David Brown’s Standard L282 Lotus White ’67 Beetle

Hey, Jay and David! This gem baffles me, and just proves there’s such a deep history with the ’67 Beetle. Let’s see what our readers have to say. Please join in the conversation below. -ES

Readers continue to amaze us as they send photos and specifications for their 1967 Beetles from around the World. The Deluxe Model came almost exclusively to USA Dealerships. We in America are most familiar with these cars.

But there are right-hand drive ‘67s, with variations, in other countries. These could have the 1500, the 1300 and even the 1200cc engines plus many variations of fenders, interiors and so forth. Not only so, but left-hand drive ’67s for some countries could have 1500, 1300 or 1200cc engines with many variations of interiors and exteriors. Perhaps Australian ‘67s have the most bizarre combinations of early and later traits.

Then, there is David Brown’s 1967 Beetle. David calls his Beetle a Standard-Standard. The term “standard” is reserved for the non-Deluxe Beetle. Meaning that engines and interiors, as well as exteriors, would be less refined.

But, David’s Standard Beetle combines even more “less refined” features than did the usual Standard ’67 Beetle.

Here are some of those varying features:

  • The headliner is “abbreviated”. Much, much more interior metal is showing than in the Deluxe Model. Even the door posts are unpadded since the headliner material does not extend downward.
  • Rather than having a welting sewn into the material which covers the Deluxe Model B pillars, this car has a pinch welting, similar to that seen for use with the pop-out windows.
  • The lining behind the rear seat is not carpeting but rather it is a sort of laminated “paper” similar to that of the familiar trunk liners.
  • The location of the door activated dome light switch is indented but not punched out. The dome light is activated by a switch on the light itself.
  • There were no arm rests—instead, as you can see in one photograph, a dash grab handle was used for pulling the door closed. Note, also, that there was no door pocket, even on the driver’s door card.
  • The steering wheel is black. Where we would expect to see an indentation for the horn ring is smooth. The horn button is black, reminding us of the earlier Bus horn buttons.
  • The front seats have the shape of the ’67 seats but without a seat-back release handle or knob. They simply can be flopped over with the hand with no mechanicals involved.
  • The rear seat is correct for ’67 but has no seat back latch.
  • Rather than having carpeting along the door sills, there is textured rubber matting.
  • The fuel tank has a flat place on the back-bottom where earlier VWs would have the reserve lever located. On this tank the location is not punched out to receive the lever.
  • Brakes were the earlier single-circuit style.
  • There was the later (Deluxe ’67 style) windshield washer system.
  • The engine is a 40 Hp based on the “D” Case. The air breather is of an earlier style. The breastplate, therefore, has no holes in it for the air breather tubes. The tube from the earlier style air breather ports through the firewall tin as in earlier ‘60s Beetles.
  • The decklid has no holes in it for the script, although it is the new-for-1967 decklid with the accompanying new-for-’67 rear apron.
  • Bright trim on the body and hood is the earlier wide style.
  • The Passenger’s front fender does not have a horn grill opening.
  • The front fenders have the earlier style covered head lamps.
  • The passenger’s door exterior handle has a push button with no lock.
  • The car originally was 6 volt (some alteration to put it to 12 volt has occurred during its history).
  • Standard Beetles could come in 1 of 4 colors—this one originally was painted in L87 Pearl White.

There is more—much more. This will suffice to begin discussion of the differences among the 1967 Model Versions.

Since David is closing his repair facility, this car has become available to the Public. It certainly would take a LOT of lovin’ to put it back onto the road. But…if you live in the Southeastern Pennsylvania area and you think that you could tackle this car. You should contact David about purchase arrangements at this e-address: dbrownfids@aol.com

Please, serious persons only!

And, if you see anything else in one of the photos, talk to David about that too.

Posted by Jay Salser

My wife, Neva, and I have been driving and working on VWs since 1976. In fact, we raised our family in these cars. Now, we are retired and enjoy VWs as a hobby. The ’67 Beetle always has been our favorite year. We own a '67 Beetle and a '68 Karmann Ghia.

