Todd Van Winkle’s Standard L456 Ruby Red ’67 Beetle

Hello, friends. My apologies for not being able to showcase the backlog of so many great ’67 Beetle stories from around the world in a more timely manner. Growing a business is a lot of work!

Let’s shine some light on Todd’s Standard Beetle, which is a follow up from Jay’s earlier mention of David Brown’s “standard standard.” Speaking of Jay, lets all give him a round of applause for keeping the lights on here at, so to speak. Thanks, Jay! We appreciate and admire your knowledge and never ending love for the ’67 Beetle community.

I had painted a friends bug some years back, he gave me this strange 67′ as payment. I went to look at it, I noticed oddities about it that were not standard issue on a regular 67. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but she was definitely not as nice as the 67 we had when I was a teen.

The first thing I noticed was the floor covering, any beetle enthusiast knows of the rubbery type bumpy covering attached to the back seat and in the luggage area. This material was covering the heater channels, and the kick panels, also covering the chassis hump. Definitely no square weave here!

Littler strange things I noticed… One horn grill…A fuel reserve lever like my 56′ has..only one sunshade, and a cool little white plug where the hole is. No Wolfsburg crest on the horn button, just a black disc is fitted. No chrome strip on the glovebox, no ring around the speedo. Only a partial headliner is fitted, not covering the pillar posts or underneath the side windows, just a gray length of plastic covering the seam on the pillar. It just looked so cool with more original paint showing than usual.

I had to research this strange bug. She was a “Sparkafer”, or Standard beetle. No frills with this car! Somewhere I had read that there was a recession in Germany in 67, and Mr. Heinz Nordhoff just had these Standard, cheaper bugs built just to get a product out of the doors, and money for the company!!

She needed a complete resto, I did everything myself in my little one car garage…floors, heater channels, bodywork, built the 40 horse engine..and I painted it the original Ruby Red.

The chassis is regular beetle, ball joint front end, hydraulic brakes, swing axle trans. The engine is not a 1500, but the smaller 1200 40 horse, D engine case. The electricals are 6 volt, with the old school glass covered headlights.

Interior wise, white basket weave, no levers on the seat frames, you just push the seatback forward. To me it looks like the front seats back rests are a bit more curved than a regular beetle. As I said only the middle portion of the headliner is fitted, the rear view mirror is oval shaped as a regular bug, but the back of it is black not chrome much like 68 and later bugs.

The list of oddities include:

  • Painted turn signal tops
  • 6 volt system
  • Glass headlights
  • One horn grille
  • Only the drivers door has a key slot
  • No chrome in the window rubber
  • No “Volkswagen” script on the deck lid
  • The vent wing frames are body color
  • 40 horse fresh air engine
  • 28 PICT 2 carburetor
  • Rubber style floor covering
  • Partial headliner
  • Gray strips fitted to pillar seams
  • No horn ring
  • The window winders have the 67 style knobs, but are painted gray
  • Inside door latches are also painted gray
  • Grab bar style handles fitted as door pulls
  • Domed black horn button
  • Only wipers , ignition, and headlight switches fitted, no self park on wipers..manual!
  • No chrome strip on glove box or around speedo
  • Back of rear view mirror black plastic
  • White block off plug fitted front (right sunvisor eliminated)
  • More white block off plugs fitted next to rear window
  • A pressed steel decorative section under rear window
  • No grab handles
  • Interior light switches eliminated, metal not punched out
  • Gray cardboard fitted to backside of backseat
  • No separate wiring cover, it is incorporated into the trunk liner
  • I know they made other year standard models, but we love 67’s!!

Todd Van Winkle

Towson, Md.

More photos..


Posted by Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I started Air-Cooled Artifacts (previously, and Lane Russell). I drive a '67 Beetle daily and love to share vintage Volkswagen stories with the world.

  1. Definite Bug to look out for here in the States! I normally don’t post on this site (having sold my 67 VW) but I still subscribe and I have to say, if I see one of these in my travels, I will be sure to pick it up. I think this model is a sleeper!

  2. Greg,
    Thanks for continuing to be a reader. I had forgot you sold your ’67.

  3. You bet Eric! Jay and I have been staying in touch. Just received my smog inspection notice for my daily driver, I might not pass this time, bet you don’t miss living in California!

