SOLD – L282 Lotus White ’67 Beetle

We have a special car here today that’s available for purchase; a L282 Lotus White ’67 Beetle. If interested, our seller also has a LOT of extra parts for a negotiable price. (German doors, one year only ’67 front seats, etc.)

Yes, this car needs some love. However, it’s priced right, and would be a great project. I love seeing the correct H0 engine, etc. Here’s the information we have from the seller, as well as a FULL photo gallery.

The story of Delilah, the 1967 Savanna Beige VW Beetle:

According to the paperwork found in the car and in the original owner’s manual, she was first purchased in 1967 by Dr. Richard L. Keiter in Annapolis, Maryland.   Dr. Keiter was a Ph.D. student at the University of Maryland at the time, and I assume it was his daily driver to and from school.  He got it serviced officially once at 3,000 miles in February of 1968, but kept record of oil changes in his owner manual until he hit 15,000. He sold his bug to a new owner in 1969 when he moved out of the area.  He became a well-known Inorganic Chemist, and published many referenced papers and textbooks along with his wife.  Maybe his bug inspired him or something?  After he sold it, there is a gap in the timeline.  From 1969 to 1996 little is known about the ownership, only that it was a daily driver in Maryland.  In 1996, she was bought by Doug Moorhead. They used her as a trusty commuter car in Maryland until they moved to Western PA.  After the move, she was pushed into a barn for safe keeping while they started a family and lost track of time. That is where I came into the picture.  I had been in love with VW bugs my entire life.  When I was young, my dad made me a print-out Beetle coloring book.  On our frequent road trips, I would color in a new Beetle every time I saw one on the road.  I had a dream of what my first car would be, and it was always a VW Bug.  Light blue, tan interior.

I got kinda close. In 2012, my dad and I bought the ’67 Bug from Doug (my dad’s co-worker) along with a treasure trove of extra parts and pieces. She wasn’t running and pretty run down; the floor had started to rust out.  Over the next 2 years, she was our Sunday project.  Every week we fiddled on our never ending to-do list, and through it my dad taught me the knowledge and love for cars. The floor pans were replaced, and my mom and I re-carpeted them.  The seats were refitted and put back in, as well brand new running boards, a master cylinder, firewall, and heating channels. She has a rebuilt Solex 30PICT-1 VW105-1 carb and Pierburg dual diaphragm fuel pump along with new fuel lines, and we put in a fresh brake system.  We also installed a brand new German muffler.

When I turned 16, I had my first car.  It may not have been light blue, but I loved her just the same.  I named her Delilah, and she drove me everywhere.  She made her way through high school with me, and saw her share of Friday night football games, track meets, school dances, trips to the mall with my friends, and even drove me to and from my first part-time job. She became an icon in Grove City, along with her pink crown antenna topper.  Often she was the target of photos with my friends, and was even a part of the decorations for our retro themed homecoming my junior year of high school.  In 2015, I graduated and went to college but Delilah had to stay home.

My dad continued to drive her and give her the love she deserved.  I graduated college in May 2019, and am now moving to Vermont to start my first real big-girl job.  The time has come to sell Delilah to a new home that will give her the love and care she deserves and to carry the legacy of her name. She needs an engine rebuild, which is a project we just couldn’t commit too and her starter is on the way out. Unfortunately, window seals are necessary as the windows leak so unless you’re committed to keeping her covered constantly, you should probably replace them.  She comes with a brand new battery, as well as loads of other parts, pieces, seals, rims, etc. After 7 years, I am still not sure what all is in the boxes, so it’s like gaining one of those mystery boxes you win at auctions. Delilah has been a part of our family for a while now, and we will miss her dearly.

 Here is a list of what we accomplished on the car:

  • New brake system and shoes we installed
  • New fuel lines, and rebuilt Pierburg dual diaphragm fuel pump
  • Rebuilt Solex 30PICT-1 VW105-1 carb 
  • We put brand new floor pans in, heater channels, firewall, master cylinder, and running boards (the body is as sound as it gets)
  • Brand new German muffler and exhaust system
  • Fixed fuel tank and coated with rust free POR 15
  • Brand new carpeting
  • New tires!
  • A lot of electrical work and new bumper blade
  • We replaced the front axle (beam)

What it needs:

  • Probably could use an engine rebuild
  • The starter is on it’s way out
  • Window seals on doors need replaced (they leak)

Status: SOLD
Mileage: 142,556
Location: Pennsylvania
Price: $3,100, OBO
Owner Contact: Ellie Schiappa
General Questions: Eric Shoemaker

FULL photo gallery.
Who’s going to make an offer?

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