SOLD – NOS 1967 Beetle Owner’s Manual


NOS 1967 Owner’s Manual—Glove Box Edition. This Manual never has seen distribution. It shows a small amount of “shelf-wear”. Someone wrote on the front cover, “1967”—which subsequently has been removed. The impression can be seen faintly. Also someone wrote on a paper which was laid atop the Manual front cover and the slight impression can be seen faintly.

There is no writing inside the Manual. All pages and the cover are tight. The color fold-out is brilliant and perfect. None of the Inspection spaces has been stamped.

This is a great manual for someone with a nicely restored 1967 Beetle Sedan, Sun Roof Edition or Convertible—all three are treated in this manual.

Additional photos will be sent upon request.

Status: SOLD
Location: Texas
Price: $100.00 + shipping
Contact: Jay Salser

1967Owner'sManual 001 1967Owner'sManual 002 1967Owner'sManual 004 1967Owner'sManual 006

Posted by Jay Salser

My wife, Neva, and I have been driving and working on VWs since 1976. In fact, we raised our family in these cars. Now, we are retired and enjoy VWs as a hobby. The ’67 Beetle always has been our favorite year. We own a '67 Beetle and a '68 Karmann Ghia.

  1. NOS manuals are certainly hard to come by and this one will be real nice for someone who love his 67 Beetle. Great item Jay.

    1. This is a gem. I’m sure it will sell fast!

  2. I bought the same manual from a person down East. I pd $75.00 for it. Thought I maybe pd to much. I guess I got a good buy. thanks.BOB

  3. When I read “It’s got no writing inside the manual,” my first thought was, like, what the hell good is a manual with just pictures! I quickly understood what you meant, however.

    1. Great call, John. I had to smile over this one! jay

  4. Well now. A nice frame, and a space on the wall of the man cave could do it justice as well. Considering its condition. Just looking at it makes me want to add a coat of wax to my 67….. Lol
    Nice find for anyone.

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