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The ’67 Beetle Carburetor Identification Tag

While I was dealing with the Key Tag (see previous Article), I thought of the Factory Tag which came on German Solex Carburetors, I decided to go through my parts to see if I had

The 1967 Beetle Mystery Tag

Eric Shoemaker of Air-Cooled Artifacts recently received a Reader’s question that we discussed. Eric sometimes will copy a question to me for consideration. This one had me stumped. The Reader remarked that he had purchased

Vintage VW Generator Pulley Discussion

Recently, a potential customer called, needing a Generator Pulley. His, he told me, had self-destroyed! “Do you have any?” he asked. I replied that I did have a stack of Pulleys but that he should

Distributor Points Plate Return Spring Eccentric Post

During our experimentation of the 1966-67 Beetle Distributor (113-905-205K) and other -205 Distributors, we switched from using Original German Bosch Vacuum Canisters to a Reproduction Vacuum Canister to test its viability. Please see this Article.

Making That Job A Little Easier – Tools for Your 1967 Beetle

Anyone who works on a Vintage Volkswagen finds ways to facilitate disassembly and reassembly. Sometimes, it’s only a piece of dowel rod or a simple punch which helps to do the job. There ARE professional