Don’s Bug Barn, A Vintage VW Salvage Yard


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Perhaps one of the most frustrating experiences a vintage car buff can have is not being able to locate necessary parts. As you’ve worked on your “second love” Volkswagen, invariably you’ve run against the brick wall of “that part is no longer available”! “What??? Now what am I going to do?” That’s probably putting it mildly. In my more than 36 year experience with VWs, I’ve had this problem hundreds of times. My two children and I made a regular habit of visiting salvage yards in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. Then, things changed. Government restrictions began making things difficult for the salvage people. Yards were moved or closed. But, don’t give up! There still are some salvage yards located around the Country. Here’s the unique story of one salvage yard oasis; Don’s Bug Barn. As told by Dustin Carter, Don’s son.

How did you get all of this!?!
I have answered this question many times. My answer of “It is my father’s 36 year collection” never seems to satisfy.

Okay? But… but how did you get all this?
I tell the story, which always elicits smiles, that since we are in Texas, it is not uncommon that our story begins with horse-trading. In 1974, my father, Don Carter, got his first Volkswagen from my grandfather, who traded a horse for a dune buggy. My grandfather had no use for the buggy and offered it to my father, who accepted, thus beginning the story of Don’s Bug Barn. Growing up, my father always was a car guy, and throughout the years he acquired all types of American iron and muscle cars. But Volkswagens became his ultimate love.

Once my father started working on the buggy, he realized that it was missing the carburetor. In true Don Carter style, instead of purchasing one part, he bought a Volkswagen Beetle, complete with an engine, for the cost of the carburetor. From there, one Bug led to another, and another, and so on. His first Bug was a 1959 Semaphore Beetle, which we still own. He says he was drawn to the simple, yet sophisticated engineering of a VW. He also liked being able to work comfortably on the engine, while having the ability to pull and reinstall an engine by himself. It did not hurt that VWs also were an affordable hobby at that time.

My father is a collector of things, and when he becomes interested in something, let’s just say he is hooked. To this day, when asked, he is not able to pinpoint the exact reason he built the Bug Barn; other than that he needed a place to work on his VWs. He purchased land from my grandmother, and the foundation for the main shop was poured in 1977, with the help of friends and family. It was also around this time that my father made his first appearances on the local VW racing scene. He had been involved with drag racing for years, so racing VWs was only natural. The Bug Barn owns two VW race cars, a ’61 Ghia and a “slightly” modified chop-top ’67 Beetle, both of which my father named “The Bad Habits.” His hopes were to run the Bug Barn as a repair/parts shop in order to fund his racing.

Featured Volkswagen Business — Doug's Bug Barn

With his shop operating full time, and weekends spent racing, my father was living his dream. When in 1979 he became a father, my grandmother and mother told him to “get a real job”. It was at this point that my father took a job with the State as a social worker. But that did not slow progress at the Bug Barn. Since my father’s weekdays were spent working at his “real” job, he hired people to run the Bug Barn for him. Through the ‘80s till the mid ‘90s, the Bug Barn flourished. Several excellent VW mechanics operated the business while my father was working. During this time, my father never stopped purchasing VW cars and parts. On the original Bug Barn business card it read: “I buy VWs any condition”. My father had the forethought to know that even a totaled VW still had good parts. He also realized the importance of one-year-only parts, which is why he regards the ’67 Beetle as the best year built. Over the years he bought several ’67 Bugs; we still have 15 of them today.

Growing up, I did not know anything other than Volkswagens. Both of my parents drove Volkswagens, and on the weekends, if we were not buying VWs, we were camping in one or were at the races. My father’s hobby had turned into a successful business. However, the good times could not last forever. Around 1993-94, the Bug Barn lost one mechanic to cancer and another decided to return to college for a career change. This turned the shop back into a weekend-only operation. During this time business slowed. It was only my father and I running things, and with him working all week and me still in high school, neither of us had as much time as we would have liked to devote to the business.

