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Vintage VW Generator Pulley Discussion

Recently, a potential customer called, needing a Generator Pulley. His, he told me, had self-destroyed! “Do you have any?” he asked. I replied that I did have a stack of Pulleys but that he should

Distributor Points Plate Return Spring Eccentric Post

During our experimentation of the 1966-67 Beetle Distributor (113-905-205K) and other -205 Distributors, we switched from using Original German Bosch Vacuum Canisters to a Reproduction Vacuum Canister to test its viability. Please see this Article.

Making That Job A Little Easier – Tools for Your 1967 Beetle

Anyone who works on a Vintage Volkswagen finds ways to facilitate disassembly and reassembly. Sometimes, it’s only a piece of dowel rod or a simple punch which helps to do the job. There ARE professional

Distributor Vacuum Canister Comparisons – Are Reproduction Canisters The Answer?

Hendrik “Hank” Blommers, of Ontario, Canada, contacted Eric Shoemaker concerning Vacuum Canisters for Stock German Distributors. Hank is concerned because the supply of viable used parts is dwindling. Most of us are relying upon what

Passing The Baton – A Vintage Sun Distributor Testing Station

Flash Back to 2016. David Brown, a Volkswagen Trained Technician who worked at several VW Dealerships in Pennsylvania, was contemplating retirement. David had left Volkswagen of America years previously to establish his own air-cooled shop.