Chuck’s L41 Black ’67 Beetle

Another fantastic ’67 Beetle for the world to see. 88,000 original miles; wow. If you own any vert, you know Chuck. Thanks, Jay for helping me pull this one together. What would do without him?

It was 1979 in Corona Del Mar California. I had been buying, “fixing-up” and selling VW Convertibles for 7 years ( the market always had been strong there). I had purchased many from other States for $100’s and sold them in Southern California for $1000’s.…..when, one day I was sitting at a stop light. A Black ‘67 Convertible Beetle turned left in front of me! I thought:

“This would be “The Ultimate ‘67”!

I thought that I knew all of the VW convertibles in town! I made a quick U turn, when traffic passed, but could not find the ‘67.

Two weeks later, I again saw it…..going the opposite direction. Another U turn and, like the last time, it was nowhere to be found.

A few weeks later, it popped up in our local paper:

“1967 VW Convertible black with red interior 78K miles $1975”

Well, I was the first one there to look at it since it was only 6 blocks from my house. It was owned by my mail man!

After a test drive and listening to the owner giving directions to 2 more people wanting to come see it, I bought it on the spot. That was 38 years ago.

Since then, I have done a few things to the ’67. I’ve repainted the exterior and replaced the original torn and faded early-style seat covers (they were rice grain centers with smooth sides). We hand-made these using the original seat covers as patterns. I rebuilt the engine using NOS 1500 pistons and cylinders from the local VW dealer. And, of course, I restored the top, using the early style with chromed brass trim which I purchased from a Dealer in 1980!

Over the years, I have located NOS correct sun visors, chrome top locks, interior mirror, German hub caps and beauty rings, SB 12 headlight rings, Hella lenses and door handles—just to name a few things which I’ve done to the car.

For being painted and hand color-sanded 37 years ago and with the top that is on it presently being 30 years old, the vehicle still is show quality. The car now has 88,000 original miles on it, with 1000 miles on the fresh engine. It runs perfectly!

We just pulled it out of long-term storage and replaced all the brakes and fuel lines and will be adding a restored Pierburg fuel pump shortly. I think it has held up well. What do you think? Of the 6-1967 Convertibles I have had, this is the one I kept.

Just wow.

Posted by Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I started Air-Cooled Artifacts (previously, and Lane Russell). I drive a '67 Beetle daily and love to share vintage Volkswagen stories with the world.

  1. Good stuff! I believe the L41 Vert is a bit more rare. I’ve yet to see one in the wild. Anyone?

  2. Richard A. (Dick) Diaz August 27, 2017 at 2:16 pm

    Beautiful car! Great story! Your love for this car shows!

  3. Early ’67 ? ….still with the 1966 style seatback release levers. WOW …that’s a beauty for sure!!

  4. I’ve recommended Chuck’s Convertibles Company to many people over the years. If you have a Convertible Beetle–you must talk to Chuck. Earlier this year, I called Chuck’s and Chuck himself answered. I don’t recall the reason for the call but we concluded our conversation by talking about his Black ’67 Convertible and its history. I introduced Chuck to and–the rest is history. Now we know the story of yet another of the rare ’67 Convertibles. Keep spreading the word, Folks! jay

  5. Great article, Jay.

  6. Graham K Holloway August 27, 2017 at 7:36 pm

    I am so jealous. I bought my 67 VW new and lost it in an accident in 68. I am now at the stage of looking for another 67 VW 1500.

  7. What a great early 67 convertible, and in Black, what a great car. Over the years Chuck and I have talked many times. If you have a convertible Chuck is the only person you need to call. Chuck, thanks for sharing your Vert with us.

  8. Stunning! I especially like the look of the euro bumpers, they really pop! Chuck your vert is finished to perfection, thx for sharing…

  9. Another example of Vw being thrifty (seats) and using up the previous year’s stock. Look at Vw today, from humble beginnings, 55 bugs in 1945. To one of the worlds leading auto makers. 33 million golfs sold. No other car manufacturer has such a rich and unique history. We are all lucky to be curators of this history. Have u hugged your v wee today? I did!❤️

    1. Hello, “Hippy Dave”! I love your comments! LOL I have a friend who, upon returning from his day’s labors, stops to gives his VW a little kiss! I know that “she” loves that! Hopefully, he also kisses his wife! jay

  10. Beautiful! Great story too.

  11. Beautiful car and engine! I’m curious as to the length of the paper preheat tubes. Those seem longer than most of the ones I’ve seen. They bend outboard of the fan tubes where most I’ve ever seen stay inboard of the fan tubes. Does anyone know what was correct per VW or was it up to the OG VW engine builder??


  12. Thank you all for the kind words, 36 years in business i have run into 2 ‘other’ factory black 67 convertibles this car is the one that ‘ lauched’ Chucks Convertible Parts ,we showed it at the first VW Classics in 1985 ( won best in class)then also 6 more classics after that and several Al Martinez VW shows in Costa Mesa Ca…fast forward 33 years and the pictures you see are of the car now 38 years after being painted ! I was so amazed at how the car held up i trailored it to ‘Eurofest’ 2018 in Greenville SC last year ( VW was the feature marque) won the ‘Whats My Car Worth’ award for Best investment car over the next 5 years ( over Ferrari 308, Ferrari 430 stick shift,Austin Healy 3000) Award was presented by Keith Martin of the show “Whats My Car Worth” and editor and founder of The Sports Car Market Magazine he pegged the current value at $40-45,000 “at the right venue”(i know i know hard for me to beleive too) but the Trophy sure is cool…ok all you 67 Lovers take them out and show and drive them…Chuck

    1. Chuck–it was great becoming acquainted with you. I am glad that you were willing to introduce yourself and your Beetle to the rest of the World! Yes–every car and owner featured on becomes a World Class Celebrity! The ’67 Beetle maintains its desirability factor. I read comments constantly of people who are wanting to find a ’67. Thanks, Chuck, for your motivating comments here! jay

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