Featured Volkswagen Business — Doug's Bug Barn

In 2002, when I left home to attend college in Louisiana, things stopped almost completely at the Bug Barn . At this point my father was retired, but his health was declining and his time spent on VWs became less and less. While he battled both throat and colon cancer, the hustle and bustle that used to occur at the Bug Barn stopped altogether. As my father was recovering, my grandmother became sick, putting him in the role of caregiver. I visited as often as I could, and every time I left town I would pass the Bug Barn, sitting there abandoned. It would make my heart sink. My life at this time, though, revolved around college and trying to establish my own career as a professional chef. Sadly, this kept me far from the Bug Barn.

Featured Volkswagen Business — Doug's Bug Barn

After graduating from college, I worked in several fine dining restaurants in New Orleans, and then moved to help open a restaurant in South Carolina. My grandmother’s health was poor, and the toll of taking care of her, combined with his own health issues, began to affect my father. Nothing was happening with the Bug Barn and each passing year saw more tree and brush growth overtaking the VWs. While I was in South Carolina my father was hospitalized with an awful case of pneumonia. I rushed back to Texas to be with him. After two weeks he finally was able to return home and I returned to my own life in South Carolina. Only a few months passed and he once again was admitted with pneumonia even worse than before. This time I was unable to leave work to be with him, which was extremely hard for me.

I struggled with deciding what to do. With my dad’s health questionable at best, my grandmother’s prognosis not improving, and being my father’s only remaining family, I felt I had a responsibility. Not only did I want to be with my family, but there always was the question in the back of my mind of what should be done with the Bug Barn. My wife, Cassie, and I discussed moving back to Texas. The choice was ultimately decided when the chef I was working for sold the restaurant, giving us the perfect opportunity to move.

Featured Volkswagen Business — Doug's Bug Barn

With a U-Haul full of our belongings and three cats, Cassie and I returned to Texas in February, 2009. The original plan was that we would clean up the Bug Barn and sell everything within six months. Our time frame however was a little off. As we started the process we realized that it was going to take longer than just six months. The clean-up began with only a small tractor, but with 316 cars on two acres of land, the tractor proved inefficient. We quickly graduated to a backhoe and a forklift; overnight I became a heavy equipment operator. To organize, we had to keep shuffling cars from one spot to another to make them all fit. After many long hours and months of work we began to see progress, but at this point we still had not even opened the doors to the shop. Finally, with some order to the cars outside, we braved entering the shop and the two other buildings on the property. These buildings had not been used in over 14 years; they had been used to warehouse all of the engines, miscellaneous spare parts and the race cars. There literally was no walking room. They were full front to back with VW parts stacked everywhere imaginable. With the help of fellow VW enthusiasts and dear friends, Paul and Elaine Dill, after long hours and days of sorting and moving, we began seeing some small areas of organization take shape. To this day we are still trying to finish organizing, but we have come a long way since that first day.

Featured Volkswagen Business — Doug's Bug Barn

My plan never was to re-open the Bug Barn. In fact, I had no idea of the state of the classic Volkswagen market at the time I moved back. I was not sure if there was a need for parts or if the hobby was still alive-and-well in Texas. Boy was I in for an education! The classic Volkswagen World was indeed alive-and-well, and people needed original parts now more than ever. There’s so many people today shopping antique vehicles, and shipping them all over the globe.

Unlike when my father started his business, I had the advantage of the web, craigslist, and more specifically, TheSamba became our salvation. Then word started to spread that something was happening at the “VW Bone Yard” in Athens, Texas. People had all sorts of stories about why it was being cleaned up. Several people came out in the beginning and offered condolences to me on the death of my father; others had stories of the property being sold and siblings fighting over the will. With each story, I just smiled and corrected them, telling them that my father was still alive and that I had no siblings to fight with, and that we were just cleaning things in order to sell cars. People were shocked that after so many years something was being done; cars were being moved and someone actually answered the phone when you called. It was at this point, with the growing curiosity of the place, and the looming task of continuing clean-up, that we decided to stay at least a year to finish things. That year became two, and then three, and here we are on year four, running a business we had no intention of starting.

The demand for VW parts still amazes me. Now with the web, at least 40% of our customers are located outside the U.S. The first time we shipped parts to California, I laughed, because my dad used to order parts from California. Perhaps the biggest surprise for me came with our first shipment to Germany. Of all places, I never dreamed that our parts would be going back to their homeland.

