George Obrien’s L000 Orange Gold ’67 Beetle

I wish that my ’67 Beetle story was long and full of memories but the truth of the matter is that it’s not–it’s new and with a long future ahead.

Although I’ve had my Bug only for 1 month, the memories of a Beetle go way back to the early 90’s, when my grandfather had a light blue ’72 Bug that he loved!   I was only 5-7 yrs old, but I can remember the interior and definitely the exterior because one day I flattened all 4 tires of the car and yes, that didn’t go well for me!

Soon after turning 8, my family moved to the USA.  About 2 years after that, my grandfather passed away.   I remember thinking:  “One day I’ll be able to get his car”. Obviously, I was way too young for that to become a reality.

As I started college, the urge to own my grandpa’s car started coming back but unfortunately my grandma had sold the Bug.   That dream went out the window really quick.   I remember feeling sad about it but I knew that a long time had passed and something like this was most likely to happen.

I went on to finish school, started my career and the Bug fever returned–this time with a different outlook.   I wanted something that represented my grandpa which would allow me to create my own memories with my kids and future grandkids.   I started doing my research and 1967 kept coming up as the most desired Beetle.  The search began.

A few months later the “Golden Bug” appeared and I was going to have it! We took a trip to St. Augustine, Florida, and there she was, shining away at me. I look forward to many, many years and memories with this Bug.   :)

Posted by Jay Salser

My wife, Neva, and I have been driving and working on VWs since 1976. In fact, we raised our family in these cars. Now, we are retired and enjoy VWs as a hobby. The ’67 Beetle always has been our favorite year. We own a '67 Beetle and a '68 Karmann Ghia.

  1. Cool story George, short though it may be. I don’t recall ever seeing a 67 in Gold before. But I like it. And I like your deep dish chromies. Welcome to the 67 beetle club!

  2. Welcome to the family. Great story no matter the len. I’m still writing mine, if I can find my notes. Was that gold color stock? Either way, it looks great.

    1. Gold was not a factory color. Eric and Jay know best. They are the peanut butter and jelly of the ’67 Beetle world.

      1. Well, Jones…Eric and I loved your comment–except–we are having a struggle with who is the peanut butter and who is the jelly! hahahahahahah! When you are having as much fun as are Eric and I–it really doesn’t matter which. We just keep dishing it out.
        Actually, it is you Folks out there–the Owners of 1967 Beetles–who make what it is! Cars without Owners would not make the Site nearly as much fun! Let’s keep spreading the “jelly and peanut butter” onto the “bread” –the 1967 Beetle Community! jay

  3. Richard A. (Dick) Diaz February 13, 2020 at 9:17 pm

    Well, that should have been a stock color because it does look great! Looks like the car was very well done!

  4. Beautiful beetle. The gold color is unique and looks good.

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