  1. I’ll start off.. Wow.. There’s so many small differences here. This ’67 has a story to tell the world.

    1. Hi why is the ’67 so special. I’m a rookie looking to get into VW

      1. Hello, Juan…Thank you for inquiring about the 1967 Beetle Model. 1967 was the last year that many of the older style of Beetle features remained on Beetles. Also, in 1967, the electrical system was upgraded to 12 volts, ending forever the 6 volt systems which seemed to be plagued with problems. The engine was upgraded to a 1500cc size with out-put at 53 Hp. Seat belts became standard equipment. The rear axle was lengthened, giving more stability to the Bug. There were many changes for the better for year 1967. In 1968, the Beetle changed in many ways–leaving the style which millions of owners were used to seeing and appreciating. That’s a bit of why ’67s are valued highly. I hope that you can find a good one, Juan! jay salser

  2. The eye-bolt seatbelt mount is another feature that I’m not familiar with.

    Wow …when I first started reading the list of differences, it reminded me of that old (1976, I think) Johnny Cash song where a guy worked in a GM factory, but couldn’t afford the Cadillacs he was building, so started smuggling parts home to build his own car. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWHniL8MyMM

    Perhaps that’s what happened here!!

    1. Richard A. (Dick) Diaz June 5, 2017 at 4:49 pm

      Great song!

    2. That’s funny, Dave! I know that I barely touched the surface of differences between this car and the Deluxe Model. This all goes to show us that VWAG took into account the needs of people in different countries–besides regulatory requirements in various countries. The differences can be mind-boggling when trying to categorize a ’67 of unknown country of destination. Or, in many cases–the country of manufacture. jay

  3. Richard A. (Dick) Diaz June 5, 2017 at 4:48 pm

    My WOW references the amount of work it would take to get this going! Way above someone with my mechanical abilities and checkbook! But, of course, I know it is possible and perfect for someone able to take up the challenge!

    1. Hi, Dick! I hear you! But, hopefully there will be someone out there who will step up and take on this very interesting vehicle! Say “hello” to Carolyn and Arron for me, please! jay

    2. I’m going to buy and restore it….. Ok, I’m kidding.

  4. Frank Connolly, Jr. June 5, 2017 at 5:15 pm

    Oh, how interesting! I learn something new on this site every time I receive it. I will scrutinize these pix and see if I can come up with other small changes.

    1. You definitely are not alone, Frank. We don’t see such cars in the USA often but once in a while one which has slipped into the country turns up. I had one ’67 years ago with even different unique features. I should have kept it but my VW Stable was full at the time! LOL jay

  5. Todd Van Winkle June 5, 2017 at 6:25 pm

    Hi, I have one of these Standard 67’s, one of the coolest bugs I have ever seen..mine is Ruby red, I have all the oddities mentioned, but mine has a reserve valve and no gas gauge just like the pre- 62 Vee Dubs.. There are so many differences..no ring around the speedo, either. It’s incredible how different they are as opposed to Deluxe 67’s!! I would love to see her on the road again!

    1. Todd…We need to get together to do a Featured Article of your Standard ’67 Beetle! Write to eric@1967beetle.com to get the process started. As I recall, David Brown told me that originally his Standard did not have the gas gauge. I failed to mention that. If you take your car to VW Events I bet you really stand out! jay

      1. Todd Van Winkle June 5, 2017 at 8:07 pm

        Thanks Jay, I will write to Eric!! I’ve never showed it, although she is show worthy! There are a couple more shows coming up (I’m in Baltimore, Md.), I am definitely going to show it!! As I like to,say, it’s a “rare bird”!! I believe they call them a Sparkafer!

        1. Exciting, Todd. I can’t wait to see it! I knew that David’s car would bring out some good comments at the very least but I didn’t expect this. jay

  6. Yes, please do write!

  7. Hi I also have a 1967 Volkswagen Standard built for Canada it has 30,000 original miles . I am going to get some pictures of it in the next couple weeks. Just wanted to mention to Jay Salser Hi Again From your Canadian Friend . I park it next to my 1966 1200 A.

    1. Hello, David…I often think of you and your wonderful ’66 Beetle. I think that we had not discussed your ’67 Standard Beetle. David Brown’s Article is serving to stir the pot and bring to the top several Standard ’67s! Good! This is making for some really good discussion. Let’s see your photos! Two recently surfaced Standards, including David Brown’s, are from the Northeast–it stands to reason that they possibly “migrated” from Canada to the USA. Let the discussion continue! It is so good to hear from you again, David! jay

  8. Here are some another differences between the Deluxe 67s and the Standard version: The Dimmer is a foot operated button on the floor. There is no switch on the Turn Signal stalk and no Headlight Relay.

    Also, as there is no 4 Way Flasher System, the Standard does not use the 9 Pin Electronic Flasher Relay that Deluxes have. The Dash is punched out for the 4 Way Switch just below the right side of the Radio opening but is then closed with a rubber Plug.

    The Vent Wing Frame and Window Divider are both painted, not chromed. The normal vent Wing Latch is present however and is Chromed.