Featured Volkswagen Business — Doug's Bug Barn

The VW community in the Dallas area has been very valuable to our business. Many people who had tried for years to come to the Bug Barn were eager to finally get the chance when we re-opened. Now locals can come to look around all day, and in Texas the term “local” covers anyone within 200 miles. VW clubs enjoy planning day trips to come out to have a pick-and-pull. Groups from all over Texas and Louisiana have visited the Bug Barn. I try to stay active in the local VW community, and attend as many shows as possible.

Without the help of fellow VW enthusiasts we would not be as successful as we are now. One such enthusiast who has been a great asset to our business is Jay Salser. Once Jay learned what we were doing at the Bug Barn, he championed our efforts and has become our honorary public relations representative. He has helped and supported us while also becoming a very dear friend. Another person who has aided us from the beginning is Larry Moore. Larry and my father have been friends for over 30 years. Mr. Moore is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the Texas VW scene. In fact, Larry was the one who put us in touch with Jay.

Featured Volkswagen Business — Doug's Bug Barn

These days my dad’s health is stable, for which we are very thankful. We may not buy VWs every weekend as he used to, but that has not stopped me from picking up a good deal when I find one. The business has no employees other than Cassie and myself. Cassie handles the Online ads, sales, shipping and, most importantly, keeps me organized. I spend hours each day talking with VW people while still working at the task of organizing cars, pulling parts, and doing my best to get people what they need to keep their VWs on the road. Although this is not the career I had envisioned, I really enjoy what I am doing; I am proud of the unexpected business we brought back. Perhaps my proudest moment so far, though, came when my dad recently brought me a new business card which reads “We buy VWs any condition.”

Featured Volkswagen Business — Doug's Bug Barn

Dustin Carter, Don’s Bug Barn

Thanks, Don’s Bug Barn, for sharing your story with

Posted by Jay Salser

My wife, Neva, and I have been driving and working on VWs since 1976. In fact, we raised our family in these cars. Now, we are retired and enjoy VWs as a hobby. The ’67 Beetle always has been our favorite year. We own a '67 Beetle and a '68 Karmann Ghia.

  1. Jay,
    Kudos to you for sharing one of the best articles I’ve ever read on You guys are really doing great things the VW world. Do you talk to the site owner, manager often? Any ideas in the works for a Samba like forum that is only for us ’67 enthusiast?

    1. Doug,
      Thanks for the comment and interest in I’ve thought a lot about the forum idea. Setting one up isn’t hard, it’s moderation that becomes an issue. I’ve got my hands busy as is, trying to bring unique content with each article. We will see what happens in the future.

    2. I am looking for any Volkswagen buses up to year 1967 and I am looking for Karmann ghias up to 1956 to 1959

    3. I am looking for a 60 or a 55 bug…can you give me a call when you get this message

  2. Hello, Doug…

    Dustin worked hard on this article. It is difficult to compress such a lot of information into one short piece. It is my pleasure to have become friends with Dustin and Cassie. They are a valuable asset to the VW Community! My visits to the Bug Barn end in my having to be pried away. I always spend too much money–there are SO many treasures to “unearth” there.

    Yes, Eric and I e-message back and forth frequently. I always am amazed to see what Eric will craft next. We are seeing VW History in the making!

    As far as “forums”, we’ll have to see if this is in the offing for That would entail a lot of work to set-up and moderate and only Eric can answer that question.

    In the meantime, keep supporting–and pass the word along! jay

  3. Great article! I think I need to to take a trek to Texas! #VintageVW

    1. Road trip! #VintageVW

  4. Excellent article! I enjoyed reading it and the pictures were awesome! Really neat to see a place like the “Bug Barn” still exists!!


    1. Thanks Kevin!

  5. I haven’t made it to the Bug Barn yet but have purchased parts from there with help from Jay a couple of times. Thanks to them, my 72 super beetle has a hood and matching front seats. It’s about time for me to return some parts to the fold. I’ve got at least three and up to five rebuildable PICT 34 carbs, a generator, doghouse, fan and various other used parts I plan to get out to Don’s soon.

    Thanks for all your help Jay!

    Brett Carr

    1. Jay’s a great guy and a big reason this site has grown as much as it has.

  6. Looking for a used 1800 cc motor or bigger it has to be a air cooled eng it can even just be a long block

    1. Richard,
      I’d give the Bug Barn a call. Their info is at the bottom of the article.

    2. Hello, Richard…First, thank you for patronizing! The first thing that I see each Monday morning is this wonderful Site!

