1967 Convertible Beetle Build Dates

We frequently receive this question.

“How can I learn the Build Date for my Convertible 1967 Beetle?  I cannot find the Convertible Beetle Category in the existing VIN Charts”.

I consulted David Brown, now-retired VWaG trained Parts Manager who worked in several VW Agencies in the Northeastern USA.  David maintains complete Parts Manuals and other Official VW Informational Materials.

David took me through the process.

Key to understanding the philosophy behind the VIN Charting (Vehicle Identification Number) is the following important factor:

Chassis for Beetles, Karmann Ghias and Super Beetles ALL began life as Type 1s.  Because their bodies appear differently when they leave their respective factories, does not alter the fact that they still possess the Type 1 Chassis.  This includes the Convertibles of each of these three Models.

Confusion thus occurs when we attempt to run the VIN for our 1967 Convertible Beetles.  We cannot find a VIN Category for Convertibles.  No matter how diligently we strive to locate the Convertible VIN Category—it is not to be found.

This is because the Chassis VIN (including the VINs on the Title and Spare Tire Well Aluminum Tag [or later Dash or B-Pillar placement tag]) ALL must be interpreted as Type 1 VINs.

Since we are dealing with 1967 Beetle Convertibles in this Article, I will confine further comments to the Convertible issue.

Review the VIN Illustration below.

The First Digit, a Numeral 1, refers to a Type 1 Vehicle (Chassis).

The Second Digit, a Numeral 5, refers to the Model of Vehicle—in the case at hand, a Convertible Beetle. 

The Third Digit, a Numeral 7, refers to the Model Year, 1967.

The Following 6 Digits refer to Production Numbers.  Each car coming off of the production line was stamped successively to enumerate that vehicle.

When you read the available VIN Charts, you will NOT see a Numeral 5 (as in 157).  You will see the Numeral 1 (as in 117-).  Remember, all Beetles, including the Beetle Convertibles, began life as Type 1s.   Focus upon the Production Numbers (the last 6 digits).  Your Beetle’s VIN will fall into a month.  The VIN Charts will give us the Month during which a particular vehicle was manufactured, but NOT the Day.  In order to obtain the Day a particular vehicle rolled off of the Production Line, a “Birth Certificate” must be obtained from Germany

When viewing a VIN Chart, remember that the Production Number for a given Month is that of the LAST car produced that month.  By comparing one month’s total with the next month’s total, you can approximate the month during which your Beetle was produced.


 The Charted Final Production Number for November  is 117-363-979.  Let’s say that your Convertible’s VIN is 157-363-980—your car was produced during December’s Production Run.

If your VIN is, say, 157-381-956, and the Charted Final Production Number for December is 117-422-503, then your car was produced well into December’s Production Run.

**VIN Chart From Progressive Refinements-Part 2,  Production Year for 1967

Beginning of the 1967 Production year

August (1966) – 117-109-832
September – 117-202-292
October – 117-288-898
November – 117-363-979
December – 117-422-503
January (1967) – 117-505-826
February – 117-566-719
March – 117-620-975
April – 117-674-558
May – 117-739-118
June – 117-817-896
July – 117-844-902

End of the 1967 Production Year 

See:  VW dealer book Progressive Refinements

*NOTE:  The price for obtaining a Birth Certificate has risen.  Reports from people who have applied for and received a Certificate note that it can take an undetermined time to obtain a Certificate.   The Wolfsburg Museum advises that there could be a considerable wait for a Certificate due to research into their Records and due to mailing delays.  Do not give up!

**Express written permission to use Progressive Refinements Material was obtained from Everett Barnes.

Posted by Jay Salser

My wife, Neva, and I have been driving and working on VWs since 1976. In fact, we raised our family in these cars. Now, we are retired and enjoy VWs as a hobby. The ’67 Beetle always has been our favorite year. We own a '67 Beetle and a '68 Karmann Ghia.

  1. Sure appreciate this posting Jay. And to add a data point, my convt vin is 157157369, and the Zertifikat says build date September 19,1966. It fits! Keep up the good work!

    1. Hello, Don…Thank you for proving the Data! The information in this Article isn’t “new”–just put a different way. It’s always good
      to test the Data! Keep enjoying that wonderful Convertible! jay

  2. Jay – is this an older article? I didn’t believe the museum has offered birth certificates for some time. I believe the location of the birth certificates is now Volkswagen Classic Parts at https://www.volkswagen-classic-parts.de/en/volkswagen-zertifikate.html, and I’ve heard positive reviews of how long they take (compared to the museum)

    1. Hello, Harry…Thank you for the update! We appreciate Readers who help us to be on top of all things in t he ‘1967 Beetle Community! Keep up the good work! jay

  3. Frank Connolly, Jr. March 1, 2021 at 10:31 am

    Great article, Jay, SO easy once you understand it!