    1. Hello, David…Thank you for taking the time to enumerate even more of the differences between your Standard-Standard and the Deluxe Model. Do you gt the feeling that maybe we’ve only scratched the surface? David Bennett (of Canada) also has a Standard which has even other differences. I am enjoying this discussion–I hope that you are too. jay

    2. Hi Dave — If you have time please give me a call as I have found a few items that I would like to return to you as I feel they might be of sentimental value. Call my cell anytime 908-339-2287

  9. David Bennett June 11, 2017 at 2:14 pm

    Hi Jay ; I really appreciated your help on 1966 1200 A and will need it much more for my 1967 Standard as myself and most people in Canada do not recognize or know the differences there is from the Deluxe Model to the Standard as there was very few even sold here. I cannot get pictures for a couple weeks as it is in storage with my 1966 ,but will post them A.S.A.P. It has most of the deleted items same as Dave Browns : no gas gauge , small headliner , steering wheel, painted corner window trim , blank door panels ,etc. My car has the twin horn grills , bumper mounted back up lights, Factory equipped with Webasto Interior Car Heater mounted under rear body luggage tray , with activation light in the speedometer. It also has the BLAUPUNKET – AUTORADIO ,which I have the owners operation and service Manuel that was in the original owners booklet pouch . Anyways will look forward to having some cool 1967 owners dissect the car when viewing pictures, and do appreciate all the other posts . Thanks David

    1. David…Let me know when you gt the photos and we can work up an Article on the car. That’s probably the best way to do it. I’ll be standing by until then. Stay in touch, please. jay

  10. Here are a couple more small bits from the Standard 67:

    There are no Coat Hooks of Grab Loops on the Door Posts. There is a Dash Grab Handle that at appears to be original.

    The 6v Wipers had only one speed but the Switch is Rotary like all 67s instead of Push-Pull like a 66 but has only one speed Detent but has the Washer Valve Button as the car is equipped with Windshield Washer. That’s yet another Standard only Part Number for that switch.

    The Seat Belts were added, it came with none from the factory…… no screw hole in the Post for the Upper Catch of the normal 67 style reel belts.

  11. Here is an update on this Standard Beetle. Cars there are being sold off. I went by there last week and this 67 Standard is still there. The property is now owned by Shawnee Ski Area and the contact point for the cars and parts is Jeff at 570 856 3031

    1. Hello, David…Thank you for letting us know the disposition of the remainder of the cars and parts at your
      former location. It’s good to know that there’s still time for people to take advantage of some good deals! jay

  12. Hi all. Let me start off by introducing myself & by letting you know that I’m a little bit of a VW nut. I’m now in charge of Dave Brown’s old property & the contents. If anyone would like anymore information please call me directly on my cell at 908-339-2287. We are doing our best to keep the cars out of the scrap yard & finding some of them new homes.
    If you have any interest call or text me anytime,

    1. Hello, Lacy…I am glad that all of the cars and parts which David had to leave behind are being given their due consideration. I hope that most, if not all, will find their way to the Volkswagen Community. Thanks for letting us out here know what is happening. jay

      1. Good Morning Jay!! If you know of any local people who might be interested please feel free to pass along my info.

        1. Lacey…a LOT of people are reading this Post. Let’s see how much interest is generated. Have a great Pennsylvania Wednesday! jay

  13. welloffandwellconnected.tumblr.com for pics and info for david browns old property contact Lacey @ 980-339-2287 for info

  14. Here is my final installment on this particular Standard 1967 Beetle. The White 67 Standard was indeed left behind along with most all of my Parts and a few more cars. It has disappeared from the property recently and I hope has a new owner via Lacey.

    This 67 Standard was my “last line, fall-back project” for many years but never got it’s time. It ran well when I bought it but I never put it on the road. When I got to know JK Salser I sent him some Photos and he took off from there, thoroughly, as Jay always does……..

    I of course miss my VW stuff but I do wish Lacey and company all the best and have offered my support to Lacey as well. Any questions of the history of those parts and cars left behind are welcome at DBrownfids@aol.com Thanks all, Dave Brown

    1. Thank you Dave for your kind words!! We have had a whole crew with all hands on deck helping with all of the vehicles & parts. We are truly truing to save as many as possible & keep then in a safe space until we are able to get them situated in their final home. This whole undertaking wouldn’t have been possible without our Dave F., his knowledge is simply amazing! I’m happy to say that the bus inside & the bus tucked behind the trailed have both found new homes!! Both busses are going to be put back on the road!! The White Bug has had some interest in it but no one has stepped up to say they want her. as of right now she’s safe along with all of the other Bugs.

      Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!

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