SOLD – L19K Yukon Yellow ’67 Vert

Just listed, this ’67 vert looks like the correct attention to detail was taken to restore it. (Details matter) I’m sure someone will soon be the new owner of this fantastic piece of vintage Volkswagen history.

Status: SOLD
Mileage: 28,869 miles
Location: Portland, CT
Price: $24,900
Contact: F-40 Motorsports  |  (860) 342-5705

Additional photos

Very very nice.

Posted by Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I started Air-Cooled Artifacts (previously, and Lane Russell). I drive a '67 Beetle daily and love to share vintage Volkswagen stories with the world.

  1. ZOMG I want the toolbox

  2. $24,900? That’s WAY too much.

    1. Obviously car pricing is a touchy subject. If the car sells, the price is right or too low; if the car doesn’t, then it’s too high.

      There’s a lot to consider when pricing. The ’67 is already considered one of the most desirable years, and there was only 6,000 verts made throughout the entire year (I think that’s correct – anyone have the book that backs this figure?), making it even more desirable.

      If the resto was done well, then I think the price is probably reasonable. If it was me doing the resto in my garage, the price is probably too high. :)

      At the end of the day, we’re just a couple guys looking at low-resolution pictures on the internet. If there’s a serious buyer out there that wants a ’67 Vert, they’d be wise to do some diligence to determine the quality of the restoration. From comments others are posting, F40 is a well-respected place.

      For me, personally, the price is too high. But I live in Seattle, and a ‘vert would sit in my garage 9 months per year. If I lived in Arizona, the price might be out of my budget but probably not too high for the car. Lots of factors here.

  3. Bob,
    With all due respect, I think the asking price is fair. Restoring these cars (Especially a VERT) can be really expensive. Restorations done right usually don’t come cheap. I know Lenny at WCCR charges around $35,000 to do a ’67 ground up. Marius, what are your thoughts?

  4. Here’s an example of one of Lenny’s ’67 projects. $25,000 and it the price of the restoration was $35,000.

  5. My biz did a full resto ’62 vert for a client in Texas and it cost him 40k. Show cars cost more guys. You want a driver, they are still at 10-15k for a vert.

  6. @Chris Vallone. Agreed. At this price, I don’t think whoever did this restoration is making that much profit. Like good design, you get what you pay for.

  7. That doesn’t seem out of line. Nice clean ‘vert and the right look for everything. Seems a little low to me.

  8. Mike Buettell June 22, 2012 at 5:10 pm

    If you watch “Chasing Classic Cars” you learn pretty quickly that Wayne Carini (F40 Motorsports) is a perfectionist. My guess is this “Vert” is top notch. The other thing you learn is that Wayne hates to lose money.
    An hour ago a Red ’67 Vert crossed the line at Barrett Jackson for $19,500 plus buyers commission, so Wayne’s price might be a little high but not out of line. The comment from the Barrett Jackson commentator, “The ’67 is the most desirable year.”

  9. “6,000 verts made throughout the entire year (I think that’s correct – anyone have the book that backs this figure?), making it even more desirable.”

    Yes, this is correct.

  10. Also. I know the ’67 VERY WELL. I can tell you even from these photos that this ’67 was done right. It’s even got a NOS tissue box which is super hard to find. It’s the correct color etc. The only thing I’m seeing that is not correct is the fuel pump. However, that’s easy to correct.

  11. Last comment. I’ve heard restoring a vert’s top can cost up to 5K alone. Ok, I’ll stop.

  12. One more comment: look what just showed up on TheSamba classifieds:

    $35k for a Poppy Red ’67 ‘vert, that also has the tissue box (I had no idea this tissue box existed..)

  13. I’d need a tissue box after seeing that car. WOW…. Beauty!

  14. I agree way over priced!

    Ok, not trying to be picky but for a car with only 28,000 miles I would think it would be more correct and stock. I noticed three things right off the bat that are not correct. First the easy one, fuel filter. Second is the incorrect generator and third the pass front fender looks to be non-German. The location of the horn grill looks wrong. For $24k I would hope to have 67 radio knobs.

    Taking another look it looks like the firewall material in engine compartment is aftermarket and the clamps are missing on the pre-heat hoses. Bumper brackets are black, should be silver. Hard to tell from the pics but it dosnt look like the gas cap has the VW symbol on it. Fuel pump is after market and I know that air cleaner was not done by you Eric with the black hardware :)

    It is a nice car though and I wouldn’t mind having it, but for $24K it better be right.


  15. Hey Mark!

    Yeah, I did notice the generator not being the push on type. Are they really hard to find? I did take a closer look and the fenders do look German at least from my knowledge. Those radio knobs are actually correct. The ’67 had both silver knobs and black knobs. Nope! My air cleaners are as good as NOS, thanks to your help. :)

  16. Mike Buettell June 22, 2012 at 8:16 pm

    Here is the sale of that ’67 Vert from Barrett Jackson this afternoon. $19,500+ 10%buyers fee. Wish we could see the engine.

  17. Mike,
    Yeah, that is a nice one!

  18. Mark,
    I took an even CLOSER look. I think you’re right. The left front fender seems aftermarket. That for sure would turn me off a bit. What do others think? This has been a good conversation.

  19. If you watched this weeks episode of chasing classic cars, Wayne showed how he evaluates vehicles using the tool at Haggerty classic car insurance. He is using a #2 condition, and I think he is right on the money.

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