Chris Vallone’s L282 Lotus White ’67 Beetle

Err… Actually there is no paint code for L000. That’s because our good bud Chris Vallone of Classic VW Bugs in NY has this ’67 Beetle down to bare metal. Chris isn’t sure what color he’s going to choose yet. Chime in below and let him know what you’d like to see. He’s watching this article.

“This car was found in north NJ in Mid 2012. This baby is rock solid and should need little body work.  This is a numbers matching Body, Chassis, Motor, ’67 Beetle.  This is a very solid DRY car, worth putting some bucks into to make it killer.  I am in a toss up of what color to do at this moment.

I do not think I want to go back to Lotus white which was the original color.  I am thinking of going with a VW color from the mid to late 50s.”














































I’m thinking he should keep it Lotus white, but that’s just me.

Posted by Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I started Air-Cooled Artifacts (previously, and Lane Russell). I drive a '67 Beetle daily and love to share vintage Volkswagen stories with the world.

  1. The obvious choice is Lotus White. From an asthetic point of view L282 was always my favourite colour but also from a car collector point of view, you would always want to keep the correct original colour code.

    1. That’s a valid argument.

      1. It is, but from restoring these cars in the last ten years, white is not a good ROI. I have also learned that I do not target the VW collector, unfortunately. As much as they do want things back to bone stock correct, they do not have the deep pockets. My target these past few years has been the multi car collector, the guys that wants a “damn good looking bug” that still screams vintage. So the older and more vintage I make it look, the dollar amount seems to go up, a safer return on investment. I encourage your thoughts. =o)

        1. This is a tough one. ROI is a key factor. No question Chris whatever you decide that comes out of your shop is the gold standard of restoration thats for sure! You may be doing us both a favor…changing the color and creating a super satisfied customer and at the same time making our “bone stock 67’s” a bit more rare and valuable to a very specific market.

        2. Robert Seguin aka Bobaloo September 29, 2015 at 1:58 am

          I an in the process of doing a body off 67. Ditched the front fenders in favor of 66 as i do not care for the 67 headlights. Shooting it with Anthracite and salmon or red interior. Sea blue is another good choice. I am still debating. Need to make a choice soon.

          1. ooo another nice combo! I like it.

  2. L275 Light Beige or my favorite L34 Navy Blue

  3. Have you thought of ‘pre-selling’ it, and then painting it the colour the buyer wants? You have a strong enough reputation that the customer should know he’s going to get a ‘damn good looking bug’ no matter what colour it is. (yes …’colour’ …I’m a Canadian.)

  4. Dark green would look old and vintage.

  5. L324 polar silver

    1. Thats a nice one yeah!

  6. How about l324 polar silver

  7. Yukon yellow

    1. Good one. That’s a ’67 (vert) color.

  8. PS, Chris. Get rid of those aftermarket front fenders. :)

  9. Chris, you should stay true to ’67 colors. My vote is L633 VW Blue with off-white interior. Wayne Carini commented on my ’67 last month stating “it’s the “right” color combo”.

    1. Yes but if you sold it today, what could you get for it?

  10. So many great comments. We are all correct in the end. I happen to be a super stock freak and Chris leans more toward a modified approach as far as colour is concerned. We have two schools of thought and both are correct from their point of view. Whatever the result, we know you will create a top point car.

  11. Hummmmm–This goes to the point of my article about judges who reward modified cars above original ones. Such rewarding accentuates the rush to modify. jay

  12. Maybe Chris should make it a Baja?

    1. This is what I am leaning toward, a color very close to Azure blue or even sea blue, both VW colors

      And I like this color from 58-59 Beetles, Diamond Gray Met. I did this on a build-A-bug car for a client.

      1. You enjoying all the free site traffic today? You’re welcome. :)

        1. those links should be clickable

      2. Chris.I can appreciate those that prefer bone stock original and I too have seen many of these cars for sale on Ebay mostly. But these are not the VW’s that I would be lusting for, and I would not pay $35k – $40k for them. Maybe some would, but not me. I want something that pops out at me and the colors of the ’50’s are just more interesting and attractive. BTW, I am partial to the Diamond Grey color of Bruce’s ’58 VW that you did back in 2012. Please do not change what you are already doing!!!

