SOLD — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle

FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle

Just listed here at for Euro Tech, this L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle is a nice car for sure. I don’t see as many Java Green VWs on the market. Also, it’s a sunroof!

We have a GORGEOUS 1967 VW Beetle presented by Euro Tech. This gem is 12 volt and in incredible shape. The paint is in great condition, engine runs fabulous, the tranny shifts smooth, and she drives excellent! The interior is in fantastic condition. Please call Euro Tech for more detailed information about the car.

Status: SOLD
Mileage: 70,023
Location: Wichita, KS
Price: $19,985
Contact: Ron Fortune | (316) 263 – 2247

FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 BeetleFOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle

FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle


FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle FOR SALE — L581 Java Green ’67 Beetle



Posted by Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I started Air-Cooled Artifacts (previously, and Lane Russell). I drive a '67 Beetle daily and love to share vintage Volkswagen stories with the world.

  1. Nice interior job!

  2. Luiz Antonio Paíga July 29, 2014 at 5:38 pm

    I’ve seen this car for sale on Ebay. He was sold and is now being sold again. I did not buy because I thought that the right front wheel is to bring the sludge.
    It seems that the car had an accident. When you look underneath, the photos do not show it.
    I wish I could buy, but I am worried.

    1. Hmmmmmm. You’ve seen this car in person? Tell us more.

      1. Luiz Antoni Paíga July 30, 2014 at 7:07 am

        Eric No , I see only photos.

  3. Nice car, but not 20 grand nice,for that price tag undercarriage and engine bay have to be perfect.Also a working sapphire radio is a must.

    1. Bob,
      Well, I’d agree. I did let the seller know these things. However, my opinions are my own. This car isn’t “restored.” To me, it’s been “serviced.” Jay?

      1. Luiz Antonio Paíga July 30, 2014 at 7:11 am

        No doubt the car as a whole is beautiful. Only doubt is that the front fenders on the right side that the wheel this is not well aligned with the bow, and it looks like a car that the suspension is backwards of what it should be.

        1. I spoke with the seller again today over email. He (hopefully) will chime in on the site and speak to any of the issues.

      2. Only since several people have had questions will I respond here. This car is not restored, obviously. I think that it has been sitting for some time, noting the amount of oxidation present on the bottom side. Speaking to the interior: there are numerous inconsistencies, such as colored seat belt cartridges, rear foot well panels and etc., etc. Quinn mentions pricing. A big plus for this car is the Sun Roof, making this car quite rare. If the car was an original Java Green, that also is fairly uncommon. A usual combination for the Java Green is the tan upholstery and panels. And, yes, Quinn–stock rubber floor mats were gray rather than black. I encourage all buyers of any car to do their homework–this means comparison shopping. Buy within your budget. Don’t buy cheap–usually that spells frustration and eventual unexpected expense which could trump having bought a better, but more expensive, vehicle. If you want authenticity, study authentic examples. Trying to correct a vehicle that doesn’t conform can be very expensive. jay

  4. Is it possible this is tthe same car highlighted here in June?

    1. Donna,
      Do you have the link handy? Post it and we can all see.

      1. It came up under this site’s “You May Also Like” @

        1. I don’t think that’s the same car… I’ve listed many Java Green for clients.

          1. It seems so coincidental – java green with sunroof. Not to be argumentative but the VIN would confirm this. The June VIN was #117038357.

        2. Donna,
          I stand corrected.. I THINK IT IS THE SAME CAR!

  5. If its posted for sale, for any and all interested folks to view,has to endure constructive criticism-restored or not. Just a casual lookee see, normal aberrations in engine compartment. Fuel filter, fuel pump, black distributor cap, no clamps on large heater hoses, incorrect clamps on pre heater hoses and exhaust heat into engine compartment, looks as if the engine seal is missing . Some thoughts on the interior combinations-it appears that Java Green could have had two different upholstery colors, in the case of the front cowl panels and floor mat. For cowl panels either Lava or Dark Brown and same for floor mat. Need to glue down tops of cowl panels-floor mat has a crumpled/overlarge look. Door panels would be either dark platinum or gazelle dark beige-Arm rest light platinum or black. Arm rest looks out of place color wise, perhaps correct color light platinum but doesn’t appear to match the door panels. gear shift boot would be grey black, not blackblack, and its the incorrect size. Rear heater kickpanels would be Lava or perhaps not, anyone seen that color for kick panels? As Luiza states, perhaps that right tire is worn and scuffing on the inside, indicating out of alignment. Appears to be Jack stands underneath rearfloorpan -not a good location for jack stands! I do wonder about the costs of 67 bugs, or at least the eBay and other locations-having paid slightly less than $1500 new for one—!

