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Jay Salser
I’d like to take a moment to shine light on one of the greatest vintage Volkswagen enthusiast in our hobby today; Jay Sasler of Garland, Texas. His contributions to 1967beetle.com are enjoyed by readers all over the world. Also, his knowledge and years or experience with vintage Volkswagens is second to none.

Has Jay helped you with your ’67 Beetle? (I bet he has!) If so, chime in below and give thanks.

Jay Salser
Jay and Neva, thank you BOTH so much for all you do for 1967beetle.com.

Posted by Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I started Air-Cooled Artifacts (previously, 1967beetle.com and Lane Russell). I drive a '67 Beetle daily and love to share vintage Volkswagen stories with the world.

  1. I’ll start this off. Thank you Jay for your friendship, etc. It’s a pleasure to collaborate.

  2. I’ll say, Jay has helped solve many mystery s within the beetle. Some things I never even thought I had a problem with. Lol

    Lets not forget his team mate, and partner Neva, and the steadily held camera shots at just the right angles, that help us not so educated wrench pullers to envision what it is Jay is trying to explain to us all. This IS a big deal for us (picture is a thousand words type guys). And she allows Jay to spend all his time tinkering, and researching the info we all need.

    If you like to chat VWs, Jay is the man to educate us for sure. If the answear your searching for is not in front of him, he will get that correct info for you faster than you would expect. You may even find you can absorb much more knowlege than just our beloved Beetles also.

    A great job done Jay, Thank you very much, and further. A great job done by Eric, Amanda, and all involved.
    Thanks guys.

    Cold in Alberta. Richard.

    1. YES! How can we forget Neva. I updated the title to include her name. I suppose this article could have been called, “Team Salser!”

  3. I’ll raise my VW key to that.
    There you have it folks. Team Salser, and 67beetle for all your VW needs.

  4. Hear, hear! Jay, you are a treasure. Thank you.

  5. Totally agree. Appreciate Jay’s opinions, expertise and friendship and… example! A VW guy who is a caring, loving husband and father, supported (and shared) through/by his wife. A blessed family for sure!
    Thanks Jay! and thanks Eric for helping us share through this forum.

  6. Richard A. (Dick) Diaz December 26, 2014 at 1:31 pm

    I have had many phone conversations with Jay and shared emails discussing my VW! He is always patient and even follows up on issues we discuss by research, or speaking with other VW enthusiasts to bounce off them my most recent issue! Jay is a great person who I now feel fortunate to have as a friend!

  7. Todd Sloan, Portland December 26, 2014 at 1:49 pm

    I havent communicated with Jay directly but pay close attention to anything and everything he says. I do expect in the near future, if I decide to take on my ’67 Bug, owned 32 years and counting, and restore it, or just make it as nice as it so much deserves, I will hopefully be able to get the best advice possible, and I believe Jay is the right guy.

  8. Jay was quite helpful when I first purchased my ’67 Bug and as I get into tearing it apart and restoring it, I’m sure I’ll be bending his ear quite a bit more. :) Thanks Jay!

  9. I can’t say enough good things about Jay and Neva. Not only has he been a wealth of information but I enjoy going over for a visit to pick up parts. Owning a VW would not be as fun if I hadn’t met Jay and Neva. Thank you Jay!

    1. Yes Jay and Neva deserves a BIG THANK YOU from us all for their contribution to the 67 VW Beetle Website. Jay’s articles help us fellow enthusiasts to know a lot more of our common hobby. We have our manuals if we need information, but from Jay you get that personal touch to your problem. You cannot get better than this.
      He will always try to help you out and will seek additional information from other experts whenever needed so that the problems can be properly discussed.
      I have known Jay for more than 8 years now and I consider myself very privileged to have him as a friend. I bought a spark plug socket from him in 2008 and our friendship develop from then on.
      We communicate with each other on a daily basis and we enjoy this very much.
      I must say without Jay and Neva’s help our small vintage parts collection will never be what it is today. It is through Jay’s help of re packing and shipping them to me to the Far East that makes it that much more viable and hence the collection grew. He do this in the name of friendship and for the love of the hobby.
      All the parts esp.’the dreaded knobs’ join us to thank you Jay and Neva for making this happen for us.
      Oh we are thinking of putting all Jay’s articles into a folder for easy reference. Linda enjoy reading them and Is now able to put her point more convincingly to our mechanics with the knowledge she gets.

      Larry & Linda

  10. Two cheers and a timing light pointed to Garland, TX for Jay Salser!

  11. Folks…I receive your comments knowing that I have been but a link (sometimes very weak) in the Network of Volkswagen People around the World. Would you believe that I find information from such far reaching places as Canada and Vietnam and England and Singapore and India and South America and Australia and Europe–and even from Texas? Yes–that’s where you Volkswagen Folks live! I am amazed daily as 1967beetle.com reaches into homes around the World. As I have maintained to Eric from the first–It is the Readers who make this Site such a pleasure to visit. It’s our Collective Volkswagen Home–wouldn’t you agree?! 2015 is upon us. I think that this “collective we” have only scratched the surface. Let’s reach for the stars in the coming year. jay for both jay and neva

    1. Thanks, Jay! I think it’s fairly clear that 1967beetle.com would not have a global following without you.

  12. How fortunate we are! Thank you Jay & Neva. Thank you, Eric.

  13. Jay and I communicated via email a while back regarding my ’67 CDN Standard. He was so helpful and encouraging :)

  14. Three cheers for Jay for his willingness to provide us with help whenever we need it. And for Neva, too, for being so patient as we intrude into their lives. Thanks for your leadership and compassion.

  15. I am just now getting to know Jay and I can tell you I want to know more. I am restoring a 71 super convert bug and I have alot of questions and feel Jay wouldnt mind helping. I found him on Creigslist while looking for parts. Thanks Jay

    1. Hello, Larry…thanks for the kind words! I have a special attraction for Convertibles. They have become so rare! That 1971 deserves a good conservationist like–YOU! I’ll try to get photos and measurements of the back seat seat-back-retaining-bar tomorrow or Monday. We’ve had our heads in the computers today and are about wiped out! A little warmer weather certainly wouldn’t hurt us Volkswageneers, would it. LOL. See you later, Larry. jay

      1. Warmer weather is right. My painter isnt able to paint my bug until its at least 65 dregrees. The way things are going it will be May or June. LOL

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