Kathleen Brooks – L456 Ruby Red ’67 Beetle

Sent over to 1967beetle.com from a reader, Kathleen Brook’s – L456 Ruby Red ’67 Beetle is definitely worth a mention. From watching her story end to end, what resonates with me most is the emotional connection we all seem to have with these old cars. As some of you may know, my Grandfather purchased our family ’67 over 50 years ago, and I too still drive it today.

Kathleen Brooks bought her first VW Beetle in December 1966 in Riverside, California — a red 1967 model she quickly named “Annie.” Ever since, Annie has been Kathleen’s daily transportation, racking up more than 350,000 miles over 51 years, or enough to circle the globe 14 times, and Kathleen, now 73, still drives Annie to work.

After hearing about Kathleen and Annie’s special relationship last year, Volkswagen’s North American Region undertook a unusual project — offering to restore Annie at the North American home of the Beetle at the Puebla, Mexico, factory. Over the past 11 months, a team of some 60 Volkswagen employees and trainees reworked Annie back to factory-quality specs, with several custom touches that celebrate Kathleen’s dedication. This week, Kathleen and Annie were reunited, and Kathleen met key members of the Volkswagen team that led the restoration.

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Posted by Eric Shoemaker

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  1. I’ll comment first, as I know others are going to bring this up. The engine does seem to have some unique modifications that were done intentionally. I’m curious about the North American home of the Beetle at the Puebla, Mexico, factory. Hmmm. Anyone?

  2. Way to go Volkswagen. You did this right.

  3. Frank Connolly, Jr. December 8, 2018 at 11:13 pm

    Hey Kathleen, what a nice story about Annie and your love affair with the 67 BUG!

  4. Great story. Here’s to the next 50 years. Some querky factory mods, and maybe not in the liking to “us” 67 only officionardo’s, but the owners reaction was priceless. Go Annie!!!!

  5. Beautiful car, and what a restoration team! Interesting look how Annie sits up tall, and nice and straight on fresh new springs. Definitely not a characteristic I’m familiar with. VWoNA in Puebla, Mexico does seem incongruous but there you go! That aero roof rack will be the new hot rage on all beetles on BaT for sure. Annie is a gem now; congratulations Kathleen!

  6. Even though I am a “67 purist”, and not too fond of altering the originality and looks of a 67 Beetle, this is indeed an exception! Kathleen and Annie’s story literally brought some tears to my eyes when they presented the finished product to her. Many kudos to the folks at VW Puebla for a superb job. Congratulations Kathleen…and may Annie go on for another 51 years!

  7. Richard A. “Dick” Diaz December 9, 2018 at 8:51 am

    This has to top any VW Story I have ever read! Kathleen, Annie is just beautiful! I have never been a “100% correct” person when it comes to my VW’s, but I do appreciate the concept! Annie is your daily driver and, as such, reliability is the most important factor in my mind! Enjoy the New, and Improved Annie! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if humans could have the same makeover to take us another 50 healthy years driving our 1967 VW Bugs?

  8. This is such an amazing story I want more info. Does anyone have a contact with the Velocity Channel as this would make a great story for all automotive enthusiasts.

  9. Fantastic.

  10. Great Story – I love these stories where owners like Kathleen cherish their faithful beetles like Annie.
    Kudos to Volkswagen for sponsoring the restoration. Thank You Kathleen for Sharing your story with us.

  11. I wish they would’ve kept the upright headlights, but I do like that rack.

  12. I love this story, great restoration, but why on earth did the technicians forgo the main visual clue that all 67’s have, {except my standard..} the upright headlight fenders?

  13. I would really really like to know what parts VW engineers used to make this better than new. Specifically engine and suspension upgrades. They mention them, but I want a parts list.

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