Restored Black CA Plates

Brian Mabry over at Finish Your Plates just let know that he recently finished restoring sixteen sets of DMV clear black CA plates.

“All plates shown here are fully restored and clear for use. All plates have been restored to CA original colors. All are unused since restoration. Plates are shipped promptly after purchase with delivery confirmation included and are guaranteed satisfactory or your money back!”

Brian’s work is fantastic and is highly reccomended by We featured an article about his restoration business not long ago. It’s worth reading if you missed it. Stand out from the crowd at the next vintage Volkswagen event with these period correct black CA pates.

Posted by Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I started Air-Cooled Artifacts (previously, and Lane Russell). I drive a '67 Beetle daily and love to share vintage Volkswagen stories with the world.

  1. Brian restored my plates and did a fantastic job.
    I highly recommend his work !

  2. Awesome! Finishes the Vintage look, perfectly!

  3. Thanks Mike! Pleasure doing business as always.

    A big thanks to Mr. Shoemaker for the ad!

    1. No problem!

  4. Hello Eric. Just bought a ’67 yesterday. Solved a 3 driver/2 car dilemma. Solid car with a low time earlier engine (think 40hp?) and factory sunroof. Just learning about them now and looking forward to getting started on restoring. Going to have body done by someone else for the most part (I know me…can you say “fisheyes?”). First things first, it’s missing passenger and back seats. I’m in Manteca so any tips on who to see or where to go? Looking forward to diving in and getting involved.

    1. Just wrote you directly. Welcome the the ’67 world!

  5. Had a plate restored by Brian. I had to send it back twice for flaws that Brian agreed were there. He agreed to fix the errors and refund my shipping ($6 X 2). On his third attempt the plate is good, but he didn’t reinburse my shipping ($12). He ignored my 2 emails until I told him I was going to post my experience here. He now claims I’m harrassing him.

    1. *ADMIN NOTE —————————-

      I’m sorry you’ve had issues. Brian is a great guy with a good reputation. Mistakes happen. I’m sure he will do what he can to make it right.

      1. Thanks Eric,
        I understand mistakes, I’m just warning people that he doesn’t live up to his word. He made it clear to me that he will not make it right. I was waiting patiently to be reinbursed and all I recieved was a rude email.

        1. That’s not true Jody, you are very opinionated and full of assumptions. You sent the plate to me twice, not three times. And you are NOT patient. Waiting a couple of days for a reply, then assuming I’m ignoring you, followed up immediately with threats, is NOT being patient. I live up to my word and would have made it right but when you threaten me, all ties are cut. THREATS do not work with me. I’m not a doormat pal. I’m just warning business owners that they can expect a miserable/grueling/teeth grinding experience when dealing with you.

          Thank you Eric for the comments and I know others here know otherwise about my services.

          Happy Holidays everyone!!!

          1. There it is people, a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality. For the record I sent the plate to Brian 3 times. Once to restore it and 2 more times to fix the flaws. He said he would reinburse my shipping for the 2 extra times. He has not. If he does I will retact my postings. Thats all I’m asking for, its not that difficult.

  6. *ADMIN NOTE —————————-

    Brian, Jody,
    I’m sorry there seems to be some issues between you guys. I don’t want to become a place to rant about businesses. I’ll leave the above comments but I’m locking this thread. Hopefully, you guys will be able to come to an amicable conclusion. Please contact me if you’d like to discuss further.

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