Ken Relethford’s L41 Black ’67 Beetle

Ken Relethford's '67 Beetle

This article was submitted by reader and ’67 enthusiast Ken Relethford. Thank you very much for your contributions to

I parked next to a Porsche Speedster at the Encinitas car show last night. The owner of the body shop that painted it Jimmy at “Rancho Auto Body” is wiping it down for me in the photo below. I think the bug got more attention than the speedster.

I went a little overboard…The thing looks brand new…One hiccup on the headliner install, making them pull the rear window and redo it..They thought the carpet went right up to the rear window..Cant live with that.. (We don’t blame you!)

More photos to come. I have a pretty good collection of before during and afters..
Last item is the original wheels and white walls. We have done one for the spare for now, but will probably put some miles on these chrome moonies before changing out.

Ken Relethford.

Ken Relethford's '67 Beetle

Ken Relethford's '67 Beetle

Ken Relethford's '67 Beetle

Ken Relethford's '67 Beetle
Thanks, Ken, for sharing your ’67 with

Posted by Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I started Air-Cooled Artifacts (previously, and Lane Russell). I drive a '67 Beetle daily and love to share vintage Volkswagen stories with the world.

  1. Nice 67! Look forward to cruising with Ken and his beauty to the VW Classic!

    1. I’ll be there in spirit. Timm, tell every ’67 owner you see about :-)

  2. Ken…I like! We cabrio-style paint jobs should form a society! Whoops…I better be careful what I say.

    Really, you and your wife have out-done yourselves. It’s a beauty.

    jay salser

    1. cabriolet hard tops? sounds like a group I would join.

  3. Ken: You are so clever! I cheered when I saw what you had done inside your elegant sedan. Brought to mind formals and tuxedos.

    1. Hi, Granny Neva!

  4. Good looking!

  5. This is a very classy sedan. I figure I’d need a hair cut, and some new clothes to take it out. I too am becoming a real fan of the Cabrio theme.

  6. Really nice bug :)

  7. Eric, it’s “Ken and Kathy’s ” 67, our love child :), thanks for all the comments, just cruised it up to bugorama in Costa Mesa and saw many nice bugs buses and ghias, also some very creative customs, will post some pics later,

    1. Ken,
      You got it! Stay “cool.”

    2. I want to put in a word here for wives–who often are left out of the equation. In my own situation, I consider my wife, Neva, to be my partner in anything VW that I do. I put her in VWs in the ’70s (and before). She continues to be exuberant about VWs and the VW Community. She drives our ’67 to our VW meetings. When she is unable to attend–everyone wants to know “Where is Neva?” My hat is off to the many wives who sometimes get forgotten in the hustle and bustle of wrenches and grease.

      I also am heartened when I see women who are involved in the VW Community on their own. There seems to be a growing community of women who are stepping up to the Vintage Vehicle Challenge. Not only are they approaching the challenge–they are meeting that challenge and excelling! They bring to the table a different perspective which is heart-warming and creative.

      Here’s to the Ladies of the VW Community!


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