Vintage VW – ’67 Beetle Owners Manual

I receive about 2-3 emails a week asking for a copy of the ’67 owners manual. Everett over at TheSamba gets all the credit for this one. He has it scanned and available for download. If you don’t know about TheSamba, it’s a fantastic resource for everything vintage Volkswagen.

You can download the owners manual directly here.
Thanks again Everett.

Posted by Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I started Air-Cooled Artifacts (previously, and Lane Russell). I drive a '67 Beetle daily and love to share vintage Volkswagen stories with the world.

  1. I downloaded the ’67 owners manual and read every page last night. Fascinating. I know VW changed the valve lash from .004″ to .006″due to people not adjusting them often enough. The ’67 manual still recommends .004″. When did they change it?

    1. I think Feb of ’67..

  2. i bought a beetle which says 1968 model in its o.r. and c.r.. Is this car officially a l968 model from Germany?

    1. Oscar,

      Yes, it sounds like it’s a ’68. You can also tell by the bumpers and fenders. Email me if you’d like and I can tell you for sure.

  3. Thanks for sharing the manual, much appreciated! Any ideas where to buy new saftey belts for my ’67?
    Greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark

    1. Anton,
      Wolfsburg West has the belts you need.

  4. Hello everyone, just curious my wife has just came across her 4 speed 1967 VW Beetle and a guy I work with wants to buy it as a project for his daughter but from what I seen the car is in pretty good condition, rough estimate on how much these models go for please

    1. Peter,
      Thanks for writing. This is a bit of a loaded question. We would first need to see photos. Is the engine all there? Are the pans rotted out? Has it been in a wreck? Give us more info and we can give you a more accurate answer.

    2. Hello, Peter…Eric has given you some pointers. Go to eBay to check on 1967 Beetles. There are some there at auction. Also, go to Under Classifieds, scroll downward to 1967 Beetles for sale. You will see the gamut of pricing. Check your car carefully against those advertised and arrive at a price. The other thing–we always hate to hear someone say “…I’m doing a project for my daughter/son…” because it usually means cutting and modifying these cars. People continue to think of them as “toy cars” to be “played with”. Actually, good 1967 Beetles are becoming scarce. They have actually entered a higher-priced market and thus have become fairly valuable. I routinely tell people that a good running, driving Beetle that can be registered and inspected with little or no work usually runs in the neighborhood of $8K. (not restored, mind you!). So, take all of these considerations into mind as you decide to sell your car. I’m betting that the person who is inquiring wants it for a few hundred bucks. Once you know the condition and have arrived at a price, that person probably is going to turn up his nose at your price. If you then still want to sell the car, get with Eric @ He has the ear of the ’67 Community and you will sell you car through his venue at a much better price. Send photos of all aspects of the car to Eric and he can help you to evaluate the vehicle. jay

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