SOLD – L19K Yukon Yellow ’67 Beetle

Sent over by a reader of, this is a respectable L19K Yukon Yellow ’67 Beetle. As we all know, a “correct” car is getting harder and harder to come by these days. It would not take much at all to make this vintage Volkswagen perfect. What do you guys think? Join in the conversation below.

Info from the seller.
This Florida based 1967 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible is a neat car, very stock overall. It features quite a bit of originality. It has been very nicely detailed up and shows very well indeed.

Status: SOLD
Mileage: N/A
Location: Florida
Price: $25,000, OBO
Contact: Randy  |  951-767-1600

Who’s going to make an offer?

Posted by Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I started Air-Cooled Artifacts (previously, and Lane Russell). I drive a '67 Beetle daily and love to share vintage Volkswagen stories with the world.

  1. Beautiful car! I wish I was in the market for another ’67!

    1. You can ALWAYS be in the market for a ’67 Beetle. :)

  2. I’m a bit perplexed–which radio comes with the car–the Blaupunkt or the early Sapphire? And, which rims come on the car–the correct ones or the alloys? jay

    1. Frank Connolly, Jr. September 26, 2017 at 1:42 pm

      I was wondering that also. Our 67 only came with a Sapphire A M radio. Nice car, how much more do the convertibles bring over the U S bug, with no sunroof or pop out rear windows?

      1. Hello, Frank…the Convertibles are quite scarce. As a result, the Convertible (esp. ’67 and earlier) in restored condition is growing in value. Of the 3 models (Sedan, SunRoof and Convertible), the Convertible tops the charts! Their rarity, for one thing, causes them to be more valued-desirable. Due to the excitement over Convertibles, this one may fetch top dollar. Let’s see what happens with this one. An unrestored, all original ’67 Beetle Sedan in top condition (which is a rare thing to find these days) could bring more than a restored car of the same year. This is because true “Survivor” vehicles are models for all of us to look to for factory vehicle specs. See this Article: Unrestored but with all of the right parts present, 1967 Beetles are bringing $8-$10K these days. Restoring a Beetle usually will cost more than it typically is worth. But, we do it because we love these Little Beetles, don’t we! LOL jay

  3. She’s gorgeous! Would look great next to my 67′ Standard!!

  4. I had a 66 Ghia that came with a Blaupunkt AM radio. Possibly the dealer had a choice in some cases.

    This is a nice car, but not without some lack of originality. The passenger side front fender has been replaced with aftermarker fender. Bumpers aren’t original. Rather stiff pricetag for a cabrio.

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