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Distributor Vacuum Canister—Testing A Reproduction Canister – Discussion Finale

Some time has passed since this Discussion began. We tested and tested some more. To review: Hendrik “Hank” Blommers of Canada discovered a source for Vacuum Canisters which have the appearance of those used from

Jerry Longden’s 1967 Beetle Factory Inventory Key Tag

Folks—how I do love it when one article generates the next. Readers plumbing their own Volkswagen experiences—then recalling similar instances which help to add to our knowledge of the History of these Wonderful Little Cars!

The ’67 Beetle Carburetor Identification Tag

While I was dealing with the Key Tag (see previous Article), I thought of the Factory Tag which came on German Solex Carburetors, I decided to go through my parts to see if I had

The 1967 Beetle Mystery Tag

Eric Shoemaker of Air-Cooled Artifacts recently received a Reader’s question that we discussed. Eric sometimes will copy a question to me for consideration. This one had me stumped. The Reader remarked that he had purchased

Vintage VW Generator Pulley Discussion

Recently, a potential customer called, needing a Generator Pulley. His, he told me, had self-destroyed! “Do you have any?” he asked. I replied that I did have a stack of Pulleys but that he should