      Put in a call to Dustin at the Bug Barn to see if he has an 1800 engine, or something in that size neighborhood. Anything is possible, although most of the engines that they have probably are going to be stockers.


      Be patient. Dustin and his wife are very busy people. They usually do not answer the phones during the day because of this. They do computer and phone work in the evenings as a general rule.

      If you plan to visit the Bug Barn, call ahead of time to make an appointment. Work at a salvage yard requires deliveries and so forth–if you just show up, you may find yourself on the outside of the fence. LOL

      When you go, be sure to take a list of parts which you need. This will facilitate pickin’-an-pullin’.

      Above all–be prepared to have a rip-roarin’ good time unearthing treasures! jay salser

      1. Jay,
        Once again, you prove to us how amazing you are!

  7. That is cool to see all the beetles. I love vdubs. I have a 1973 and 1971 both sedans. I am thinking of restoring the 1973 but I also want a 1962-1966 convertible. I have had both cars for about ten years maybe longer. I wish all vdubs could be restored. They are truly a classic.

    1. Thanks for reading!

  8. I have recently visited the Bug Barn, what a great visit too. Dustin and Cassie are just 2 of the nicest people you could wish to meet and I would not hesitate in recommending that you contact them for your VW’S parts. I actually traveled 5000 miles to see these great people from the UK and was made to feel so welcome. Thank you Dustin and Cassie for your help,I will be back. I visited on behalf of my daughter Laura who does ground up VW restoration in the UK. Jon Biscoe

    1. Wow, Jon! Your visit has to be THE record! If Dustin and Cassie didn’t have their hands so full already, I’d suggest that they have a registry book for recording every visit. There’d be some stories–like yours–that would be good reading.

      You are exactly right about the Carters–we enjoy their visits. Dustin and I often “burn up the phone line” late at night, talking about VWs. Cassie and my wife enjoy talking when they come to Garland to deliver parts.

      I am glad to hear that your daughter restores Volkswagens. I call it “resurrecting”. Getting these cars into good, driving condition is my passion–and, I see from the readership at, that this passion is shared by many, many others.

      Thanks for letting us know about your visit to the Bug Barn, Jon.



      1. Dustin did speak about you when I visited, he said ‘you’re the man’ when it comes to locating parts. Jon

        1. Hello, Jon…My wife and I have been driving and maintaining VWs for over 36 years. It is only natural that we should find ourselves with a net-work of sources for parts and services across the USA. I find myself “consulting” more than selling the parts which I have for sale. It’s a challenge to search to find just that right part for someone’s vehicle. I don’t always meet that goal but very frequently I am able to do so. I have sold parts to 20 countries around the World. That’s another challenge which I don’t take lightly. Everyone has an expectation that he will receive the very best part. I aim to deliver just the right product, if it’s in my power to do so. I spend a lot of time at this, meet a lot of nice VW folks and make some pocket change. It’s all good for an ole Texas guy like me! LOL jay

          1. You’re awesome, Jay!

  9. I am trying to restore a 66 beetle for my daughter on a very tight budget I had a couple of bugs in my younger days and loved them but as I got older and started a family my wife at the time didn’t think they were practical family cars so I lost my bugs but my daughter loves these cars so we are trying to restore a 66 back to its original glory so I need parts as cheep as I can find them and since the owner before me was a young kid and very careless it is going to take of work and a lot of parts so if you have an inventory list for 66 parts I would be very interested in hearing back from you thanks fellow bug person billy wilson

    1. Thanks for the comment. Jay will reach out to you directly.

  10. I so want to buy an old bug….wonder if they have any for sale.

    1. Amy,
      It’s mostly a parts yard, but they do have some complete VWs. I’ll follow up via email.

      1. thanks for the email….nice car! want to see if Don’s Bug Barn has something for me to buy to fix up….you know of any??

