Becky Koski’s L639 Zenith Blue ’67 Beetle

Featured ’67 Beetle — Becky Koski

Becky Koski is one happy new ’67 Beetle owner. She scored this beautiful L639 Zenith Blue gem; a true survivor. This moment was sent over shortly after signing the paperwork, and closing the deal. I’m admittedly a bit jealous, as an unmolested L639 Zenith Blue ’67 is getting harder and harder to find. Aren’t you?!

This photo represents a few things. Obviously, the moment she took ownership. Also, the ’67 Beetle community. Jay and I exchanged many emails with Becky, trying to help her find just the right car. Seeing this image validates why we do what we do. is helping people, and keeping cars on the road. That’s what it’s all about. In the near future, we will feature a more in depth story on this gem.

Featured ’67 Beetle — Becky Koski

Our timing light is pointed to you, Becky. Enjoy your new ’67 Beetle!

Posted by Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I started Air-Cooled Artifacts (previously, and Lane Russell). I drive a '67 Beetle daily and love to share vintage Volkswagen stories with the world.

  1. Yeah for you, Becky! Good work Jay & Eric!

  2. Thanks Eric! I could not have done it without you!

    1. Becky,
      Sure you could have! You just might have bought a roached ’67. :)

  3. Beautiful car. My Zenith blue ’67 is being very patient waiting for the day I decide to make it the gem is was when I bought it. 41 years and counting. Does anyone know a source for the stainless steel window shades Becky’s car has installed? I have tried everywhere to find them.

    1. Todd,
      You mean these?

      1. LOL: I hate it when Eric does that to me … and it’s usually ME!

        1. VW knowledge of this level is a true sickness, for which there is no cure.

  4. Becky,
    I assume the young lady in the pink dress is your daughter (sister?).
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but she looks like she has imagination, personality, and energy…a perfect future ’67 Beetle driver. Take care of that 639 Zenith Blue so she can drive it some day.

    1. Mike,
      Did you notice that the car has the ORG blue running boards? I mean, dang! Rare.

  5. Chuck Conselyea May 5, 2014 at 11:24 am

    Great car Becky!! I know that you are thrilled. I wish you many Happy and Safe miles ahead !!!

  6. Thank you all! That is my daughter, she has already staked her claim, 10 years into the future!

    1. But WAIT! I thought you were giving it to meeeeeee?!

  7. thank for the update.

    Becky, we are from very different worlds, and these worlds collide with conflicts of race, religion and political ideologies. But we are all united by something that happened in 1967. Who would have thought then? I hope the child continues your legacy, as the same realization dawns upon her, as she matures. This day, is as powerful as that day, back in 1967.
    welcome to this united home of ’67.

    1. That’s what is here for!

  8. Becky…does your car have a name yet? My wife named the Zenith Blue which we had as our family car for many years–“Friendly”. That’s because he had a few personality squeaks and noises and “spoke” to her, she said.

    The car looks gorgeous. May it serve you long and faithfully.


    1. Thank you Jay! I’m naming her Goody, after my grandmother who unknowingly sent me down this road many years ago when she purchased a ’62 for my mother. More on that later!

      1. Good name!

  9. Becky – beautiful car! I have a soft sport for Zenith Blue. My 1972 Super Beetle was that color when new.

    1. Soft “sport” huh..

      1. Yeah Eric don’t you know what soft sport means? All the kids are saying it these days.

        1. Hey, I too have a soft sport for the ’67 Beetle.

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