SOLD – L639 Zenith Blue ’67 Beetle

Fresh to the market here at, this L639 Zenith Blue ’67 Beetle is a respectable, unmolested car. This gem also took first place for “Best Stock ’65-’67​ Bug” at the 2018 SoCal VW Classic. Who’s going to make an offer?

Here’s the info we have from the seller.

Status: For Sale
Mileage: 29,442
Location: Santa Monica, CA
Price: $22,250 OBO
Contact: Michael Kent

I grew up in the Midwest, St. Louis, MO to be exact. My father, with his German Lutheran background, thought the best of Volkswagens. We had a dark blue 1968 VW Convertible that suffer through many winters of snow and ice. My Dad, brother, and myself would work on the car in the garage with our gloves and parkas on just to change the oil. Spring had arrived when the top came down, and stayed down until the end of summer. In those days, you didn’t worry about anybody stealing from your car.

As time wore on and the miles increased, my brother took the Blue Bug into auto shop to rebuild the engine. Being a year younger, I was allowed to watch from the sidelines as the cylinders were bored out and fitted with new rings. When the engine was finally reinstalled with a new exhaust we drove it everywhere. Then, my brother drove the Blue Bug off to college. Ultimate the Blue Bug came back to St Louis where my father restored it to it’s former glory. Until one day, a guy from a local VW club offered my Dad $10K cash and that was it for the Blue Bug.

So, when it was time for me to go off to study architecture at the University of Michigan, we scoured the city for a suitable VW to transport me cheaply to and from college. We found a reasonable Green 1967 VW Beetle for $1500. I only had to change the clutch and give it a tune up. Greenie worked great sliding through and over the snow banks when other cars dared not go out. But it was coming back from a fateful sub-zero architecture road trip to Chicago that the speedometer went berserk, the rear bumper fell off, the heater disintegrated, and the clutch went out. The Green Bug had lasted through four tough Michigan winters. Finally Greenie was plowed into a huge winter snow/ice drift in Ann Arbor. That Spring the road salt had ravaged the body and the city towed it away in the night.

My wife’s family had a 1966 VW Beetle in her family that all of the kids learned to drive. As all of the kids left home, her Dad faithfully kept it in the garage for 10 years waiting for my future wife Velinda to return home from medical school in Ohio State. Yep, Ohio State and Michigan under one roof. It does get a little tense when The Game approaches in November. We had rigged up a dolly and towed the Bug from her Dad’s Irvine garage to the back of our rental in West LA. Unfortunately, the Los Angeles traffic officer had her car towed when it was parked just for one night on the street without a proper registration sticker. We were so broke, we couldn’t afford the towing ransom.

We got married, made some money, had our son, and went house shopping in Santa Monica, back when Santa Monica was affordable. In 2000 we met the elderly Norman Schwartz who was selling his 1940’s era stucco box house built during the WWII time. To our surprise there was a VW bug and a VW squareback. Velinda and I asked about them. Norman said he was keeping the squareback, but selling the Zenith Blue 1967 VW Bug.
So we put in an offer on the house which included the dishwasher, clothes washer-dryer, and the VW bug. He gladly accepted our offer. This was the first time I had heard of a VW getting a 30 year mortgage. We nicknamed the bug “Norman”, in his honor.

VW’s are truly time machines. I fondly recall the day when my son was ten years old. He was holding onto the dashboard handle just like I did in my Dad’s Blue VW some thirty years earlier.

So, for fifteen years we stored Norman in a garage here in the Westside. In 2016, feeling a cash flush, I restored Norman to a beautiful condition at Beverly Hills Auto Body and Paint. Norman was taken apart, cleaned, repainted, re-assembled with new seals, and completed with new authentic interior finishes. Norman fires up every time, ready to go.

And just yesterday, my wife and I drove Norman to our favorite Mexican restaurant, reliving our VW stories that comes from that whiff of VW interior atmosphere.

But, like all great things, the time has come for “Norman” to move on to another story.

This ’67 sells with new tires and a complete tune-up:

Oil Change
Flush tank
Rebuild carburetor
Replaced brake line and hoses
Replaced wheel cylinders
New Battery
New plugs and wires
New fuel filter
Timing set

Posted by Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I started Air-Cooled Artifacts (previously, and Lane Russell). I drive a '67 Beetle daily and love to share vintage Volkswagen stories with the world.

  1. Holy moly, someone’s going to get a dynamite 67 beetle, and an even better back story!

  2. I know I got alittle emotional! Mk

  3. fingerlakesmike June 25, 2018 at 11:03 pm

    Identical to mine, except for the newer radio, seat latches, and mine has chrome wheels with the stock hubcaps.
    Will be a nice buy for someone out there.

    1. Hi,
      Please let me know where to get a stock radio
      or a blank plate with the chrome trim.
      I didn’t see one at the Socal VW Classic last weekend.
      Thx. Mike

  4. Thanks, Mk

  5. Nice. The perfect car, and best color for me I just need the asking cash in Canadian funds, and shipping…lol
    Beatifull car though.

  6. Nice car and a great story, hope you don’t get sellers remorse!

  7. Beautiful! Love the car, love the story!

  8. It’s a nice car!

  9. What a beautiful beetle and great story! Good luck with the sale. Someone will have a whole new story to tell about it in the future.

  10. Wonderful story. That is what makes owning a 1967 SO wonderful. Beautiful car!

  11. Russ Salisbury June 26, 2018 at 2:03 pm

    What a great story that brought back memories of when I grew up in Santa Monica near 23rd and Pearl St. The VW and house photos are iconic. My 67 VW enthusiasm start in 1976 when I bought my first one. Now in Texas we have 3 1967 VW’s. My daily driver bug, my wife’s 1967 bus as well as her 1967 VW convertible.
    Good luck on your sale!

    1. Thanks for the comments!
      “Norman” and I will be at the Santa Monica Pier this Sunday, July 1 from 8A-10A with the Westside VW club and then at 10A cruise to the SoCal VW Classic from 12 noon to closing.
      Stop on by and say hello!

  12. Stephen M Jaeger June 27, 2018 at 6:29 pm

    $22,250? And not even a convertible? Well things are looking up for us 67 owners.

  13. James Mitchell June 28, 2018 at 2:21 pm

    Very nicely Restored, and I really enjoyed the family VW stories. Good luck with Norman’s sale, I’m sure you will miss him.

    1. Thanks! Mike

  14. If I buy this i’m making it Herbie

  15. Does anyone know if the hole in the dashboard is from a stock switch of some sort? Or do you suspect that the dash was drilled for an aftermarket switch?

    1. I’d think some sort of switch. Def not factory.

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