Wie Ist Der 1500

Readers of 1967beetle.com from around the world often submit interesting and historic literature. Just when I think we’ve seen it all, something new arrives. My Great Grandfather arrived in the USA from Germany long long ago. Sadly, I don’t speak a word of the language. Err, Das Wolfsburger?!

Can anyone provide context to this piece of ’67 Beetle history? If so, chime in below.

Posted by Eric Shoemaker

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  1. It’s a painstakingly slow process, but …if you google ‘German to English dictionary’ it comes up with an online instant translation window. Enter the German word or phrase, and it gives you an approximate ‘literal’ translation ….and from there you can usually make sense of what the German words mean. I’ve tried this with the German-only Webasto heater instruction manual, and was able to make sense of most of it ….

  2. Joseph Pennington March 14, 2018 at 10:57 am

    Don’t know a w2ord of German but judging from the illustrations I’d guess it’s a comparison between the “old” suspension and the new IRS system.

  3. As an original owner of a 1967 VW I do believe the article is about the camber compensator combined with the rear wheels being pushed out a little further, it shows how the 1967 handles better than the 1300 1966 that was the other beatle shown in the accompanying pictures. Notice the wheels do not turn in as much.

  4. Bernard Helman March 15, 2018 at 2:49 am

    Hi Eric,

    I have sent you the article but did not realise that German could cause a problem. Sorry for that. Give me a few days and I will translate you the content.
    The article « Wie ist der 1500 Käfer », that you can translate as «  How good is the new 1500 Beetle » compares the new 67 model with the previous 1966. All aspects of the car are reviewed, including the new rear suspension with the sway bar.

  5. Interesting! You can see how the Z-bar on the 67 keeps the wheel from jacking as badly as they do on the 66, and how the softer torsion bar on the 67 lets the rear wheel camber on be at almost zero, as compared to the negative camber on the 66 (that has to be there to accept some rear loading). I shimmed the bottom of my Z-bars on my 67 when I rebuilt them. It brings the anti-sway properties in much earlier, and there is hardly any noticeable body roll, drives like its on rails!

  6. das kurven ausserne hinterrad einfedert starker, der wagen neigt sich etwas mehr, als man die bisher an gewohnt war. diese erscheinung sollte man mit guten vertrauen registrierne, denn sie ist fahrsicherheit deinlich

    The curving rear wheel springs strong, The car tends to be a little more than you were accustomed to so far. This phenomenon should be registered with good confidence, because it is your driving safety

    jene zeiten, da man kurven eigung als zeichen schlecter fahreigenschaften ansah, sind voruber.

    Those times when you looked at curves systems as signs of in poor condition driving characteristics are Over.

    der begriff: strassenlage wie ein Brett, gehort die vergangenheit an.

    The Concept: street location like a board, heard the Past.

    Der auswirkungen karosserieneigung aufs fahrwerk werden bei modernen wagen nutzbar gemacht.

    The effects of bodywork inclination on the undercarriage are made available in modern cars

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