We have an amazing L19K Yukon Yellow ’67 Vert. What more do I need to say? Someone buy this car before it ends up in my garage.

“Just finished in its original color of Yukon Yellow, the exterior of this Beetle is near flawless. The yellow paint is deep and accurate and contrasts well against the black convertible top and interior. This car also features fender skirts which add a touch of class to our Beetle. The interior features updated seats from a ’68 model along with a push button AM/FM radio.

The detailed engine compartment highlights the new for 67 1500cc engine that produces 53 horsepower and 78 pounds of torque. 1967 saw several other upgrades for performance on the Beetle including a larger clutch disc and stronger flywheel, better brakes, stronger rear axle, and a new for 67 12 volt electrical system. Our particular Beetle also has been thoroughly restored and runs like a top. It starts easily and drives effortlessly and the proof is in the details, just pop the engine hatch and see!

This VW Beetle is a truly unique collectible that is a pleasure to both drive and show and 1967 is the year that all the collectors are after. Having just completed a thorough TLD detail, this car must be seen to be truly appreciated! Please stop by our showroom and see how nice this 67 Beetle really is, down to the last detail.”

Status: FOR SALE
Mileage: 41,617 miles
Location: Chicago, IL
Price: $31,900
Contact: 847.716.7331

FOR SALE – L282 Yukon Yellow ’67 Vert