SOLD — L282 Lotus White ’67 Beetle.

FOR SALE — L282 Lotus White '67 Beetle.

Fresh to the market here at This L282 Lotus White ’67 Beetle is as unique as the vintage Volkswagen Beetle itself. There’s one item on this car that really stands out. Can you see it? Now? Look closer at the info below and join in the conversation.

Beautiful Comprehensive Restoration Throughout On This Locally Owned Beetle.

Straight, Solid Body With Excellent Panel Fit. Refinished In Cream White And All New Weatherstripping. Excellent Glass And Stainless Moldings. Immaculate Stock Red Interior With An Added Audivox AM-FM-Cassette Stereo And Underdash CB Radio. “BZ” Code 1600cc 4 Cylinder Engine With Stock Intake And Exhaust. 4 Speed Manual Transmission. Stock Style Steel Wheels With Chrome Hub Caps.

All The VIN#’s Match On The Floor, Tag And Title.

Very Well Restored Car That Runs Strong And Drives Tight.

Status: SOLD
Mileage: Unknown
Location: Renton, Washington,
Price: $12,500
Contact: 425-228-2277 | Memory Lane Motors


Posted by Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I started Air-Cooled Artifacts (previously, and Lane Russell). I drive a '67 Beetle daily and love to share vintage Volkswagen stories with the world.

  1. Very nice example …however, doesn’t quite match its billing as “Beautiful Comprehensive Restoration Throughout “. Rear bumper is wrong. Did later model 67’s have the back-up lights in the tail light assembly. And …could be the photo angle …but that driver side front turn signal looks like it’s mounted ‘askew’ ..with the back, pointy end rotated too far toward the hood. But …other than those few little picky points, it looks to be a nicely restored car.

    1. Agreed; it does look nice but to be a “comprehensive restoration” on a ’67 I’d expect to see the right taillights, engine components (fuel pump, air cleaner; I’d like the carb slide since it’s a 1600DP engine). Great start and the price doesn’t seem unreasonable.

  2. The rear tail lights are what threw me for a loop. Also, the “BZ” engine code.. I’ve never even heard of that..

    1. BZ is a Brazilian engine code for a 1600dp gasoline engine originally intended for a bus.

  3. @Jay. Do you have any insight on the BZ engine code?

    1. As you know, Eric…I generally do not comment on cars for sale. But…since you asked: I have searched to find a BZxxxxxx engine code–cannot find it. It could be from a country other than the USA. B usually is for 1970 vintage engine cases. These would be dual oil relief. The front fenders are after-market–thus the off-set turn signal which is mentioned above. The tail lights are from a ’70 Beetle–thus the reverse lamps are absorbed into those light housings. Personally–“comprehensive restoration” to me, means as it emerged from the factory doors. I would say about this car, instead, “completely reconditioned” or “refreshed”. jay

  4. Thanks, Jay. I’m not here to critique the car in another other way than honesty. It’s a nice ’67. I believe it’s more the sellers (in most cases) not knowing what they have. I mean, us ’67 folks are probably the only ones that care about this level of detail. It’s a sickness.

  5. Owner says color is Cream White, Eric says Lotus White. It may not be a stock color. With the aftermarket rear bumper. unknown engine, incorrect air cleaner, wrong t year tail lights (and probably wrong year rear bumpers), aftermarket front fenders, unknown engine and body condition, I would run from this car as fast as possible.

  6. Sorry …I didn’t mean to start a negative thread on this particular car. However, sellers should (obviously) be careful with the language they use when they post a vehicle for sale on a ‘vehicle and year specific’ site like this. It might be ‘okay’ to use the ‘restoration’ words loosely in other media, but when you’re marketing to an ‘informed’ audience, that’s whole ‘nuther ball game. Just saying …..

  7. Before I was comprehensively informed by this site I would have been thrilled to own this 67′. I would consider this one “repurposed” clean and road worthy. At this price point, it would be unfortunate to purchase with the assumption this is a “stock” restoration. However, if a bigger engine and the other amenities are considered a “plus” it would be a great opportunity.

  8. Dave D. In all fairness to the seller, Memory Lane Motors, this ad may not have been posted to this site. Also, in all fairness to Eric, he can post ads from the internet to this site without the seller’s permission.

  9. Yes, let’s keep it positive. 90% of the classifieds are paid listings. To be fair, I do sometimes curate cars that are of interest to the ’67 Beetle community. Sellers always find out, as we’ve helped sell many. :)

  10. Eric, I don’t envy your position here as it can be very tough. Via this site and contributors like Jay this is the only place I know that you can find the “truth and nothing but the truth” regarding the 67′ beetle. By default, observation and commentary can be taken as less than positive based solely on passion for the cars presented. You do great work in finding new homes for these wonderful Beetles!

  11. It’s a labor of love. I do it because I enjoy it, not because I have to.

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