        1. What year are you looking for? Are you in Texas? You should connect with Jay Salser.

          1. would like a “63…but not picky,…yes I live in Texas

          2. I’ll write you now and connect you with Jay. ’63 is a good year!

          3. Thanks Eric for all the help!

  11. Thanks….I appreciate that….

  12. I need an split Window rato in no so good condition

    1. Jay might be able to help.

  13. Any chance you have connections in AZ (the Tucson area)? I’m looking for a project car but TX is a little out of my travel distance. Great article btw.

    1. I’ve FWD your comment to Jay Salser. Let’s see if he has a source.

    2. Good morning, Ken L…

      I want you to contact the good folks at this Link:

      Chirco is a VW oriented Parts House. They know VWs and they know the area.

      While you are at it, read my article “Buying Strategies” at this link:

      Count the costs of your proposed project, then gather your funds so that you will have a successful outcome. Reject “haste” and play it cool and you and your completed project will be the talk of your VW meetings!


  14. Wonderful , need origina radio in working condition for beetle 1965

    1. Smoke signals are out.

    2. Hello, Gohar…

      Hopefully, Don’s Bug Barn will have your radio.

      If not, here is another lead:

      Richard Langenwalter–

      I hope that you find a radio.


  15. Looking for a vs thing or super nettle or veep to fix up around ga . Do you have any people around this area

    1. I do! Try Bobby at Advanced VW.

  16. do you have a 1971/72 1600 engine in your parts

  17. I need a dash bored for my super beetle 1973 clean with out creaks ?

    1. Hello, Avo…thank you for checking with us about the Dash Pad for your 1973 SuperBeetle. I think that it will be best to buy a new dash pad for your car. Any that are in the salvage yard very likely also are cracked. Check with a quality parts house to see what they offer–don’t buy the cheap ones. jay

  18. Wonderful story of reclaiming a passion.

  19. Looking for a VW Beetle for project can be between 55 to 63, I live in Orlando area. Do you have any leads on this side of town?

    1. I’d give our classified section a look.

    2. Hello, Merick…If you don’t find anything in the Classifieds of, check with for your area. Don’s Bug Barn (Athens, TX) did have a ’63 complete Beetle for sale (for restoration). Give Dustin a call @: 1-985-414-0165. jay

      1. Thanks for the quick response Jay….I will follow up on your leads.

        1. Merick…At–it is our aim to please! jay

  20. Leland(louie) Wilkinson May 7, 2015 at 4:27 pm

    Love the story of Dons bug barn,now have a new source of parts !

  21. [* WordPress Simple Firewall plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
    I’m looking for parts for a 1974 VW Beetle. It’s a dream restoration that I’m doing for my boss. Is it possible to come to your yard/barn? I’m always up for a road trip…

  22. The 67 was my favorite year as well. Now I’m restoring a 69 beetle, which I purchased from a storage unit in parts.

    They cut out the roof for a rag top, but the aftermarket kit is fiberglass. We decided not to put the kit in the car, but that leaves us with a dilema. We would like to have either a factory sun roof or just leave it as a regular roof. We need a complete roof to weld a new top for the 69. Any ideas?

    1. Frank,
      Where are you located?

      1. Hi Eric. I’m in Atlanta, GA area. You?

        1. We are in Austin, TX…. But I’m From Atlanta, GA. Small world!

        2. Frank…Try this location in Georgia: Address: 1540 Henrico Rd, Conley, GA 30288
          Phone:(770) 242-8844 If they don’t have vintage VWs, ask them where you can find a VW salvage yard in Georgia. Salvage people usually have a net-work that allows them to communicate with, or at least know about, one another. You would not want to try to ship a car-top clip–very expensive. jay

  23. Hello, I was thinking on stopping by this weekend do you know what time you will be opened.

    1. Hello, Joey…Give Dustin Carter a call @ 903-675-5891 or contact him @:
      The Bug Barn is operating upon appointments. When you get out there, Tell Dustin a Big Howdy from all of us! You will have a great time with Dustin and the atmosphere at the Bug Barn! jay salser

  24. Hello,is ther a salvege yard,bone yard or a grave yard in Atlanta,Gorgia please help…..

    1. Not that we know of..

  25. hi…. i have 2 fenders for a bug dont know what vintage goog shape only surface rust yellow drivers side might b orig.. call if interested

  26. hey I have a type 3 fully autiomatic transmission t am needing to ask questions about. if anyone has knowledge of these please give me a call at
    770-789-2043 thanks Ronnie

