Original German Volkswagen Parts

Original German Parts
I’d just like to take a moment to mention a recent find for our own ’67 Beetle. We were able to source an original ’67 Beetle dash grab handle, complete with box. Part number 151-857-641-C.

Are you in need of original German Volkswagen parts? Let us know. We’re now sourcing parts from all over the world, and are more than happy to help you find that finishing touch for your restoration project.

Again, let us know if we can help.

Posted by Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I started Air-Cooled Artifacts (previously, 1967beetle.com and Lane Russell). I drive a '67 Beetle daily and love to share vintage Volkswagen stories with the world.

  1. Very cool find! You probably already know but I’m on the hunt for Savannah Beige fender beading, a 67 generator, and an original German dome light lens.

    1. Ryan,
      You got it! I’ll let you know if we’re able to source them.

  2. Amazing…..how DO you find these parts!!!!

  3. Larry Heugatter January 22, 2015 at 9:27 am

    Another word for Haltegriff is Ohschidtbar. :-)

  4. Retractable seat belts!

    1. Aka lobster claws. I do have a source that has some NOS ones.

      1. Black? Long or short? We’re interested, too!

  5. Generator Gen: part number 211 903 031/Bosch 0 101 302 067/Rebuilt Bosch Exchange GR 15X through July 1967. However, And, Volkswagen also sold via their Autobahn program Part Number 113 903 031 PX from August 1966 through January 1973-don’t know whether they retrochanged the original part number on the generator itself-as it should be the 211 number. If one is searching for a generator to match their vehicle or engine birth date, then it becomes more interesting and supply limited.

    1. Just to clarify, which generator model/part number would be correct for a 67 bug built in October of 66?

      1. Part Number on generator 211 903 031 with date code if you are looking that closely for October 1966 of 610 (September 609 & November 611). Date code is above Bosch and perhaps slightly to the left on Generator. Date codes are on Samba also.

        1. Wow, Quinn … you’re a wealth of info, too! Thank you.

        2. Thanks Quinn!

          1. More Generator Gen: Checking Volkswagen Exchange Catalogue explains some of the quirks of the VW parts numbering and marketing system. The 211 903 031VW/Bosch 0 101 302 067 part numbers for 1967 were initial outfitting (and correct for the discriminating owner) but as time moved along, different part number generators also came along. When one bought from Volkswagen a rebuilt/exchange generator, you received 113 903 031 PX. Volkswagen took in some five different part numbered generators (211 903 031/113 903 031K/211 903 031A/113 903 031M/P/113 903 031G and processed them through the rebuilding process–they were then issued with the 113 903 031 PX part number, although the generator casing itself still had the applicable original VW and Bosch part number/date code. I have for illustrative purposes a rebuilt Bosch generator of later vintage-in addition to the original part numbers it also has imprinted in the generator casing running fore and aft “rmanufactured” and also an apparent new date code. On eBay are some GR15X generators, however the one I could see the part number was a 113 number-so if one wishes to stay true to what came on the vehicle from Germany, ensure it is the correct part number. Additionally, this explains also why Windshield Wiper motors can be marked with one part number and have an entirely different part number per Volkswagen. Most likely other parts meet the same criteria

        3. Quinn, what would date code 712 represent?

          1. Ryan,
            December 1967.

        4. Guys,
          I just purchased a few NOS ’67 generators. (If you can believe that!) They will be available on the site soon.

  6. I’m still looking for a really good shape 1965 vw bug convertable rear view mirror /with interior lite on it , I will buy out right or I hope to find original German in box , haha ! Please help if posiable I have been looking for ever !

    1. Hello, Art…Oh, the search, the search! The challenge of the search is what drives us crazy aficionados of Beetles! If you have not done so, place a Wanted Ad on http://www.thesamba.com These things have a way of staying in collections–then, presto, popping out onto the open market. Also, go through all of the appropriate ’60s Beetle Convertibles on thesamba to look for parts cars (how many years used the same mirror?). Contact Chuck’s Convertible (Google Chuck’s shop) to see if he might have some leads for you. Watch eBay auctions regularly. I hope that you will find one soon, Art. jay

      1. Thanks I will keep digging seeya

    2. Art,
      I’ll let you know! And, thank you so much for all the business.

      1. You the best thanks

  7. I KNEW IT!
    The correct handle has black escutcheons, not chrome. And I looked high and low for a black handle with chrome escutcheons. Oh, well, I like it. (Sigh!)

    1. Yep!
      Lucky for you, Lane Russell does stock the correct black units. :)

  8. Bosch Generator Part Number 211 903 031/0 101 302 067 date codes for Model Year 1967: Model Year runs from August 1966 through July 1967. Date code is located above Bosch script and perhaps slightly to the left on Generator. Bosch rebuilt generators will have an additional date code, normally forward of the original date code.

    August 1966 608
    September 1966 609
    October 1966 610
    November 1966 611
    December 1966 612
    January 701
    February 702
    March 703
    April 704
    May 705
    June 706
    July 707

  9. I submitted the Code Numbers in a vertical format-twas changed.

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