Richard Lee’s L595 Fontana Grey ’67 Beetle

Featured ’67 Beetle — Richard Lee

I grew up in a small town. Athabasca, 2 hours North of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Edmonton is the capital of Alberta. I now live in Barrhead, just 1.5 hrs Northwest of Edmonton, Alberta.

I find that there are a few clubs, and collectors out here. Due to working away, I seem to miss out on most gatherings I hear about. I do have two ’67 Beetles, though.

A purple, not all original, which my oldest daughter, Amanda, pampers. It is up-graded to a 1600cc but has stock seat belts and interior (except for headliner—see below). The windows have been tinted and there are a few other modifications, as well.

And my green ’67 with a 1500 engine, but with stereo, wheels, tint, and other non-stock mods done before I got it.

I think from what I’ve found, the Purple Lady is a Canadian car, and the Green Machine definitely is a USA designated deluxe Beetle. Amanda’s was built for the Canadian market. Should have had the 1500, or smaller engine, no running board trim, or window rubber trim. Could have come with over rider bumpers, but likely not. Small center-only head liner. Still had reverse lights, and drivers rear view mirror. Painted flat wheels.

I did not paint either beetle, but so far, I’ve done the mechanical, suspension, and interior work. The green ‘67 has a very poor paint job. Dust and such, as well as poor masking around window rubbers. It was supposed to have been a top notch resto, but that does not show here. Decent driver though. I’ll get to cleaning them up more as time goes on. First on my list is a stock steering wheel, and seat belts for the front. I now have all the tar board for the engine bay and floors for them both. But we do love driving them.

Featured ’67 Beetle — Richard Lee

As I said, I never seem to get out to any meets, or Beetle gatherings… yet. But a funny story… my daughter went to one in Edmonton last year. Not having time to shine up her car, she did the drive-through car wash, and headed out. Once there, she got so carried away looking at all the cars, and meeting people, that she left her car alone for quite some time. Once she returned to her own car, she found that two Beetle lovers had detailed the wheels and had polished the Bug in her absence! She the received a best-of-show trophy. I still get a smile thinking about that day, and her first adventure with Bug People.

Featured ’67 Beetle — Richard Lee

Only a month more, due to the weather, and we will be out and about again. My Beetle is in the garage at home so it’s easy to access. But Amanda’s is at the shop out of town… lots of mud getting in there at this time.

Richard continues to up-grade both cars to original specs. He has been sorting the facts to learn about his cars’ histories. It’s an interesting journey, to say the least. I’m sure that we’ll be hearing more from him as he does so.

Featured ’67 Beetle — Richard Lee

Featured ’67 Beetle — Richard Lee

Featured ’67 Beetle — Richard Lee

Thanks, Richard, for sharing your ’67 with

Posted by Jay Salser

My wife, Neva, and I have been driving and working on VWs since 1976. In fact, we raised our family in these cars. Now, we are retired and enjoy VWs as a hobby. The ’67 Beetle always has been our favorite year. We own a '67 Beetle and a '68 Karmann Ghia.

  1. Good one, Jay!

  2. Richard A. "Dick" Diaz April 28, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    Richard I like the look of the organized wiring both in the engine area and the trunk! That is a project I would like to tackle at some point! This story gives me an appreciation for how often I can drive my car because I am not hampered by severe Winter weather! Also interesting is the difference in the features of cars built for each country! Great reading! Dick

  3. That is a great looking engine bay on the lighter colored car, and WOW what a beautiful color on the other. Really a sharp looking car, thanks for sharing

  4. Thanks for the complements. I had no pics of the purple beetles engine, but it does look better than the green one. Wire loom is cheap, and easy to instal. And it comes in about every color if you order, or shop around.
    After looking at all the beautiful cars on 1967, and some great pictures of Jays car, iv confirmed to myself that a peril white between the fenders, and chrome down will help with the green 67s classic appearance.
    This is the area that is waved from the last people slamming the doors, rather than lube, and adjust. And I can do it in my shop for cheep… Lol
    Thanks again. Richard

  5. Hello, Amanda…Yes…your car really DOES shine! It’s my wife’s favorite color, too! You are so fortunate to have this vintage Volkswagen and a Dad who helps you with it. Go, Amanda! jay

  6. Beautiful Beetles -both of them! What a great story about your daughter’s first Classic VW Gathering! We moved to Edmonton 3 years ago and prior to moving I purchased a convertible ’78 Beetle. I wonder if you have any mechanics in the city that you would recommend? It was running great when I bought it…but sadly, has been stalled for a while now. Boo. Once I get her going again, maybe we’ll see you around! Thanks very much. Regards, Brenda

    1. Hello Brenda
      Glad to hear you have a Beetle. As for the mechanical repairs, I do all repairs and work myself. I have met a few beetle guys in Edmonton this year.
      Ill ask, and let you know. Iv had real troubles just finding people with parts, or information.
      It sounds like a valve adjustment, and carb setting would fix yours up though.