    1. @Quinn, you, Jay and Eric continue to amaze me with your knowledge of what is correct for a 67 bug. I was able to find a list of color combinations on “TheSemba” which lists paint,upholstery and rim color, gear shift and handbrake colors. I thought I was doing really well knowing these!!! Where do you find out the correct size of the gear shift boot, and the correct color for cowl panels and floor mats? Are the cowl panels the carpet? Sorry for the basic question but I am new to this and trying to learn. I want to purchase a 67 and want to be as knowledgeable as possible. Thanks for any information you can pass my way.


      1. Hello, Joy…Speaking only for myself–my “smarts” actually is only years of knowing these cars. Can’t claim anything else! LOL You can check with the retail market for knowing more about correct parts. I suggest two of the top companies: and Both of these companies give correct VW part numbers with the parts which they illustrate and sell. Both of these companies have a phone number for Technical Assistance. Eric and I avail ourselves of this service. As to rubber floor mat color: companies sell the all black ones and the all “gray” ones. They originally were “gray” as Quinn points out. As to the carpeting–no one, but no one, has the ORIGINAL German square-weave material. But–the better retailers sell something close. Since we are looking at this Java Green Beetle, I will say that someone has not paid close attention to details such as authenticity of styles, materials, parts. This is why I counsel would-be buyers to study about what they want–then compare what they find in the market-place. Ask plenty of questions. Be a skeptic! But remember–few cars will be exactly correct. Completely correct cars are few! Price isn’t always the indicator. The $29K Zenith Beetle which you mention isn’t completely correct. Have a great day, Joy! jay

        1. Since my comment (above) did not remain–here goes again.

          Hello, Joy…I cannot claim any “smarts”–just years of experience with these ’67 cars. One of the ways by which you can educate yourself is by studying what parts are offered on the retail market. I recommend two of the top companies in the field: and Both of these companies have excellent photographs and depictions of correct parts along with VW Part Numbers. This enables the student to compare what is available and what is on a particular vehicle, for instance. Also, note that both of these companies have a Technical Assistance phone service. Both Eric and I avail ourselves of this service. As for this Java Green vehicle: someone has not paid particular attention to detail or authenticity. You mention the mats, for instance–they can be purchased presently in either black or gray. “Gray” seems to be more authentic–I cannot recall seeing “pure” black mats. So, study the car market, research authentic parts and configurations–know your car before you consider buying. Remember few ’67 Beetles are completely authentic–very few. Even the $29K Bug which you mention is not completely correct. if you are wanting a fairly correct example to own, don’t buy one that is far removed from authenticity–it will cost you a lot to bring it to standard stock condition. jay

      2. Joy,
        Yes.. It’s just years of looking at these cars. We call it the VW sickness, to which there truly is no cure.

      3. Joy,
        Here’s the correct shift boot. We stock them.

  6. For the 1967 in particular, have owned one for 48 years, so fairly well acquainted with one. The shift boot was obvious as a result of that familiarity-Eric has the correct one. J. T. Garwood, back in the 70’s or thereabout compiled two volumes of “Volkswagen Beetle The Car of The Century”, I have Volume two 1961-1980, every trivia bit of information known seems to be in this book, as concerns what VW did, when changes were made during the year, colors, material, accessories, etc. quite rare now and somewhat difficult to find. Also the information is available in the Parts Manuals/Lists, but not as abundant as Garwoods in one place. Cowl panel is the sides in the drivers cockpit left and right under each side of dash. As Jay and Eric state, looking and working on for years and yes a love of-increases the knowledge base. Additionally as back up, I have all Volkswagen types, 1, 2, 3, 4, 181, Ghia etc parts manuals, some in multiple copies, VW service bulletins, Autobahn catalog, VW microfiches part lists, VW microfiche reader for same, various parts distributor catalogues, VW maintenance manuals, owners manuals, Bosch cross reference, NAPA and other cross reference catalogues. ManyMany NOS parts, (not 67 ) selling and buying. NOS carpet pieces show up on Samba and EBay occasionally, one could over time piece together a set-maybe?? I have several nos carpet pieces, mostly un identified. Car shows, never know what you will find at one, knowledge pays off at shows, your knowledge over the venders often times makes for a good buy.

  7. I am looking for a green bug with sunroof.I would prefer to buy one that’s all original but if one were to become available that’s a frame off restoration or even what’s been a daily driver, I would be interested.
    Is this the actual color or is there something wrong with the screen resolution? I just saw another one here that’s sold,
    Oh my, that is exactly what I’m looking for. Does anyone know where this car is and if it’s for sale?

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