  13. Maybe put a 40 ford front end on it with a stinger lmao!

  14. Richard "Dick" Diaz September 25, 2015 at 4:00 pm

    Love your work Chris and restoration tips! The dream would be to afford a “correct restoration” for my ’67! Way too many aftermarket parts on most of our cars out there, but thankful those parts are available! I say, for you, build what sells! But, the customer should be able to get what they want! I like disc brakes and larger motor, but not the dropping, or cutting of any kind on the suspension, or doors! Other than that, paint away!

    1. Oh totally, if it is for a customer, they pick the color. This is my car, so I want to pick what I think should go on it, and then later think when it sells. Best of both worlds sort of speak.

  15. Chris, I went through the same argument with myself last year on my 67VW ..keep it original, or paint it to a persons liking and one that really catches the eye or gets all the looks. Your Silver and blues sound spectacular. I went 2 tone and different than most any seen. black and Red, with black exterior red sides, and interior Red. also did red under engine and hood. with the white and grey 2 tone interior from pre 67 car, it looks fantastic. its an original look, but not original 67..we will see if I ever sell it if it was the right choice.
    FYI. I used many of your U-tube video’s when I rebuilt my bug. Thank you for posting all that information helped me a lot.
    2 items you might update. for sound deadening I believe you recommended a roofing material. I was a little concerned with the tar smell, so I found an adhesive duct insulation with foil wrap at Home depot that worked extremely well.
    The door window gasket and trim install you show on a 56 I think? does not work on a 67 :( It was a little frustrating, but our 67 wing windows have to go in a few steps earlier for the vertical support to bolt into the door. both you and Eric had the best advice on door rebuild..make sure you have time and lots of patience…..

    1. Door rebuild.. Pain in the ass, but I loved doing it. For me, I’d keep the car stock. I like to think VW of old put a ton of thinking into their color choices. Chris, we can agree to disagree on this one. Do what’s right for your business.

  16. I will make another plea to keep the car as original as possible.

    If not, I’ll second Jody in saying at least stay true to 1967 Paint Codes. Not many L-633 with white interior out there.

    After I finish my L-639 Zenith Blue, I’ll find a L-633 car to restore…

    1. Such a good conversation going on here…

  17. Chris, I see no women chiming in on this? A simple solution maybe to get a ladys’ opinion???
    After all, it may be a lovely lady that buys this car or ultimately gives the buyer the OK.

    1. Okay … one female’s perspective. If it were “my” car, I’d keep it a ’67 VW color like L518 – Java Green but if I were to turn to the dark-side and stray from stock, I’d go L240 – Agave Green.

      1. You are not straying away from stock, that is a VW color, it does not diminish the value at all. My highest selling cars all strayed away from stock to some degree.

  18. Another vote for L633 VW blue. You just don’t see that many 67’s with that color which I think is stunning. You see far too many L639 Zenith Blue 67 bugs (like mine) running around. My second choice would be L456 Ruby Red. If Chris is going to sell this when he’s done, I bet those would be the two best colors to attract a broad base of prospective buyers. Pls keep it bone stock and use the correct parts in the restoration!

  19. Oh.. PPPLLLUHHHEEESSSEEE, no two tone paint job!

    1. Oh hell no, I would never do that. Two tone was only for early verts.

  20. Hey Chris, you know me, I think it would be a shame to do a color change on an otherwise numbers matching car, specially a ’67. But if you are dead set against the lotus white, go the polar opposite and go black with a red interior. Everyone appreciates a black car, and keeping it in the ’67 scheme, you’ll appease the purists to an extent. Remember, a ’67 has a certain amount of cachet to it. That alone should help with your ROI.

    – jeffrey

    1. This is true Jeffrey, you’re making me think now. haha =o) Hey, how is Cali?

  21. some early Porsche color are cool. 60-61 Aetna blue is very popular or early 911 Stone gray, both very rich soft German colors. But when the car is straight Black is difficult to beat.
    02 cents

  22. Joseph Pennington September 26, 2015 at 2:02 pm

    Mine is so far from original it would cost a fortune to make it that way again but the body is the original Savannah Beige. (Fenders and running boards are metallic brown.)

