2013 So Cal Vintage Treffen

Friday, we visit Lenny’s West Coast Classics Restoration Shop.

In continuation of the So Cal Vintage Treffen coverage, good pal Chris Vallone in NY just sent over some footage from his journey out West. A big thanks to both Chris and Timm Eubanks for lending their talents to 1967beetle.com.

Saturday, Cars & Coffee in Irvine.

Saturday, Speedwell Rallye.

The show


Posted by Eric Shoemaker

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  1. Great videos Chris
    Wish I could of made it this year.
    I’m taking the 67 to Lenny tomorrow at West Coast Classic for the full interior.
    Thanks again


    1. Gary,
      Let’s make sure to get that ’67 featured when you’re ready!


      1. Will do, Lenny said it should take a couple of weeks or so.


  2. Very Cool, Drivers Rule!


  3. The body shop is owned by Henry Marchena now. He’s doing the same great work we always did. He has the same people working in there that has been with WCCR for 18 years.


    1. Thanks for the info, Lenny. Hope you’re doing well.


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