VW Logo SpecsA family stationed in Germany went to a Volkswagen Dealership to purchase a brand new Bus. It was just right for the family.

A perk from the Dealer was a smart genuine leather key pouch. The pouch is embossed with a gold VW Logo and the words: Auto-Blank Kornwestheim Ruf 6030

Kornwestheim is a town in the district of Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is situated about 10 kilometres north of Stuttgart, and 5 kilometres south of Ludwigsburg. Eventually, the Bus and the family parted ways but the key pouch was kept as a souvenir.

One of my VW friends was good friends with this former VW owner. Thus, the key pouch passed to my VW friend. When my friend lost interest in VWs a while back, he passed this wonderful pouch to me. Needless to say—it never resides in my pocket. I want to save the embossed lettering.

The key fastens to the ring on a strap. The strap can be pulled to retract the key inside the pouch. Once the key has been pulled into the pouch, the strap is snapped to the pouch to secure the key inside. The pouch can be stowed in a pocket or the loop can be used to wear the pouch on a belt.

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Posted by Jay Salser

My wife, Neva, and I have been driving and working on VWs since 1976. In fact, we raised our family in these cars. Now, we are retired and enjoy VWs as a hobby. The ’67 Beetle always has been our favorite year. We own a '67 Beetle and a '68 Karmann Ghia.

  1. Cool!

    1. How neat!!! Great VW story, Jay. Thanks for sharing

      1. Hello, Sam…Probably a lot of us have interesting collectibles sitting on shelves–we either have forgotten them or don’t think that they are “valuable”. Each represents a bit more of the History of Volkswagen! We have to get them out to the Public Eye! jay

    2. Hi, Donna—I was hoping that the photo would show that this is a “K” key but, alas–not quite in focus. Say “Hi” to Gary for me, please!


  2. Not necessarily a collectible item, but my ’67 Bug has a small plaque in the center of the dash above the radio slot. It is a small metal piece with the VW logo in the top left corner, with text reading “CUSTOM BUILT ESPECIALLY FOR”. Below that the original owners name is engraved. I have yet to find any other examples of this piece, so my guess is that he originally ordered it through a dealer, and they applied the plaque before delivery.

    1. Rees…that is a great piece! There are so many unique collectibles out there. Once in a while I go on eBay just to look at some of these. Amazing the quantity and the assortment. You have a treasure! jay

  3. I have 3 VW Maintenance Tool Kits (one is missing a wrench and a screwdriver). I don’t know if they are collectible, but they are definitely rare.
    I can’t seem to find a way to post pictures for you guys to check them out, though.

    You can check one of them out here:

    1. Suuuu-Per, Jim! Never have seen such a Kit. Eric has just explained a way to post images. You might try that. But, if not possible, at least people can click on the Link which you gave. Thanks for letting us in on this neat Kit. jay

  4. FYI. Images can be posted here. However, I’ve not really explained how to do it. I might write an article about that. Here’s a quick mention.

  5. Hi to everyone, I just bought a 1967 vw beetle and I was wondering if any one could help me to figure out how to put reverse lights on my 67. It would be greatly appreciated,

    1. Good morning, Edward…

      Great to have you aboard the 1967 Beetle Community! Go here to see the Reverse Lamp Wiring Diagram which Amanda mentions above: Now…it’s time to do a bit of investigation: why do you NOT see reverse lamps on your car? Have you checked the VIN stamped into the Chassis beneath the rear seat? Check that to verify that your VIN begins with 117- If it does not, then the Chassis is not a ’67–unless your car is a Convertible–in which case the VIN would begin with 157-. If the VIN is correct, it would be a good time to have the car on a rack, maybe at a service station, so that you can be under the car and look for the Reverse Lamp Switch on the nose of the transmission. The Switch will be located on the passenger’s side of the nose of the transmission. It looks much like a brake light switch with two prongs for the two wires which you see in the wiring diagram. If the switch is not there, you may have an earlier transmission (’66 and earlier). 157-. If the Reverse Lamp Switch is present, check to see if any of the wiring diagram wiring is present. If not, you will need to either have a professional to rewire for the Reverse Lamps–or you can do this yourself by purchasing the wire, Reverse Lamp Fuse Holder, Rubber Boots for the Reverse Lamps and the electrical connectors. Reverse Lamps can be bought on the after-market or you can find original German ones used. You also will need the bumper brackets for affixing them at the rear bumper plus the bolt hardware. But, first–do the checking for that Switch. Then let us know what you have discovered. jay

