Amable Fernandez Arduengo’s L456 Ruby Red ’67 Deluxe Beetle in Spain

My vintage VW Beetle is the Deluxe USA 1500cc Version.

It was special-ordered from Miami, Florida, to be collected at the Wolfsburg Germany VW Factory by a driver and ferried to Madrid, Spain.  From Madrid, the new owners took the car to their home in the Principality of Asturias, Spain, on the Northern Coast of Spain.

The owners used the car when they were home on vacation from Venezuela, South America, where they lived.  The car always resided in a garage.

From 1967 until 1981, the car had only provisional registration.  On August, 24th of 1981, the Beetle was first officially registered with Plate Number O-0308-K.  It remained registered as such until I purchased the car in December of 2002. 

April 17, 2008, I registered the Beetle as an Historic Vehicle.  I bought the car when it had only 63,280 original miles.  As of February 14, 2020, the speedometer registers only 65,185 original miles.

It is quite rare to own a Deluxe USA Spec Beetle which never left Europe!

Now, I want to explain some other important features about my Beetle.

As I explained, the owner of the vehicle was Sr. Antonio del Valle Alonso who, along with his wife, (both citizens of Spain), immigrated to Venezuela about 1952.  Their son, who competed in motorcycle racing in Venezuela, moved to Miami, Florida.  That allowed him to follow his dream of racing motorcycles.  It was this son who, while in Miami, purchased the Beetle for his parents.  He knew that they wanted a USA Deluxe Beetle to keep in Spain.

The Beetle was delivered to Madrid about March of 1967.  This was so that when the parents returned from Venezuela, they could drive the Beetle to Cangas de Onis, Asturia, where they owned property and a house.  Records show that the Beetle underwent an oil change July 26, 1967.

Once in Cangas de Onis, the Beetle was kept garaged.  It was used one month of the year, every 5-6 years, when the parents came to Spain from Venezuela on vacation.  During the intervening years, when they could not go to Spain, they hired a mechanic to go to the house to start the car and to do any maintenance. 

Since we were neighbors, when they would come to visit and as they drove the Beetle, I noted their love for the car, evidenced in how they cared for it.  They always garaged it clean.  If it rained onto the Beetle, they would garage and carefully wipe it dry with a cloth.

Here are Important Details of My Beetle:

  • Type 1, 1500cc Deluxe Export Beetle
  • Chassis Number 117-399-809Engine Serial Number H0567019
  • Original Equipment:  Steering Wheel, Upholstery, Spare Wheel, Lobster Claw Seat Belts, Bilstein Jack, Sreibson Radio, Horn.
  • The Engine and the complete Body are perfectly conserved.
  • Original miles on the Beetle are 65,185
  • The original color was Java Green but the repainted color is  Burgundy
  • Editor’s Note:  The Beetle is known as “Escarabajo” in Spain.  Escarabajo can be translated as “Scarab Beetle”

Amable’s Story in Spanish:

Mi Escarabajo 1500 Sedan, año 1967, es la version EEUU.   Fué comprado
desde Miami, Florida, EEUU para ser entregado por un chofer que desde la fabrica de Alemania lo trajo a Madrid, España  donde lo recogieron sus dueños, para quedarse de forma continuada en Asturias, España donde tenian una vivienda.  Estuvo guardado en un garage y solo lo utilizaban cuando venian de vacaciones desde Venezuela, SA.  Desde 1967 hasta 1981, estuvo con matriculas provisionales.   El 24/08/1981 fué su primera matriculación, O-0308-K, hasta diciembre de 2002, cuando lo compré con 63.280 millas.  Desde 17/04/2008 está matriculado como Carro Historico y hasta ahora (14/02/2020) tiene 65.185 millas originales.  Es una rareza tener un Escarabajo, version y especificaciones EEUU, que nunca salió de Europa.

Les explico mas curiosidades de mi Escarabajo.

Como les comenté, el propietario del coche era Sº Antonio del Valle Alonso que, junto a su mujer (ambos nacidos en España), emigraron a Venezuela hacia 1952.  Tuvieron un hijo que competia en carreras de motos y se fue a Miami, EEUU a vivir. Asi pudo realizar el sueño de las motos.  Fue su hijo, desde Miami, el que hizo la compra del Escarabajo para sus padres, que querían el Escarabajo 1500, en version Americana, para tenerlo en España.

La entrega del vehiculo se hizo en Madrid hacia Marzo de 1967. Eso para que sus padres  lo pudiesen recoger, llegados de Venezuela, y pudiesen trasladarse a Cangas de Onis, Asturias, donde tenían una vivienda.   El Escarabajo hizo un cambio de aceite en 26/07/67

Una vez en Cangas de Onis, el vehiculo estuvo siempre en garaje y solo lo utilizaban un mes cada 5 o 6 años, que era cuando podían venir de Venezuela. En los años que no podían venir, enviaban a un mecanico para que lo arrancase e hiciera el mantenimiento. En los años que se vinieron para Asturias, apenas rodaban con el y yo, como vecino, observe el amor que tenían por el Escarabajo–lo enceraban siempre limpio.  Cuidado con mimo si llovia.  Una vez en el garaje, le quitaban la lluvia con un paño.

Datos del Escarabajo:

  • 1500 Sedan export de luxe  Typo 1
  • Nº de chasis 117399809
  • Nº motor H0567019 .
  • Cosas de origen: Volante, Tapizeria, Rueda de Repuesto, Cinturones de Seguridad Lobster Claw, Gato Bilstein, Radio Sreibson, Bocina.
  • Motor y toda la carroceria en perfecto estado de conservación.
  • Millas reales 65.185.
  • Color Burdeos  (color original Java Green.)

Posted by Jay Salser

My wife, Neva, and I have been driving and working on VWs since 1976. In fact, we raised our family in these cars. Now, we are retired and enjoy VWs as a hobby. The ’67 Beetle always has been our favorite year. We own a '67 Beetle and a '68 Karmann Ghia.

  1. Jay,
    I’ve followed your articles for years now here at the 1967 web page. You’re brilliant.

    1. Gene–You are most generous in your comment. Actually, I am a facilitator–an encourager. I love these stories as much as anyone else. Eric and I try to make it as easy as possible for 1967 Beetle Owners to write Their Stories. When Eric asks me to edit someone’s Story, I get into the Author’s shoes–I ride along in the Author’s Beetle–I crawl under the Author’s Beetle as repairs are being made. For me, the problem is waiting for the next Unique Story to emerge! There are so many which need to be told! jay salser

  2. Richard A (Dick) Diaz February 17, 2020 at 7:39 am

    That was a very intriguing story and adventure for one of the beloved 1967 Beetles still on the road today! Beautiful car! Thank you Jay and Neva for your role in keeping the 1967 Beetle alive by these stories of survival!

    1. Yes, Dick–yet another great story. Don Amable did the proper thing by continuing the conservation of a great Beetle with a great story. Greetings to your lovely family, Dick! jay

  3. This story of how Don Amable watched his neighbors and how they cared for their much-loved Beetle causes us to think. To think that there are others watching US and how we love and tend to (conserve) our Beetles. One day–a neighbor may become the conservator of the car which we have been calling “ours”. As I age, I think on this. And, I hope that both of our VWs will find good homes as did this one which Don Amable took under his care. jay

    1. Wow! A very nice car and great story!

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