Glen Orris’s Australian L633 VW Blue ’67 Beetle

This beautiful ’67 Beetle comes from Glen Orriss of Australia, a reader of It’s a 1300 deluxe. I don’t know much about the production run of ’67s in other countries, but this one is worth a mention because of  its unique features. It looks more like a ’66, but is in fact a 1967 Beetle.

Thanks again, Glen for sending over these great photos! I sure love those blinds.

Posted by Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I started Air-Cooled Artifacts (previously, and Lane Russell). I drive a '67 Beetle daily and love to share vintage Volkswagen stories with the world.

  1. Eric its a pleasure to see all the 67,s that you represent on your site. Keep up the good work. Bob Ebert

    1. Thanks, Bob. I’m very humbled that so many people around the world enjoy the site.

  2. According to a document which I read, Australian automotive economy (especially that of the VW plant) ran into financial difficulties. In order to cut losses and to continue business, VW kept essentially the same style for the Beetle from 1962 through 1967–with some variations (as seen in Glen Orriss’ Beetle). I am certain that our Australian VW brothers and sisters can elaborate upon this. Graham Patterson has mentioned some of the differences between his ’67 Beetle and those imported into the USA. jay

    1. Indeed Jay, the Australian factory was very small (only 30,000 vehicles per year max) and could not economically keep up with all the German changes. VW Australia could not afford to update all the presses and tooling for the ’65 body shell, so the ’63-’64 model continued on until local manufacture ended, with huge financial losses, in 1968. The Aussie ’65, ’66 and ’67 models had detail changes only – the 1300 engine in 1966 was the biggest improvement.

      In 1968 local manufacture was abandoned, all the machinery sold off (much of it went to Brazil), and the factory converted to assemble German CKD kits. Aussie buyers essentially went from a ’63-’64 model to a 1968 model in one month, in April 1968! The factory was sold to Nissan in 1976, and since then all models have been fully imported.

      All the Australian model changes, and differences from Euro/US models, are documented here:

  3. What a beaut! Thanks for sharing. I love getting these in my inbox!

  4. Love that odd ball 67 there!

  5. That is a beautiful presentation of a beetle. fantastic pictures with great lighting to really show off the paint and trim. Is that a zenith blue car? Thanks for all the great work Eric. Always a pleasure to sit and read!

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