      1. Thanks for your speedy reply, Rick. It is much appreciated! I will look forward to any suggestions. My heart will break if I miss another short summer (I eventually need a new roof, too, but my initial poking around about that left me discouraged given the cost to replace it! Ouch!) So, she’s a fair-weather Beetle…even when she’s running. :) Thanks again.

        1. Convert able roof ???? Iv no ideas yet … But I’ll be asking around.
          As for the tune up, I’m sure I’ll find some one knowing how to close to you?
          I’ll have more knowledge this week.


          1. Great, thanks. Yes, it is a convertible…when I purchased it the top was torn. A non-issue with it down, of course…..but it is a pretty significant tear that will require replacing eventually. I live on the South side…close to Southcentre Mall. Thanks again!


          2. Southgate, I mean!! ;)

          3. Hello Brenda M
            Well iv got some good news. I met a air cooled mechanic today as I was buying parts for mine. So the only place iv heard from 9 different beetle guys iv asked in the last two days is Westside Automotive… 168 st, and 100 ave Edmonton, Alberta . I’m sure they can help locate the new roof skin, but I’m meeting another guy with a 62 vert he is restoring, and I’ll ask him.
            Any other place I had asked about I got a consistent NEVER GO THERE. Lol, so I guess Westside is the place to go.
            Hope this gets you running, and enjoying car soon.


  7. Good sleuthing, Richard! A good VW guy always has one ear to the ground! LOL Chuck’s Convertible Parts on the US East Coast seems to be THE place to go for convertible parts–just for future reference for any of those difficult-to-find parts. jay

    1. Hi Richard,
      That’s awesome news! Thank you so much for your “survey” of sorts…I really appreciate your time. Funny thing, I bought a new battery and air filter there when I first moved to Edmonton. Who knew I had picked the right place?! Yes, if the fellow you are meeting has any ideas re: a new top…(it’s black)…that would be great. The last quote I got was close to 3 grand,…which is just too steep for a car that has not been running. Hahaha!! Thanks again for your help. And thank you, Jay, for this wonderful blog and meeting place for Beetle lovers! ;)
      Happy Saturday …hope your weekend includes some Punch Buggy Fun!

      1. Hello, Brenda…I am glad that Richard has uncovered a good VW shop through his constant sleuthing! It pays to have an ear to the ground–Richard is good at that! You can thank Eric and Amanda Shoemaker for and for the Forum (just started about 3 weeks ago). I’m here to help with some editing and writing and answer a question here and there. I encourage you to visit the Forum. More and more people are becoming involved so that the information base is growing by leaps and bounds! This morning a small group of us had a nice breakfast, then went for a short cruise with a destination geared to a photo-shoot. I had fun and apparently others did too. I love VW People! jay

        1. Oh, thanks for the clarification, Jay…and thank you to Eric & Amanda Shoemaker!! :) I missed the details with that as I stumbled upon this site by googling VW Classic Beetles combined with Edmonton, AB…so it seems I have Richard to thank again, because his post is what matched my search. I love VW folk, too. My brother has an all original ’72 convertible Ghia….(orange) – it’s a show stopper! My little bug looks like her poor cousin,..but one of these days! Especially now that I know where to bring her to get gussied up! :) Thanks again, every one!

          1. Brenda, keep working to better your ’78 ‘Vert! The Convertibles, especially, are becoming quite rare for many reasons–the first being that not that many came to the “the New World” in the first place. Then, they have suffered demise due to “customizing”, wrecks, just plain weather and rust, and so forth. There are Convertible tops and there are Convertible tops. Including installation, the top itself and headliner, bows and bits and restoration of the mechanism can cost $5-6K. if you need only the the top, you will be able to find one for less. Chuck’s convertibles on the US East Coast is the premier shop, probably, for Convertible parts and service. jay

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