Larry Pittman’s L639 Zenith Blue ’67 Beetle

Tell us about the history of your ’67 Beetle?
I first became interest in VWs at the age of 15. My first car was a ’60s VW that my Dad and I bought for $250. After that I started buying and selling VWs any time I found a deal. By the time I was in my 20’s I had opted out of VWs for something with cold AC to combat the hot and humid Houston climate. However I knew that if I ever found the right one that I would have a VW again.

Many years later I was driving through a small town about 60 miles out of Houston. As I passed a side street I got a glimpse of a super clean, shiny VW sitting with a for sale sign. I circled back around to take a look. It was in outstanding condition for a then 43 year old car. The sign didn’t have a price on it but when I saw on the sign that it had 19K original miles I knew that it would not be in my price range. I wrote the phone number down anyway to call and see. That evening I started to call but knew that it would only be disappointing news on the price of such a find.

Finally, late in the evening I called anyway. I found out the following about the car: It was purchased new in 1967 by a couple who bought it to pull behind their motor home. Turns out the 19K miles on it was mostly in tow behind a motor home! Everything I was told about the car was just too good to be true! Finally I asked about the price. To my surprise, the owner wanted a very reasonable price for the car.  I told him that I would be there as soon as the bank opened in the morning with the cash – “don’t let it go anywhere…..!”


The next morning I showed up and took a test drive. It purred like a kitten and drove like a new bug!  SOLD! I went back and handed the owner the cash and the rest is history! And to top it off, he called me back a few days later and asked if I wanted the manual and paperwork for the car – you know I did!

Since then my wife and I have put a couple thousand miles on it. I hated to put on anymore, but then I bought it to drive it and enjoy it. A couple weeks after I bought it I was talked into entering it in a Houston area car show. I told them I had just bought it and hadn’t done anything to it but wash it but I entered it anyway. To my surprise I drove away with two trophies in hand! Amazing. Since then we have made a couple trips in it including to the Texas VW Classic in Fredericksberg.

When did you start the restoration?
With this ’67 the restoration is an ongoing process. This car was in such good condition when I got it that an initial restoration was not necessary. I got my first two trophies with this car by just cleaning it up and showing it! I am doing continual updates. I plan on refreshing the interior next.

What were some of the challenges you faced during the process?
VW restorations parts are plentiful on the internet but acquiring quality parts that look and fit right is the trick. This is where talking with other VW owners pays off. Seek the advice of others who know where the quality parts venders are.

In your opinion, what makes the ’67 Beetle so unique?
The ’67 is the best of both worlds! It has the classic Beetle look combined with a larger engine and the 12 volt electrical.  It is the last year of the classic Beetle look with the older style bumpers.

What is your take on doing a 100% stock restoration VS non stock?
This is a matter of personal taste. Personally I like “rock stock” or slightly modified stock (i.e. bolt on components). I don’t care for modifications that permanently change the VW.

Any ’67 Beetle specific tips or words of wisdom you would like to offer?
There are not that many of these little jewels left. Take care of yours and treat it right! Learn more about my ’67 at

Thanks Larry for sharing your story with

Posted by Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I started Air-Cooled Artifacts (previously, and Lane Russell). I drive a '67 Beetle daily and love to share vintage Volkswagen stories with the world.

  1. Now that is a sharp ’67! Thanks for writing such fantastic articles.

  2. Dig this car! Great find and glad it went to someone who appreciates it.

  3. Thanks for reading Timm. I’m glad I can help expose these awesome stories.

  4. Would that we all could be so lucky! I might have hocked my 09 Jetta TDI to pay for a find like that. Lucky Larry!

    1. Ha. I’d agree.

  5. A Zenith Blue ’67? My Dream Car! It’s Beautiful! :-D Thanks!

  6. Fred Johnson took the words right out of my mouth. “A Zenith blue ’67?” “My dream car!” The only thing I can add is: 19,000 miles? Exceptional find, not many more left like this one.

    1. Agreed!

  7. Eric, thank you for turning me on to this site. I love it and thanks for the articles. 1967 VW’s !!! Great!

    1. Thank you for being a ’67 Beetle owner!

  8. Deja vu, Eric! This car could be my car with stock wheels!

  9. Every time I see a Zenith Blue ’67 Beetle in Texas, I wonder if it might be the one which we owned for many years and which gave us so much wonderful service. Obviously, this one is not it–too few miles. What a great story! jay

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