SOLD – L19K Yukon Yellow ’67 Vert

Just listed  here at for The Last Detail. We have an amazing L19K Yukon Yellow ’67 Vert. What more do I need to say? Someone buy this car before it ends up in my garage.

“Just finished in its original color of Yukon Yellow, the exterior of this Beetle is near flawless. The yellow paint is deep and accurate and contrasts well against the black convertible top and interior. This car also features fender skirts which add a touch of class to our Beetle. The interior features updated seats from a ’68 model along with a push button AM/FM radio.

The detailed engine compartment highlights the new for 67 1500cc engine that produces 53 horsepower and 78 pounds of torque. 1967 saw several other upgrades for performance on the Beetle including a larger clutch disc and stronger flywheel, better brakes, stronger rear axle, and a new for 67 12 volt electrical system. Our particular Beetle also has been thoroughly restored and runs like a top. It starts easily and drives effortlessly and the proof is in the details, just pop the engine hatch and see!

This VW Beetle is a truly unique collectible that is a pleasure to both drive and show and 1967 is the year that all the collectors are after. Having just completed a thorough TLD detail, this car must be seen to be truly appreciated! Please stop by our showroom and see how nice this 67 Beetle really is, down to the last detail.”

Status: SOLD
Mileage: 41,617 miles
Location: Chicago, IL
Price: $31,900
Contact: 847.716.7331

FOR SALE – L282 Yukon Yellow ’67 Vert

FOR SALE – L282 Yukon Yellow ’67 VertFOR SALE – L282 Yukon Yellow ’67 VertFOR SALE – L282 Yukon Yellow ’67 VertFOR SALE – L282 Yukon Yellow ’67 VertFOR SALE – L282 Yukon Yellow ’67 VertFOR SALE – L282 Yukon Yellow ’67 VertFOR SALE – L282 Yukon Yellow ’67 VertFOR SALE – L282 Yukon Yellow ’67 VertFOR SALE – L282 Yukon Yellow ’67 VertFOR SALE – L282 Yukon Yellow ’67 VertFOR SALE – L282 Yukon Yellow ’67 VertFOR SALE – L282 Yukon Yellow ’67 VertFOR SALE – L282 Yukon Yellow ’67 VertFOR SALE – L282 Yukon Yellow ’67 VertFOR SALE – L282 Yukon Yellow ’67 VertFOR SALE – L282 Yukon Yellow ’67 VertFOR SALE – L282 Yukon Yellow ’67 VertFOR SALE – L282 Yukon Yellow ’67 Vert737_p34_lFOR SALE – L282 Yukon Yellow ’67 Vert FOR SALE – L282 Yukon Yellow ’67 Vert
FOR SALE – L282 Yukon Yellow ’67 Vert FOR SALE – L282 Yukon Yellow ’67 VertWho’s going to make an offer?

Posted by Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I started Air-Cooled Artifacts (previously, and Lane Russell). I drive a '67 Beetle daily and love to share vintage Volkswagen stories with the world.

  1. Yeow, what a beauty. Love those fender skirts, those have to be hard to find?

  2. Wow, that price is what 356’s were selling for only a few years ago.
    I would remove the fender skirts, they do nothing for me.But a smashing car if there ever was one.

    1. I think the skirts are interesting. Are they OEM VW, or?

      1. Would love to see the original front seats. Nice restoration but why the high back seats?

      2. A company called Foxcraft made the fender skirts for the VW starting in the 50’s.

  3. Yes, the seats, radio, fender skirts and shift knob are all according to “taste” and is the washer fluid bottle installed correctly? Wally2 may be undervalued but he’s certainly not underappreciated!

  4. Wow.. That price is a bit optimistic.. For $31k, it shouldn’t have cheap Brazilian bumpers front and back, the wrong carpet (it’s not square weave and should have the rubber mats front and back on the floor, not carpet, and as mentioned, the wrong front seats. I can see the brake fluid reservoir bracket looking dingy and rusted like it should have been re-plated. I wonder what other details are missing, especially with no engine photos?

    In my mind, for that kind of money, it should have all the correct items on it and be perfect inside and out. Clearly, this vert isn’t.

    I see a $15k vert, max.

    1. I can’t argue that. But, it’s a business and well… You know how it goes.. I thought I posted engine photos.. I do have them.

  5. *UPDATE. Engine photos posted. Sorry about that.

  6. Maybe one day my 67 will look like that? At $31000.00 it should be correct but I haven,t seen a vw that been yet. I think $15000.00 is to low . Its a nice car someone will enjoy it . hope they don,t have to pay $31.

  7. Wow! 31K Its all in the details and this car is lacking many such as shifter boot, wrong clamps on hoses, wrong decal on air filter. How about that solid black spare rim. Details! Maybe a deal at half the price.

    1. I agree with all of the common details that this car is lacking, but wanted to point out that the solid colored wheel rim is correct for 67 verts. They did not have 2 toned painted rims because they came from the factory with aluminum beauty rings which this car has.

    2. Right, Jody … our info is that the convertibles came with Charcoal Black rims. narrow white walls and beauty rings as standard equipment.

  8. Oh boy.. Just saw the engine pics. Wrong generator. It should be the plug in style, 30amp. Wrong carb (should be a Solex 30PICT-1). It looks like it has a Brosal 30/31 on it. No clamps on the fresh air hoses that have the VW logo on them. Already mentioned wrong clamps on the preheat hoses to the carb which don’t match. It has the wrong fuel pump. Should be a Pierburg, rebuildable style. Wrong coil, it should be a short one with Bosch 12 volt decal. Missing clamp to oil bath from the carb. Wrong fuse holder to the reverse lights. Missing the clamp to hold the steel fuel line to the fan shroud. What is that strange vacuum hose? Missing the steel vacuum line with the loop in it. I can’t tell by the pics but is that a “big cap” distributor instead of the 205K it should have? Ok, I’ll stop… :)

    I did see a restored Java Green 67 convertible at a VW show a couple of years ago. That car was BEAUTIFUL. The restorer tracked down all the correct pieces for it down to the correct distributor cap and the plastic boot on the engine lid latch. He spared no expense in making it anally correct. If there was a 67 vert worth over $30k, that was the VW.

    1. Good feedback. I’m starting to think I should start a company that only restores ’67 Beetles, but does them 100% correct. I’ll go out on a limb and admit; it’s my long term goal as Lane Russell grows. All the missing parts you mentioned I have. (Smile)

    2. On a side note. The seller is watching this thread. Please keep criticism constructive.

    3. Makes me appreciate the originality of Zenith Blue 67!

      1. I meant, MY 67 Zenith Blue, which is an original as can be .:-)

  9. I have been reading the threads about this 67 and wonder how you should document this car so people are a little less critical. I now its not OG but still is a nice convert.

  10. Constructive comment: Possibly could use correct brake fluid reservoir and mounting strap. Mounting strap mounts horizontally not vertical. Hard to tell of course,

    1. Thanks guys. By all means, these comments are welcome, but it’s all in how things are worded. People pay for these listings, and the goal of the site isn’t to rip their cars apart.

  11. My intention was not to rip apart this convertible. It is a nice car from what I can see in the pictures but is grossly over priced in my opinion. I think people who would consider this convertible should be aware of what’s correct and not correct. In my opinion, if you’re going to ask the highest price (that I’ve ever seen for a 67)), you need to be prepared for some constructive criticism when people who know these cars inside and out view them.

    1. Bill,
      No worries at all.

    2. That’s what is here for.

    3. From closer inspection, the front bumper does look German.

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