’66 and ’67 VW Beetle Wiring Diagram

I’ve received 4 emails in the last 2 weeks asking for the correct wiring diagram for both a ’66 and ’67 Beetle. Illustrated below is the VW 1500 sedan and convertible (U.S. version) from August 1966 to July 1967. Available for free download.

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Posted by Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I started Air-Cooled Artifacts (previously, 1967beetle.com and Lane Russell). I drive a '67 Beetle daily and love to share vintage Volkswagen stories with the world.

  1. Very nice, thanks for posting this.

    1. You’re welcome!

  2. Just what I needed, A color Guide.Thanks

  3. I am working on a 67 beatle and it has no spark. Somebody may have wired this wrong and I do not know where the resister wire is. Could it be in the coil?

    1. Monte,
      It could be so many things. I’ve sent your comment to one of our writers. We will get you more feedback soon.

    2. Hello, Monte…Could you send a message to my private e-address so that we can, for the time being, discuss this “off-line”? You can send your phone number, if you wish, if it wouldn’t cost you anything on your end. I have free long-distance. jay jksalservw@verizon.net

  4. oh my gosh this is amazing!! I just got a 67 from my grandfather recently and I’m still working on some stuff and this is exactly what i needed. thank you so much!!!

    1. Ryan,
      Thanks! Take a look around, this site is all about the ’67 Beetle! We are here for you.

  5. Yes Sir! I’ve only begun to search this site and already I’ve found allot of use full information. thank you.

    1. Email anytime if I can help!

  6. Thanks! Huge help!

  7. Hello. I have a fully charged battery. All the outside lights are working..signals/highs/stoplights/hazards. Was losing battery voltage while car was on. As soon as I disconnect the neg. On battery voltage starts going up fast. Also after a while of being on if I turn it off it won’t start again. Lights dim and starter wont make any sounds. But battery reads over 12.5v. Whats going on ..??

    1. Moses,
      Have you checked the voltage regulator.

    2. Hello, Moses…..check the voltage from the generator with the car running (of course). It should be about 14 volts. Now, again with the car running, check the output past the regulator. At that point the reading should be 12 or less. Check the reading on the battery with the engine off. It should be stable with the engine off. Electrical can be stinky to diagnose sometimes. May your weekend go well! jay

  8. where is the down load at Fred

  9. i have a 67 bug and need some wiring advise. have 4 wires off of wiper motor- dont know which goes where- brown , black, yellow black & purple black . can u help? thanks, Rich

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