    1. Hello, Ronnie…I am going to give you two numbers to call–both of these people are fully qualified VW mechanics and have experience with Automatic Transmissions: Call Brad @ 214-622-7319. Call Barry @ 972-333-5063 I hope that these servicemen will be able to point you in the right direction. jay

  27. Hello! I was hoping someone would be able to help me find a classic beetle for an art piece..
    My wife and I own a mexi/carib restaurant and want to Cut it in half and mount it on the wall in our restaurant with some really cool painting on the car.. Help me help me!!
    Todd 6512463471

    1. Hello, Todd…Hopefully you can find a Beetle that is beyond restoration. You have approached a group of classical Beetle enthusiasts, asking them to assist you to find a Beetle, intending to destroy it. Look on where you will find many Beetles which appear, to me, to be beyond restoration. You might consider using one of these. You can find shops which will clean, then paint on “patina” along with your restaurant’s logo. jay

      1. Thank you!

  28. Hollis Grizzard, Jr. February 29, 2016 at 4:28 pm

    I inherited an piece of property from my father and it has an old VW bug sitting on it, rusted and not running. The engine is sitting on the ground. It’s probably at 62. Just a guess. All I want is someone to come get it. I’m located about halfway between San Antonio and Houston. Thoughts?

    1. Still have it?

  29. I’m trying to locate a factory steering wheel for my 1967 vw convertible.I found a lot of new ones but I rather have a older one with patina

  30. I wish I was still living in Austin, so I could pop up there one weekend!

    1. I agree with you Todd. I have spent hours at the Bug Barn and find it difficult to tear myself away. I always spent too much money–hey I got really wonderful parts for that money, too! But, Todd–the best part was visiting with the owners, Dustin and Cassie Carter! jay

      1. I believe I still hold the record for the biggest distance travelled for a visitor to the ‘Bug Barn’. Dustin and Cassie made my cousin and I so welcome, it was a wonderful time.
        Oh! Where did I come from ….Ipswich England.

        Jon BIscoe

        1. Hello, Jon…I recall that the Carters commented on your visit! Wow! That IS some distance to travel. Do you have anything like the Bug Barn in England? jay

          1. Not that I have found Jay, we have some great suppliers in the UK like VW Heritage and Just Kampers, there is just not the land available for storage here!

        2. Hi, Jon…I’ve watched some videos of VW restorations in England. It is good that you folks have at the least two good suppliers which you mention. There also still are people here and there who have VW cars and parts stored–these come to light now and again, fortunately. About the time I begin to believe that we’re nearing the end of available original parts, parts cars and restorable vehicles–yet another source comes to light. Keep up the good work in England, Jon! jay

  31. Wow. Impressive!

  32. Where can I find a rust free 1964 body shell if possible?

    1. Hello, Rick…Thanks for responding to this Article. It is going to be very difficult to find a body for a ’64 Bug–because not many people are going to sell a good body off a good chassis. I suggest that you, instead, look for a complete ’64 Beetle. Then, you will have a body and chassis whose VINs match. Otherwise, you will have a chassis with one VIN and the body with another VIN. Buying a complete car will save much time and effort and you will have a nicer car for all of that. You prob. have a chassis. It will be much easier for you to sell the chassis and title to someone who wishes to make a kit car, etc. That’s the direction in which I would point you. jay

  33. Hi folks a long way from Texas, i’m here in Conn. I have my daughter hooked on
    restoring a 67 bug. Can you help? Thanks

    1. We are here to help!

    2. Hello, Sacco…If you send some photos to Eric @, he can see the ’67 Beetle and can give some suggestions for the restoration. I would encourage you and your daughter to sit down to assess the car before you remove even one screw. There are literally thousands of Beetles which people began to “restore” but they had no idea of the scope of the job nor the expense. So, look the car over completely–top to bottom, end to end, the engine, the interior, everything. Make yourselves a notebook with categories such as : Interior….//Engine…// Fuel System…// etc. Go through the OnLine catalogs to price everything which pertains to each category. This will give you an idea of the cost part of the job. If you feel capable to do the work, you will save a ton of money. If not–get ready to shell out some serious cash to the shops which do the work. If you want to complete the car–this is the only way to do that. Do not worry if it takes months or more to assess the car in order to learn the scope of the restoration. It’s better to know now than to have invested a ton of money and time and labor and then find that you cannot complete the job–this would waste your assets as well as the car. Above all–have patience. As the old saying goes–“Rome was not built in a day!” Neither will your Bug’s restoration. jay

      1. good morning Jay. I am lookin to swap the entire metal dash of my 72 ghia coupe with a 1963 or earlier complete metal dash assy. The dash would be removed from a wrecked/junked donor car and welded into my 72. Do you have anything in your inventory that you might part with?