  23. Correct colors all the way. The more stock the better.

    1. I am picking stock VW colors, just from the 50s. The 50s had some nice metallics like strato silver, diamond gray, cardinal red. These colors in my opinion are far more attractive than the 67s. Gotta remember VW was going plain jane with colors in this era to save money, along with cheap vinyl material. I have tested the market with the 67 colors and it is very hard to get past the 27k mark with a complete BONE stock museum piece sedan with the cheap TMI seat material from wolfsburgwest. I have a reputation of doing a VINTAGE STOCK LOOK but deviating away from what was stock with higher quality color combos. I have an eye for color, and there has to be Valloneization involved with my cars to a degree. I like them to look old style vintage and period looking, but they have to look killer in my eyes. To me, I do not think there is anything wrong with going L51 Bordeaux red from 1951 with a beige cloth seat material and slap that on a ’67. I would be proud to own it, and in the end will sell for a much higher price. Lust a lil more of my 2 cents! =o) I encourage more thoughts.

      1. I think you should leave the 50’s paint colors to the 50’s bugs. If your goal is to maximize your ROI on this restoration, why limit your potential buyers who have a passion for stock, correct bugs. While I always appreciate a nicely restored, stock beetle, if it’s not painted a correct for the year bug paint color, it’s a turn off to me.
        We know that the past few years, VW’s that are correct, stock and restored with quality/correct parts are bringing the most $ at resale time. Collectors car survivors are in vogue right now, even with worn paint or interiors. I’m an original condition, stock, purist. I like to see any old car with all the correct parts on it. This is why survivor cars are fetching top $. In most cases, the car hasn’t been butchered up with the latest shinny, cheap, crapstatic parts. It’s still has all the hard to find pieces in place.
        What did that early 60’s beetle survivor that was in great shape and had less than 8k miles sell for? Wasn’t it over $40k? To me, that speaks volumes about the need to stay year correct on paint, upholstery and engine and engine parts.

        1. Ditto, Bill! Maybe Chris should advertise his product as the best original restoration available in order to attract those buyers who are seeking only the best! A shop is in business to make money but it seems that fewer and fewer shops have an interest in correct vehicles. jay

          1. Yea there is a ton of people that want the all out best, but then they are not going to pay 35-40k are they. 67 colors are nice, don’t get me wrong, but, not killer. I can go with a 67 color , but not going with a basic Tmi gut, you will not make to your money back.

        2. Yes but that car was never restored, it’s different. We had the same bug last year in the same color scheme, just a lil over 20k it went for.

  24. Yes..that bug was a beautiful, un-molested low mileage survivor. The ORIGINALITY is what drove a large part of that price.

    Chris, ur soliciting suggestions on paint colors and it would appear the vast majority are suggesting colors from 67.

    With ur clear dislike of TMI, what other option are u considering for interior? TMI?

    1. When I do full body off restos on my cars and the paint jobs come out like museum pieces, I would hurt the car by putting in a lame TMI gut in it, I can tell you that. =o) haha. I use my buddies at sewfine, they can make any combo I like. If you look at my past work on my site you will see their interiors in many of my full resto bugs. The quality is just awesome, the vinyl can almost feel like leather, it is ultra vinyl material, all hand stitched, (NOT HEAT SEAMED TMI stuff). I do not go wild with colors, it screams old/vintage when it is all done. I have a good reputation with my color combinations, and I have been accepted to Concourses with my work, so I do not think I will be doing a disservice to the car when it is done. TMI material feels borderline plastic to me, very cheap.

      I also would not say that the vast majority are telling me to go back to an original color, is not my only outlet. I actually went to an ALL GERMAN car show yesterday in NJ and brought swatches of colors that I am thinking of using and presented them to the folks. I gotta tell ya it is all over the map with people’s choices. There is not one dominant choice.



      1. I meant to say Sewfine vs. TMI, twice.. I think TMI has a place in the VW world and I appreciate them trying to serve our classic cars. Is it “perfect” , oh hell no. Some of their headliners quality is suspect to saw the least. I’ve found their seat covers to be a decent compromise between concourse and respectably restored. I will say, I’ve spoken to Sewfine and they are nice folks too.

        Whichever way you go with the color on this 67, I hope it works out for ya. Just don’t put pictures up here Mister if it’s not a 67 color cause us “purists” will rip it apart! lol

        1. All good, I can take it, I went to school for art, criticism is the name of the game. What is nutty? Since this thread, I have been getting emails from people outside of this discussion, looking to see it in diamond green, sea blue, cardinal red, or even Bordeaux. I keep in mind first, what would I do if I wanted to keep it, selling it is 2nd. So it needs to look good for me first.

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