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Jerry Longden’s 1967 Beetle Factory Inventory Key Tag

Folks—how I do love it when one article generates the next. Readers plumbing their own Volkswagen experiences—then recalling similar instances which help to add to our knowledge of the History of these Wonderful Little Cars!

Vintage VW Generator Pulley Discussion

Recently, a potential customer called, needing a Generator Pulley. His, he told me, had self-destroyed! “Do you have any?” he asked. I replied that I did have a stack of Pulleys but that he should

Oil Leaks – Should My Vintage VW Beetle Leak Oil?

We joke about oil-leaking VWs. “VW’s don’t leak—they are marking their territory”. We’ve all heard such cute sayings. But—- NO–VW engines are NOT supposed to leak. However–there are several factors which “allow” them to leak–such

Brake Wheel Cylinder Bleeder Valve Caps – Are they Important?

When you buy a Brake Wheel Cylinder a for your Beetle (or other VW), it comes complete with a Bleeder Valve and a Rubber Cap for the Valve. This pair, the Valve and the Cap,

Oil Pressure Relief Valve – 1967 H0-xxx-xxx Engine 1500 series – Part II

PRACTICALITY: Oil Pressure Relief Valve Part II What does an examination of the Oil Pressure Relief Valve mean for us as we drive our 1967 Beetles? First, we must recognize that the Volkswagen Engineers carefully