    1. Frank…Thank you for reading and commenting. Your name has become so familiar to me–maybe one of these days we will meet. In the meantime…stay safe and stay well! jay

  4. Gold still gold for ever ever and ever, My love never end for those littler bug

    1. Hola, Jose…..Es un placer recibir los comentarios suyos! Keep loving these great Vochos! jay

  5. Eric Shoemaker March 1, 2021 at 11:14 am

    Good one, JK.

    1. Eric and Amanda–Thank you for being such a Great Team. We out here in ’67 VolksLandia love you! jay

  6. FELIX MADRIGAL March 1, 2021 at 4:18 pm

    Hello Jay and Neva. Great to see/hear that you survived the 2021 Texas Winter Storm. Aurora and I were blessed and grateful to not have any power shortages or problems of any kind. Also, our Black ’67 Bug did not venture out of the garage. Thank you again for another fine 1967 VW Beetle article.

  7. Hello, Felix–What good news you bring. Neva and I had a couple of extended outages and our furnace gave up from being over-worked. Our furnace repairman and his sons came the very next day and installed a new one! What a blessing from God they were. Yes–our Baby (the ’67 Bug) stayed under “her” blanket–all snug! After the week’s storm, I installed a new fan belt and took her for a drive. She loved it! Thank you for reading 1967beetle.com. Take care! jay

  8. Jody Sauvageau March 1, 2021 at 9:22 pm

    Good article Jay. All of your information is correct, but the numbers VW provided are not always exact, but a pretty close estimate. It’s always best to get a “birth certificate” to be 100% sure of when your car was built. I’ll give you an example. According to Volkswagen the last VIN built in December 1966 was 117 422 503. My car was built according to my certificate on December 20, 1966 with VIN # 117 435 XXX. I’ve run into this a few times with ‘67 owners who have certificates. We have to remember that there were a few factories running 24/7 pumping out close to 80 thousand Beetles per month. Hope this helps. I also would like to email you about an idea for a new ‘67 article but can’t locate your contact info.

    1. Hello, Jody…I and the ’67 Community appreciate your input here. You are correct–the available Charts are NOT exacting. The
      Certificate is the one sure method for pin-pointing a build date to a particular day. We have to remember that Karmann Ghias account for many of the Type 1 Chassis VINs. That may account for perturbation of monthly numbers. If only we could get Herr Schmidt, the assembly Line Foreman to answer some of our knotty questions. But…they tell me that he is resting presently! LOL. jay

  9. Agree with Jody. The well documented last VIN for May 1967 is 117 739 118. My VIN starts with 117 737, and my birth certificate has a build date of June 2, 1967. It’s close, but not a May car. Thx!

  10. Hi, Todd–good to hear from you–thanks for reading, then commenting. Yes…there are too many ifs, ands, and buts, between then and now. We have to settle on the best numbers available and not worry about the rest. Don’t tell anyone–but I have not
    put in for a Certificate. I’ve communicated with all of the former owners of our Beetle and put it all down into written form. This has given me a great contentment. Now, in my old age, I prob. won’t go further than that. More power to those who keep digging
    for even more treasured information about their Beetles! jay

  11. David Brown..who is party to this Article, had this to add to the discussion: “I don’t expect that the numbers will be exact for various reasons. (BUT)The “Birth Certificate” is probably the last “official” word on the subject. These are what the Judges, researchers and valuators will use as a final bench mark when the prices get really extreme…..think Pebble Beach and so on. I don’t think that in 1967 the factory had any inkling of the longevity of their product in those terms. ”

    I love these discussions–we all can add our voices and the combined information is brain-stretching. Here’s yet another thought to add to the production of Beetles in 1967 (including all other years, of course): Quality Control personnel pulled cars from the lines or at final inspection, to have any problems corrected. Thus, a vehicle might be pulled and not be returned
    for final inspection until the following day–or until it would pass inspection. Thus, VINs could fall out of sequence. I don’t know if there are documents “out there” to this effect, or not, but it surely happened. Automotive plants today have inspection points.
    They don’t just scrap vehicles for defects which can be corrected so that the vehicle can pass inspection and proceed to
    market. I cannot imagine that the VIN was scrubbed and re-stamped. To date, I’ve never heard of such a thing. Meaning that “yesterday’s” VIN could come off the line in “today’s” total. It’s a thought. jay

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