SOLD – L54 Poppy Red ’67 Vert

If you know the ’67 Beetle convertible, you’re aware that production numbers are lower than the standard type 1. To find one that’s stock is getting a lot more rare; this L64 Poppy Red vert is no exception.

It’s also a very special car, owned and loved by a devoted husband and father, with incredible quick wit, charm, and a charismatic spirit that touched all who knew him.

This vintage Volkswagen has 57,470 miles and is a second owner “family” Beetle. Purchased new by the second owner’s father, garage stored and covered, driven rarely in parades and other special occasions.

We are finally listing our beloved L54 Poppy Red 1967 VW Beetle Convertible. This car was purchased by my father in 1981 from a retired Navy officer who originally purchased the car in Germany and brought it back to California. In the late 70’s, the retired officer moved to MI where he kept it in storage until he sold it to my family. This car has never seen snow and has been rarely driven in the rain. As you can see it is a wonderful specimen of this classic car and year. We have done our best to keep it as original as possible.

My father kept it garaged and covered; we only drove it on special days and in local parades for various grand marshall driving duties. We have been maintaining it and replacing any worn body/engine/convertible parts with original replacements over the years. The car was repainted with the original VW Poppy Red paint approximately 7 years ago. My older brother inherited the car from our father five years ago and also kept it covered and garaged. Sadly, my brother Mark passed away due to Covid related complications recently, and we have decided to sell it and find another owner who will love it as much as we have over the last 40 years. This is the car I learned to drive stick shift on – and my dad made sure I was super careful!

The buyer will need to pick up the car in Northern Michigan upon purchase.

Additional details

  • Matching numbers with the correct H0 engine case
  • Solids rails, pans and  battery tray
  • Minor exterior scratches
  • SB 12 headlight rings installed
  • Interior, headliner and convertible top are immaculate
  • With exception of seat belts, rear bumper, two window cranks and generator
  • ALL THE ONE YEAR 67’ PARTS ARE INTACT, including the Sapphire V radio with factory rubber knobs
  • The Beetle was repainted the correct L64 Poppy Red at some point
  • It is is exceptionally clean and well maintained
  • Front and rear bumpers are reproductions
  • It’s missing one window crank and drivers door has incorrect window crank.
  • There are few minor scratches but no dents.
  • The Interior, headliner and top are pristine.
  • The battery trays, pans, rails all looked solid; some rustproofing is chipping away a bit.

Status: SOLD
VIN: 157704963
Mileage: 57,470
Location: Traverse City, Michigan
Price: $17,000, OBO
Owner Contact: SOLD
General Questions: Eric Shoemaker

Respectfully, in memory of Mark V. Chellis
Photography: Gavin LaMaide

Who’s going to take this special ’67 Beetle home?

Posted by Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I started Air-Cooled Artifacts (previously, and Lane Russell). I drive a '67 Beetle daily and love to share vintage Volkswagen stories with the world.

  1. I predict a very quick sale for this puppy.

    1. I’d like to add. It was a pleasure to work with this family on a very special ’67 vert. Respectfully, in memory of Mark V. Chellis (Owner).

  2. Wow. I don’t know who wouldn’t want to own this beauty.

    1. Chellis Family, I’m so sorry for the loss of your brother Mark.

  3. Some needs to grab this one , poppy red convertible only color! Chuck/Chucks Convertible Parts

    1. Agree; I’ve not seen many of these. It’s a gem.

  4. Awesome! A POPPY RED 67 Convertible?? That’s got to be a bit rare. A bit of a shame about the overspray, but excellent that whoever painted it decided to keep the original color. Good luck!

  5. John E. Lautemann April 6, 2021 at 6:38 pm

    Very fair price. If I had more garage space I’d be all over this. Good luck to the seller as this should sell fast at this price.

  6. James Mitchell April 9, 2021 at 10:57 am

    Save for the bumpers, a very solid,and original example, even has the side covers for the seats which are always missing. Well priced too. hard to find a nice sedan in that price range. A bargain for certain.

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