Chris Vallone’s L518 Java Green ’67 Beetle


An update from the earlier mention of our good friend Chris Vallone’s ’67 Beetle build. It appears he did paint the car the correct L518 Java Green and the build is coming along nicely.

This car was found in north NJ in Mid 2012. This baby is rock solid and should need little body work.  This is a numbers matching Body, Chassis, Motor, ’67 Beetle.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With that in mind, see below.

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Good work, Chris!
If you’re wondering, we sell the mud flaps. Grab a set.

Posted by Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I started Air-Cooled Artifacts (previously, and Lane Russell). I drive a '67 Beetle daily and love to share vintage Volkswagen stories with the world.

  1. Going to be a really nice vehicle! I wonder if the new owner has had “visitation” rights during the restoration process. It’s a long “birthing” process but surely would be fun to see one’s car coming through the “Vallone birthing canal”! jay

    1. Hey Jay! So far this car is MINE! All mine! No one is on this car yet. I plan to submit it this year to the Greenwich Concours. I think it would be the first time a 67 gets accepted to a Concours. Lets see.

  2. Chris does things right.

    1. I don’t know about the birthing canal lol but the color is awesome!

  3. It would be a fun field trip to see that process in action.

  4. Chris’s finished cars always look beautiful but your paying a hefty premium
    and if you decide to sell it in the next few years dont expect to get your money back.But if money is not an issue and you like attention at cruise nights one of Chris’s cars is a good choice

    1. Bob to your point, if you’re looking to “flip” a beetle restoration Chris Vallone is not your guy….
      However, like a family heirloom from Tiffany’s, Premium Prices are indicative of Premium Buyers.
      Just the fact Chris & Company “touched” the car can add plussed up value given their reputation.
      Indeed, Chris’s buyers are check writers. I’m still trying to save the 25K to have him restore my 67′ for my retirement gift to myself….LOL

      1. Nicely said!

      2. Agree 100% with Gavin. Chris’ cars are arguably the best restored examples in the country. His work has been recognized at Greenwich Concours and his buyers tend to be the premium buyers or the VW enthusiasts that want the best restored examples.
        A few of his buyers are big car collectors (I’m talking foreign vintage exotics, so yes they have the money) and want the best example of the Beetle for their collection.
        Also, a few of his cars have come back to him years after they were initially sold and I am pretty sure they re-sold at a premium.
        Chris has a great eye for the period correct look and isn’t afraid to put his individual touch on the cars (his interior upholstery line for example).
        I’ve seen his cars in person, including this green 67, and they look 10x better in person.
        I too hope to own a Vallone car down the roaD. ;-)

  5. What Russ said…… (Laugh)

    1. I wonder what the average cost is.

      1. This car will sell in the $35,000 range.

      2. Well.. Consider what this work cost to do… Chris’s paint job alone is probably $10,000. So.. I too am a business owner and understand the cost of doing so.

  6. Oy! Too much for my blood!

  7. Guarantee you that’s not Java green.

    1. You are correct. According to the website, the chose “a Dark Green color from the Oval Era called Congo Green.  Modern color match was 2002 VW/Audi color called Racing Green 400.  No metallic.”

      I like the color!

  8. Hey Gavin & Bugger,If you read your posts and mine I think we are saying the
    exact same thing just in different words.Chris’ work is probably as good as you can find.But when your talking #s like 35k for a non oval or split it brings me back to a phone call about 2 years ago with my buddy Jay Salser.
    i was considering making an offer on a pristine zenith blue 67 for sale by a dealer in Calif.Jay knew the history of the car and I think he said the dealer bought it for low 20s and put it up for 32k and after a few go a rounds on Ebay lowered it to 29k and there it sat for months.Dont know what it eventually sold for.IMHO whether its a 67 beetle,63 corvette or a 70 stang
    you get to a point where you just cant blow anymore air into the balloon.

  9. Richard A. (Dick) Diaz March 2, 2016 at 5:39 am

    I like to drive my cars! Would I like pristine? Of course, but not attainable for me, or would I be comfortable driving one! Other than online I have never seen one of Vallone’s cars, but they are awesome!