  4. Thanks, Greg. I’m happy to help be the “glue” to keep us all connected. Hope your watch business is going well. (Looks over at Nixon Roadie)

  5. Todd…You have done an excellent job of restoring this very interesting Beetle. I am glad that we Readers have been able to read and enjoy your journey as you made discoveries day after day while working on this car. Have you learned any of its history since it left the Factory? That could be exciting, too. Thank you for taking the time to document this Standard Beetle so that the rest of the 1967 Beetle Community can appreciate more of our History! jay

    1. Todd Van Winkle July 30, 2017 at 8:20 pm

      Thanks Jay for your nice compliments! I enjoyed restoring it– She fought me a bit, but I did get it the way the factory intended!
      My friends dad said his buddy brought it over from Germany, the last time it drove was back in the 80’s, I drive it everyday now, 6 volts and all!
      I’m glad I can share it with everyone, they definitely are strange!! Love to see more of them!

      1. I have the exact same car! Let‘s get in touch if you like! Cheers Oliver from Germany

  6. Hi Todd, you sure have a special 67 standard for sure. Years ago I saw one which was in England and it had a cloth sun roof in it. Thanks for sharing you car and story.

    1. Todd Van Winkle July 30, 2017 at 8:11 pm

      Thanks Richard, I would have loved to seen the one you saw!! I enjoy driving it!! She feels like she’s new!!

  7. Nice job on the resto. Have you checked your cars history? It could be a Canadian standard. Your ignition is on the dash. European standards had ignitions on the steering column. I have a 67 European 1300 standard (unrestored). It too is 6 v, blank passenger door handle, VW1300 emblem on decklid, glass covered headlights. But 2 horn grills, overriders on the bumpers (no back up lights), chrome on the body but not the windows, full headliner, 3 point seatbelts (option on euro bugs). Chrome horn ring, and nieman ignition on column. Vw would use up parts from previous years and make changes during a model year. Makes it fun to figure out what you got.

  8. Good Day everyone,I’m new to this forum and new the the 1967 beetle. I just acquired my first 67, I have had many VW’s but all pre 63. I have a few questions about this beautiful ruby red 67, were the front fenders correct since its a rarity and were there any 67’s that came that way? I would like to switch my fender over to that style but only if its period correct.

    Thank you

    1. Hello, William. Carefully read the Article again. You will see that this Beetle is a Standard which was shipped to the USA by some individual. It did not come to a Dealership from Germany. It differs in MANY respects from the Deluxe Model which came to Dealerships in the USA. The front fenders and all other differing features were intended for a market other than for the USA. Changing your Deluxe to the European Standard (or Canadian Standard, etc.) would mean altering your car from its intended condition. jay

      1. Hi Jay, Thank you for the clarification.

  9. What a beauty. An economy version of an economy car. Certainly a contrast to the excess so common today. I can just hear it someday, “You mean that thing doesn’t automatically stop when it detects a bicycle?”

  10. What a great car! Got so much inspiration for my ruby red standard from these photos! thanks

  11. Hi Jay.
    Firstly. may I comment you on a magnificent restoration of an unusual Beetle. I have been collecting Beetles for over 30 years in South Africa and owned a one owner completely original 1500 1967 Beetle (Lotus White) which was in perfect condition. I used it as my daily driver, but unfortunately sold it about 15 years ago. I now own (also one owner) a 1971 1200 Standard (Sparkaefer) imported from the UK, which still has many of the features of your 67. It is of course a RHD model, which had the special options for the UK market: 12 volt electrics, fuel gauge and 2 point safety belts (these did not come out on the models in Europe) but still the painted interior, rubber style “carpeting”, plain steering wheel and rear luggage area lined with cardboard etc. It is a “survivor” car and has never been restores, so has a few dings here and there, but it drives like a dream. I love the Standard models and the trusty 1200 motors. Built how Beetles were meant to be.

    1. Hello, Mike…It is good news to hear of a continued enthusiasm for VWs in South Africa! We here in t he USA become so wrapped up in our particular VW environment that we forget the Worldwide distribution of these wonderful cars. By the way–please note that I (jay salser) am the editor of this article–not the owner-restorer of this car. All credit goes to Todd Van Winkle for recognizing both the historic and the utilitarian importance of this 1967 Standard Beetle. Todd has given us a solid education into the World of the Standard Beetle. Our hats are off to Todd for persisting in this true restoration with great provenance. Keep up the good work there in South Africa, Mike! jay

      1. My apologies to Todd. I think I got confused with the names!

    2. Todd Van Winkle June 9, 2020 at 1:25 pm

      Thank you, Mike! That means a lot to me! I love driving my 67′, I would love to see yours! A” less frills” beetle! Love them!! Yes, the old 40 horse..

  12. I have the exact same car

    1. Todd Van Winkle June 9, 2020 at 12:48 pm

      HI Olyver, yes we can connect if you like,
      Love to see your bug!

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