Eric Shoemaker — 1967beetle.com

Hi. I’m Eric Shoemaker, an art director, entrepreneur, and classic Volkswagen enthusiast living in the Atlanta area.

I created 1967beetle.com in 2009 to share the progress of my own restoration project, and with the help of some awesome VW folks, this site has grown to become a go-to resource for tech tips, classifieds, and Beetle stories from around the globe.

Today, Amanda Shoemaker, helps with web development and photography. Timm Eubanks is a contributing SoCal photographer. Jay Salser, who’s a huge influence on the ’67 Beetle community, has written countless articles for our site. And many other great folks around the world contribute their ’67 restoration stories.

The photo above is of me and my grandfather. He gave me the ’67 and purchased it new. I love him dearly, and my restoration efforts reflect the passion I have for these old cars, which has now grown into a business.

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