  10. Bob, I’ll take the liberty of speaking to Bugger and also Richard’s comment…
    Setting money aside, owning a piece Valones’ work is like being the recipient of the Mona Lisa in the Vdub world. Richard nailed it; IF a ever got than chance to own a beetle restored by Chris I would be terrified to drive it. Indeed, I would loan it out to Haggerty for save keeping in the showroom…lol Chris has tapped into the emotions and the pocket book of Beetle buyers who need not ask how much $$$. Eric & Amanda I submit have done the same. When you buy from these venders, the unconditional “love” knowledge and positive customer experience is no extra charge…
    You are right on with regard to diminishing ROI generally speaking. However, a E bay buyer (of which I am one) and a Vallone buyer are very different customers in my humble opinion. Because emotions play such a vital role in this process, there is no telling where a “price point” and the market in general may actually go… Bob, this is a great dialogue….thx for sharing!

    1. I’m watching and reading and enjoying. I would add that Chris and his father restore vehicles as per the wishes of the owner. Some owners want to spend more to have the vehicle more correct–others are not so particular. Here…money is “king”. In any case, restoration work to automobiles is not for the faint-of-heart. I constantly am counseling people about this. You do the work yourself–you will pay less but it is not going to be “cheap”. And…you must be skilled in many crafts–cutting/welding/turning wrenches/engine rebuilding and machining/sheet metal work and painting/upholstery/and on and on. Chris has worked out a system whereby he brings together other crafts to complete a car. All of this is time and money–which drive the restoration business. We can be glad that there still are a few shops around which will tackle these jobs and keep the hobby alive! Long live the restorers of automobiles in general–and VWs in particular! And long live which brings the ’67 Beetle Community together jay

      1. Jay it goes without saying I would pay $$$ for your VW notes on a used napkin! Thx for sharing!!

        1. The fact that people do not get a return on investment on these cars that I restore is SO false. I have had clients come back after a couple years owning my cars and looking to sell them, and we turn around and make money on them. So these cars are always going up in value, not down. And they will climb faster if they are done right. Backyard weekend projects will not raise the price up fast. Correct or not period correct has little to do with it either from my experience. This is the bug world, not Cuda or Vette world. People who spend good $$ just want a good looking bug. My top buyers had no care in VINs or absolute correctness, they wanted art on wheels, period.

          1. Dr. Vallone has spoken.

          2. The truth be told Dr Vallone… ends the lesson!

  11. I’m not so concerned with my ROI. I’m more concerned that I enjoy my bug!

  12. My first post in close to two years and I got more attention than Donald Trump.One thing we all have in common, we all own and love our beetles.
    Nobody hopes more than I that in 5 years a perfectly restored can bring in

  13. Bob there is nothing more rewarding and pleasant than great dialogue and honest observation.
    This thread is one of the finest I’ve had the privilege of participating….thank you for that!
    Yes, own and love your beetle…someone, somewhere, someday may be looking your way with 30K to spend and with a twinkle in their eyes ask the magic questions:
    “Is that a 67′?” “Is it for sale?…..We are that kind of people! LOL

    1. LOL….a true marketing aficionado!! I LOVE IT!
      PS…Amanda do save a set of beauty rings for me….waiting for tax return!
      My baby is in storage til May 15….looking forward to some new bling!

  14. Eric, while I understand Chris is making a real piece of art and has his targeted group of customers, I do feel it’s a little misleading to state things that are not true in the description of the car. As pointed out, the color is not a true Java Green L518 and the front fenders are after market and not body matching numbers. Will the car be perfect when finished, Yes, yes and yes but not without it’s own little quirks.

    I have the highest respect for both of you but I do feel this needed to be addressed and without the “high horse” attitude which I hope I’ve done.

    1. Just clarify, body, chassis, motor do match.

    2. I thought the definition of misleading was when the bartender says,
      “Free Beer……the glass cost $5!” LOL

  15. Chris, this car is going to be amazing. Thanks for sharing the process with us.

  16. The car does look really nice, however you can add the one piece head liner to the list. It isn’t easy to get a 67 100% correct.

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