SOLD – L518 Java Green ’67 Beetle


Hello, ’67 Beetle community.
As we mentioned in an earlier thread, our good friend Chris Vallone over at Classic VW Bugs in NY has just finished restoring a ’67 Beetle. (Over 80 photos!) This car is a gem and we wanted to give it another showcase.  It’s even got an NOS correct rear bumper. Amazing! Also… It’s now for sale!

This car was found in North NJ in mid 2012. It’s rock solid, and needed very little body work.  This is a numbers matching Body, Chassis, Motor, ’67 Beetle.

Status: SOLD
Mileage: 1,056
Location: Congers, NY
Price: Bidding on eBay
Contact: Chris Vallone – 845-290-9900

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Did I also mention that this gem is for sale?

Posted by Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I started Air-Cooled Artifacts (previously, and Lane Russell). I drive a '67 Beetle daily and love to share vintage Volkswagen stories with the world.

  1. Wow! I never thought I’d see this car for sale on Ebay. It looks like this is a no reserve sale?? Absolutely gorgeous! They don’t get any better than this unless you’re a true purist, and don’t like the non 67 paint or interior. Personally, I love it. It all goes together beautifully.

  2. Stephen M. Jaeger June 23, 2016 at 1:19 pm

    I was wondering if Chris would let this go. Very nice.

  3. It’ll be fun watching this auction over the weekend. How high will it go?? I just have a feeling the car will be staying with Chris.

  4. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this may very well be the finest ’67 Beetle in the country. If not the best certainly in the top 5 or 10.

    1. hey Mike! Thanks so much for the kind words. I do my best to bring out the hidden beauty in them. =o)

    2. You certainly are going out on a limb, Mike. How anyone can make such a bold statement is absolutely ridiculous. Have you traveled the entire US, and personally inspected each and every 67 out there? Although, a nice non-stock restoration, I can see many flaws just from the pictures. Talk about over reach.

      1. 64 bids says something Jay, you tell me what other seller shows that amount of pictures. There are over 700 pics in my album to point out exactly what was done to the car, nothing is hidden. 95-99% of the sellers hide stuff, you guess and hope for the best with other cars across this country. I am out front and honest with my work, this is why it is doing well, it comes down to craftsmanship, and the art of it, you can nit pick correctness all day long. It comes down to the look, and people buy from me because I show the goods, I am easy to talk to, and I take passion in my work. It is ease of mind. Not to toot my own horn, but the car is super nice, you have to see it in person to understand what I am really talking about. You will be hard pressed to find one that beats it. Be well. Chris

  5. Jerome Grabowski June 24, 2016 at 9:23 am

    Very nice restoration, but far from stock, for the purest. I would have to pass. I guess they restore what sells, and not what retains it’s value.

    1. We will see as time goes on, been doing this for 10 years, many of my cars have resold years after they were bought for more. I understand full stock, and appreciate the purist idea, to a point on some models. But if I relied on the purist stance with all of my cars, I would be broke, out of business.

      Purists want pure all the way, I get it, and that is cool to me, but unfortunately they are not the people with the deep pockets. I love the VW folks, but many are not the car collector with several other cars in their stash. The car collector is what keeps me afloat, someone who wants a kick ass looking bug that screams vintage, something that still feels period. No pimp my ride here.

      So I try to make these car look better than they did, or maybe how they should have looked in my eyes. Art on wheels, I try to make the purist happy and the collector. I can’t please everyone, but a 2.5 year wait list I have says something. If I am going to be doing the same amount of work whether it is totally pure, or a little custom, I have to go towards where I can earn the most for my time. As a business, that is what makes sense. This car would not have gotten into a concours if I had a stock ’67 color combo on it, lotus white with a black interior.

      All the best guys!

  6. Each to their own Chris. I trust Mr. Grabowski is not one of the 64 bidders in this most excellent auction. No need for you to express justification at all…
    Customers and admirers who follow you would agree your work & passion speaks for itself. Keep focused on that 2.5 year waiting list and bring out the best in Classic Beetles, congrats friend!!

    1. Much appreciated my friend. thank you.

  7. I need to check with Chris. However, I believe this ’67 sold last night for right at $25,000.

  8. Somebody out there now has this fabulous car. I hope they find their way onto this site and keep us posted on their activities.

    1. Mike. Hey, bud. I talked to Chris earlier. It sold for $25,000 and is staying in NY.

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