  34. Jay, do you guys work on cars? I have a ’68 vw fiberglass dune buggy that needs work on the frame that is rusted and broken on the front right. Or do you have good frames for them? Looking to keep the buggy without spending a fortune…

  35. Hello all…I am an interior designer based in India. I wanted to buy some old junk Beetles for few of our projects in India. Can anybody help me with that. Thanks

  36. Do u have any beetle convertibles that run or buses that run n where are u located at plz let me know thank you

  37. I called, I need a rear clip for a 74 super beetle with the telescoping type bumper mounts. Need it from the firewall back, not including the firewall. Can you help? Mine is like swiss cheese in the mount areas! –

  38. We need parts for a 1967 VW Bug rebuild. the engine lid license plate holder and light assembly, two seats, four steel wheels and hub caps and the wiper motor assy. Please e mail me if you have these parts. My wife and i have been to your place two times.

    1. Hello,
      I sent you an email directly. Happy to help.

  39. Hi I am looking for a front half shift rod for a 1970 VW campmobile. of all the things to go wrong my sons is rotted out. Cant drive what we cant shift. Please let me know if you have such.


    1. Hello, Brian…Thank you for contacting I am sending a Link to Don’s Bug Barn. Go to the Link, then scroll downward to where you can send an e-message to “Email this Advertiser”. Dustin Carter may have the part which you need. Another option could be: Way Out Salvage has a good many T-2 vehicles. I hope that this helps. jay


  40. I have a 1970 VW Bug. In very nice condition. Has been in the family since my mom in law purchased it new.
    Garaged kept. Wonder what it would be worth?
    Love seeing all the VWs.

    1. Hello, Susan…

      In determining the worth of your car, I suggest doing the following: Go to to see other 1970 Beetle in approximately the same condition as your own. This may give you some idea of value. Note that sellers often “puff” the value of their cars!
      I hope that this helps. jay

  41. Hello… I’m looking for a 67 an under bug to restore. If u have one please let me know. Thank you. Jerry.

  42. In need of a 67 hood. Don’t want this to be a show stopper. I am doing a total rebuild with my daughter. Please help

  43. are you still in business

  44. James (Jim) Cook January 2, 2018 at 11:34 am

    I am interested in buying a 1966 or 1967 VW beetle to restore (hobby)

  45. HArold A.Lott,Jr February 21, 2018 at 6:50 pm

    I m in the Mandeville la area and am looking to return my 1973 super beetle to original r stock ride height . Maybe want the strut housings and all related parts to put back on ? No one seems to want to let u know how to lift a bug back up once it’s lowered!!!! Can u help me please ????

  46. Michael Gaboriault February 26, 2018 at 10:37 am

    Hello great website, I am looking for the chrome which goes around the side rear windows for a 67 Beetle I am restoring.

  47. Hello, guys, we’re looking for an upper hinge pillar for a 1968 bug.

  48. Hello all. I am looking for someone who does restoration in the Dallas area…more so North Dallas/Plano. I have our 1967 Beetle that my father bought new in 67′ and is in good shape with 89k miles on it. It has factory a/c and has been garage kept for the past 23 years. It hasn’t been started in about 5 years which was the last time it was driven. I was wanting to return it to as close to new as possible. Thank you very much.

  49. David Gonzalez June 7, 2018 at 12:50 am

    I’m looking for both front seats for a 1958 VW beetle.

    1. Hello, David…I suggest that you post a Wanted Ad on Do a bit of homework ahead of time to discover what years of Beetle seats will be the same (off-hand I do not recall). Be prepared to pay–just the bare frames-springs can command several hundred dollars–plus shipping. jay salser

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