      1. Hi jay and thank you for your response to me about my backup lights issues,, I’ll check that area by the front seat, the reason I say this is I don’t have a reverse backup lights cause there is none on the back bumper area at all, but I will get back to you, thanks again.

        1. Hi, Ed…The VIN will be located beneath the Rear Seat–stamped into the Chassis. Let us know what you find, please. jay

          1. Hi jay I found the vin number that where you told me to look here it is, 117021471,,

        2. Okay, Edward…you DO have a ’67 Beetle. Good. Now the next thing would be to investigate to see if the Reverse Lamp Switch is located at the nose of the transmission. If you attempt to raise the car to get beneath it–use caution, putting the car into gear, blocking the front wheels, putting the car on jack stands–so that it will be secure for when you are under the car. Do not get beneath the car using only a jack! Jacks fail–suddenly–crushing the person beneath the car! This is the reason that I suggested taking the car somewhere to put it onto a lift so that you can stand beneath the vehicle to investigate. Let me know what you learn. jay

          1. Hi Jay thank y for your reply back, Yes it is at the garage as soon as they can get it in the shop they will check to see if there is any sign of reverse switch on transmission, thank you .

        3. Great–let’s hope that all is there–just ready to be re-wired or re-connected. jay

          1. Good morning jay, hey do you know of anyone that might have front seats for my 67 vw the seats in it now the person I got this car from put 1974 seats in it with the high backs type, so if you or any one knows of a set pleases let me know, thanks jay

  6. Hi Amanda thank you.

  7. Morning every one, looking for any information on fronts seats to my 67 vw beetle, the person I bought this vw from put 1974 high back front seats in it, so anything information it would be really appropriated, thank you.

    1. Good morning, Edward…I have a couple of comments and questions about the seats in your ’67 Beetle. You say that it presently has seats from a 1974 Bug in it. This would be possible ONLY with some major changes to the car. The seat bases for 1974 seats are completely distinct from those of 1967. The stock factory pans for 1967 will take seats manufactured prior to 1967 and onward through 1970–without modification. For 1971-1972–the seat tracks were modified. From ’73 onward, t he seat bases were, again, modified–being called “pedestal bases”. Just because they have “high backs” may or may not be relevant. We need to know about the bases. I need for you to photograph the seat bases (where they fit onto the pan rails) for me and send the photos to me directly @: Let’s see if we can identify what is happening with your seats. jay

      1. Hi jay and thanks for your reply , I’ll check and get one of the front seats out and take a picture of the frame area where the seat are attached too, and thanks again.

      2. I also for got to tell you, that the older gentlemen I purchased the 67 vw from said that he put these seats in back in 1992 , I just got off the phone and he said they are from a 1970 vw bug, and the frame work on my 67 is still a 67 frame and the seats attached to it with out an issue he said, but I’ll take the front seat out and take a picture for you, thanks again Jay,

        1. Ahhhh–that makes perfect sense, Edward! Had the seats really been from a ’74 it would have meant that the chassis had been changed or some other radical modification had been made!
          So…what you need is a set of ’67 front seats. These can be expensive. The frames (no padding or upholstery) can cost $400 for the pair plus shipping. Where are you located? jay

          1. Hi Jay I’m located in Fonda NY.

  8. Well I’ll keep checking around New York State area, thank you for your help Jay

    1. Edward…When you find a pair of seats for sale, take some photos or send the seller’s photos to Eric and me–we can take a look. People are selling seats for ’67s which aren’t for ’67s! Be watchful. jay

      1. Ok Jay will do I’ll keep in touch if I do find any seats for my beetle, thank you

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